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Dec 2022 · 892
Blueberry Ice Dec 2022
What keeps me going..
is the hope that someday, I will understand why.

Why I am this.

Why we're here.

Why some things had to happen.

That someday,
I will find my truth.

And though things might seem
to fall apart..
Soon the day will come,
when everything will fall..
in their proper places.
And soon, I can finally say
I fell..
in love with life.
Feb 2022 · 427
One day
Blueberry Ice Feb 2022
I cannot find my worth
Not in the letters on my name,
especially not in the look on your eyes, nor in the sound of your voice.

I cannot find my worth elesewhere,
nor the point of everything.
Only the point of the daggers of your command,
urging me to run, when my body was limp and couldn't move.

But move anyway.
One step at a time, away from that edge.
One day, all will make sense.
Nov 2021 · 1.6k
Black 🌑 Moon
Blueberry Ice Nov 2021
"..and hear my soul cry,
I, under the blackmoon sky,
heaven knows I trie­d.."

Apr 2021 · 697
Sige lang..
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021
sige lang

mag sulat ka lng
punuhin mo ng tinta,
        ng letra,
ng salita,
                ng talata,
   ng luha,
              ng saya,
  ng kabiguan ang bawat pahina..

mag sulat ka lang..

ano naman kung hindi nila magustohan ?

ano naman kung hindi matalinghaga ano naman?

ano naman kung ikaw mismo hindi mo na maintindihan?

kung hindi nila maintindihan?
magsulat ka lang.

hanggang sa maubos ang tinta,
              ang mga letra,
ang mga salita,
           ang mga talata,
   ang mga luha,
                       ang mga kabiguan..

sige lang.
Apr 2021 · 819
Dream : haiku
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021
~ P a n a 🌙 g i n i p ~
( D   R   E   A   M )

I k a ' y    n a i d l i p
(You've taken a nap)

s a   m a r a h a n g    p a g    p i k i t
( As  you  slowly  closed  your eyes )

a t    n a n a g i n i p
(and you had a dream)

~ P a n g a ☀ r a p ~
( D   R   E   A   M )

p i n a g m a s d a n   k a
(I  gently  watched  you)

sa tulog **** mahimbing
(as you deeply fall asleep)

p i n a n g a r a p   k a
(and I dreamt of you)

Apr 2021 · 842
I've got nothing..
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021
Nothing to prove..
                to people
who are counting on me..
                 l                p
                      l        a       a

Apr 2021 · 598
We 🌃 Stars
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021
We're not just specks in the horizon..
not even close..
if stars appear like splattered paint in the night skies,
then what of we on this bleak and dismal vast.

Tayo 🌃 Tala

Tayo'y hindi lamang sin-liit ng butil sa kalawakan..  kundi..
hindi man lamang hihigit..
kung ang mga tala'y nagmimistulang tuldok  sa mga  kalangitan
Ano pa ang hamak na isang tulad ko lamang.
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021

I'm sorry..
that the world cannot be gentler to you..

I'm sorry..
that the world will never wait..
because time is constant and you're always running late..

I'm sorry..
that the world is filled with deciet and defeats..


..that the world..

..will never..
apologize for all the broken hearts and broken dreams.

Apr 2021 · 397
Walking Iris
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021
She dressed herself in beguiling array,
never did she grumble nor ever she dared say..
that her life
is not worth living
even when she only lasts a day.

Apr 2021 · 840
Proust's madeleine
Blueberry Ice Apr 2021

Olfactory is the strongest memory.
Take care of your nose
that you may never forget me.

Proust's madeleine:

a particular scent that triggers a memory.

— The End —