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Blood Word Nov 2011
This man and this girl.
Impossible, they all chant.
That's what makes it love.
My second shot at haiku.

This poem was written November 30, 2011
Blood Word Oct 2011
All alone sitting here
Heart froze up with anxious fear
I stare at you across the room
And plot my own impending doom
Or so it feels, emotions raw
With a wild, hungry maw
Threaten me to consume
My chest crashing: boom, boom, boom
Though with death right in my face
I would never trade my place
For I am walking t’ward you now
But don’t ask me exactly how
My legs are rubber, feet are numb
I stutter “hi,” feeling dumb
You turn to me and grow a smile
All else good compared is vile
Yes, death took me; light-filled view
‘Cuz I’m in heaven, here with you
When I first wrote "Approach", I could not decide whether I wanted it to be "Approach" or "First Meeting". Over the years, I've switched back and forth between the names. I believe I have finally decided upon "Approach" as the most appropriate name for it.
I never actually experienced this feeling. I wrote purely from observation and imagination.
I wrote this poem June 3, 2010.
Blood Word May 2012
I’m tortured, beaten, whipped, punished, bitten, cut, stabbed, torn, heartbroken, and surrounded by people who love me. I’m abused, used, and tossed away, and not a single person hates me. I’m useless, weak, falling, dashed, and everyone sacrifices themselves for me. I’m struck and bruised when you stretch out a hand to help me up. I bleed where you caress me. My bones break when you try to hug me. My ears ring when you say “I love you”.
I lose my sight when you turn on the light.
So I run from you. I hide so you can’t slice my heart with caring words. I shield myself from you so you can’t shoot me with selflessness. I strike back in anger so your love won’t **** me.
I seized fear as my weapon, for it is the eternal enemy of love. If I make you scared of me, it hampers the love. And I did.
But it didn’t.
This poem was written May 13, 2012.
Blood Word Mar 2012
I once struck a man in anger, with a small statuette.
I dropped it to the floor as he fell, too, and watched the blood flow from his head.
Though as I gazed at the pool of crimson and began to realize what I had done,
I felt a snap and saw a vision:

I saw every drop of his blood.
It was inside his body, flowing, coursing, full of life and giving life.
He grew to raise a family, love his wife, and love his kids.
He helped his coworkers and encouraged them.
He donated to charities, and those charities helped many.
Some of those many improved their lives and helped many more.
As his sons, daughters, wife, and coworkers also were given life by him and gave life,
I saw his blood flow into their veins and spread, infecting countless others with love.
Houses filled with light and laughter
Streets were peopled by happy beings.
A woman comforted a girl in the loss of a friend, holding the sobbing face to her caring chest.
A poor man gave his only coat to a cold orphan boy on the curb, smiling through weathered lips.
I saw all this life,
And it was an ocean.

A flash of light and sound, and I saw another vision:

I saw every drop of his blood.
It was outside his body, flowing, coursing, void of life and stealing life.
As it touched me, I joined it as blood, boiling and bubbling with hate.
As our blood ran down the busy metropolis street of life, it would touch people it came across.
When it did so, they would melt also into a mass of red, splashing outward, and infecting others.
Everyone touched would gasp and turn to scarlet, turning the shop-lined street into a river of blood.
Countless lives were consumed in this manner.
At one point, I finally pooled at the bottom of the street, and stared back from where I came.
The street was now dark and desolate, the bustling life gone.
The shops empty, the skies grey, the ground littered.
A finch plucked strands from a red-stained straw hat, to make a bed of death.
A mangy alley dog lapped up the blood that still coated the street, becoming only more hideous.
And all was quiet, and I was utterly alone, but for the screams of their blood in my ears.
I saw all this death,
And it was an ocean.

A jolt, and I opened my eyes.
I found myself staring at the blood running from the man’s head in front of me.
A few seconds later and I realized again what I had done.
But I realized something else as well.
I tore my shirt and tightly wrapped his head in the cloth.
I lifted him up and took him to the hospital.
There I sat and awaited my punishment.
And took joy in life.
I finished part 2 before the first part, so I'm posting it now. Part 1 is still in the works.

