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When life is dark
like a moonless night
& demons from her past
creep into her dreams
to scare n bite,
she shrugs off
her veil of timidity
& looks right into
the demons' eyes
with icy cold stares.
No more
a damsel in distress
but a modern Athena
now she knows
how to face her fears
just before you push me
hold me close
and kiss me
so that just before
you release me
you’ll know
you can’t leave me
you’ll have me
dangling you
beneath me
“Don’t let me go”
 May 15 Blueberry Ice
If I had to choose
would I brave that dark sea
waves crashing relentlessly upon me
knocking aside the armor I've spent so long
meticulously piecing together

My heart is a fortress
made from clay
water is its natural enemy
and you on your island
are my greatest hazard

I am lost
this place is hostile
this place is intoxicating
a field of flowers that wafts in scents
so noxious in their delight
and so alight in their beautiful lament
that I have become contented
by their blissful deceit

My senses are distracted
my emotions discordant
I am wrapped by bliss and serenity
in a pinkish fluttering landscape
shining with translucent vibrating orbs
that hum rhythmically in hypnotic bliss
their touch gently imparts a melody
a beautiful sound so pleasing
that it effortlessly puts to sleep my demons
slowly slowly slowly
I fall asleep
aware that at night
this beautiful scenery shall come alive
in full reveal of its true form

It begins with wicked howls
and growls so low that the ground begins to shake
as the beautiful shapes begin their fall
the monsters emerge
and all those shiny
beautiful things
their true forms revealed
monsters monsters monsters
all the lies I wrapped upon my vision
begin to unravel, and my fate is known
I slept willingly inside a monsters nest
knowing of it's deceptive nature
I napped
I slumbered
I slept, willingly.

In this place nearly as dark as my own mind
I found comforts in the vivid illusions
biding time to gather
biding time to steal
the strengths I needed
to stand
to move
the strength to fight
to love
the strength I needed
to be myself

I think to myself; what a mess
should I allow this wolf
to devour my heart
in exchange for the strength
to overcome my blackened vision?

Shall I again approach the world with eyes open
and to never allow myself again to be blinded
to truth, to suffering, to miseries
shall I wander forward
without shirking in defeat
with my body in shreds
my heart half devoured
to nimbly avoid those pitfalls
and wrench loose from my misery
the strength I require to scale my dreams
with nothing but
razor thin wire
which is dangled
from heights so far away
that my true destination
is shrouded by distances
further than these eyes can see
much farther than all my strength
wisdom and perseverance
could ever hope
to overcome
and still
the rope I've found has been set
and I begin my ascent
filled with terror
filled with awe
slowly slowly slowly
I ascend
to that place which is
beyond the wildest
of dreams
Where shall I begin?
 May 13 Blueberry Ice
My sleep isn’t silent
I go down screaming

Because I’m one breath away from
One whisper away from

My sleep is quiet
So I fill it with shrieks
Just to make sure
I am alive
 May 12 Blueberry Ice
From sixteen to sixty
And all the days in between
From a lassie then a lady
To the woman in my dream
From sketch book to painting
From wondering and waiting
To building and creating
With fireworks and gold plating
From all that you mean
To being my queen
From nowhere to forever
And all the days in between.
Later this year my wife turns 60! I've written this with that in mind.
My hair is covered, my intellect is not.
My feet are covered, yet I'm still going places.

My ears are covered, my hearing is not.
My back is covered, yet I'm still standing.

You've imprisoned my tongue, my words will never surrender.
You've imprisoned yourself, yet I'm still trying to set you free.
He left
A mark the color of red wine
Placed high on cheek bone
Directly under her left eye
Such tears only bruising
It further

I didn't mean to
He simply stated

She left
A note the color of resentment
Placed atop bedroom dresser
Directly over her exiled contents
Such emptiness only reinforcing
It further

Once was more than enough
She simply stated
I make room
I make time
I make nothing but connection

You make reason
You make rhyme
I make nothing but exceptions

We make a fool out of me
and a hero out of you
So you are nothing but perfection

We make excuses
We make lies
But they are nothing but deceptions
Written Aug 2013, Titled May 2021
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