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Emotion is something I have always envied, because of the way it fuels you. Everything you do is fueled by love, hate, passion, sadness, thus opening up an infinite number of paths which will inevitably change the way you see things forever. As every second goes by, whether it's positive or negative, there will be change, and that gamble of nature is thrilling; the way you touch, the way you feel and the way you love. You must not thrust away the womb of life.

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So close. Can't wait...

bp pipp 7d

It fades, it just fades..

bp pipp Jul 15

heaven showed no favor in
my birth,
the world held no objections,
no honor either.

I chattered for teeth and sang,
welcoming myself, for gods
always die and my voice
echoed loud enough.

heaven never spoke, man
and his lies, innumerable,
so hell became the
welcoming abode, my hole
for many years, but as
the mire filled my throat,
I clutched onto the
shining blades of grass, that
near to the blood edge,  & rose

the countless stars greeted
me, the rocks from where
I was nurtured filled my belly,                    
t­o naked bright earth.

Russian in title is 'The reaper plays the flute in the darkness of the night'
bp pipp Jul 14

right now
clouds flee
where we're lost
far as a mirror
we live in of light
our amazing cyber cage &
clouds of rough iron
gone now
no no
don’t hesitate
if I could escape
flee across the moon
I would quickly
so quickly
kiss you

Latvian for 'new'

Moving throough times of breaking-up and gettting to know somebody 'new'

Nothing yet., but still... I'm feeling good about our future
bp pipp Jul 14

rner   the mass states my hermit(c) age
of the f r e e white sea sp ace of
de9ialw/ each tear from
the tr ee crammed with usage&slogans
gum-wrapper halos/horns the puzzle the
l o st dreampotential every duct
will frenzy joyous amble inwaves of mis-
ans (wer)trickster allthat is s e e n
those circles/even clear teeth rounded
a way from achievements
well of course printing press but al-
so carwrecksbulletwoundsexplosionsinvasionsexecutions
of m i n u te& major itytimes
n o w whistling on the personal
amid half-eaten sleep-plates
andsinsinging shuffles ofa blue sun
Useless' Rival w a i t i n g
the joy of coming no thing
home wasn't body always there? the state of mazes
skools of finned missing l#nks
my andromeda the
un end ing meta each bead from
every pour vague births will

t o
o b
w e
e l
r i

This poem is about how words ,mean nothing, and they can be taken apart (like my poetry). Words can spawn lies and lies can spawn hurt. This poem was also missing home, my brother was away from home for 17days.. This porem can mean anything. I just write poetry just for the aesethic
bp pipp Jul 13

Huddled together
when fire consumed the
world and the seas bled.

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