This poem was written March 15, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
Why won’t you hear? Why won’t you see?
I don’t want you to want any but me
My heart is raw, yours is numb
I feel you are deaf and dumb
To me alone, but to all others you gawk
Chasing after them like a hovering hawk
I figure in my mind, I reason away
That you get attention and like it that way
But you know commitment of heart is mine
You hate thinking of being tied down to a line
Even if that cord be anchored deep
And from the surging ocean keep
Safe and sound, forever held
In my arms, our hearts meld
No, the thought of that you can’t stand
So I stand alone with an empty hand
Staring at it upraised, forlorn, I’m thinking
Maybe, it’s best, but with that thought I’m sinking
In darkened void with destructive intent
No, you and me, somehow, it is meant.
"Chasing" was written after I began to realize that my long-time crush didn't return my feelings for me the way I thought she did. Surprisingly enough, it is actually a favorite of hers.
This poem was written August 21, 2010, at 11:00pm.
Blood Word Sep 2012
The skies are ripe and fraught
With fear and joy and hope
As birds will sing, and worms will pass
The circle pulses and rotates on
Forever until the day of dawn
This poem was written September 27, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
Mornings fall
Darkness rise
Man ne’er looking to the skies
Pleading not
Suff’ring so
Wallowing in tort’rous woe
Blinded to
Their own doubt
Gnawing, chewing, hollows out
Precious souls
They don’t care
Where to go? Now what to wear?
Worthless cares
Don’t they see?
Devil’s snares of “me, me, me”
Much success
Though contrite
Robbed so eas’ly of their sight
Cry to God!
Oh, little man
Only He saves, with His plan
"Dark Days" was carefully metered out and planned. It's the only poem in which I've gotten this involved in the technical process. It was actually fun, but provided no emotional outlet.
This poem was written sometime shortly before March 8, 2011.
Blood Word Nov 2011
Lonely man and girl
Separate then joined by fate
Love now eternal
I decided to try my hand at haiku.

This poem was written November 30, 2011
Blood Word Sep 2012
The doors that light the heavens
Are the gateways we do perceive
As simple stars in a blank black sky
But they are as portals to another life
Another home, another love
What we neglect, they protect

And too well their job is done.
This poem was written September 11, 2012
Blood Word Sep 2012
Many tears fall
But not enough
Eyes of mine ache
For dry they are
This poem was written September 11, 2012
Blood Word Oct 2011
Painted sky
Plastered high
Watching, gliding calmly by
Mottled clouds not caring why
North Star singing “Here am I”
Phantom darkness setting in
Gently cloaking beast and men
Shading all, noble, vile
Sweet caressing all the while
Peeking moon doth crack a smile
Cloud-lined aisle
Heaven’s tile
I was experimenting with a different structure on "Dusk". I'm not sure it worked.
This poem was written September 16, 2010.
Blood Word Jul 2012
Words fall from mouths and die on the ground.
Lips turn sour from the filth pouring across them.
Ears clog up and hear what was never there.
Communication is a ritual each performs
To feel good about, to protect himself.
There was never anything to feel good about, to protect.

All feel the pull from their chest, the urges, desires.
They give in and never control it.
Haughty are they!
For they look to the heart for guidance
It laughs to itself and prances them around on puppet strings
(Cleverly named “heart strings”)
Gaining delight with each fall man makes.
He cannot remove the cords within.

Admiration has always been on “love”.
Hate is self-love, and that is lust.
Lust and love became one when man grabbed it.
Love is hate in its purest form, yet none ever see this.
They will forever hate, unwittingly.

When a pebble is falling through the sky,
It cannot stop itself.
So is man.
Flapping his arms to stop the fall.
Pulling up on his feet to fly.
Of course, they are only weak, and need to flap faster, pull harder.
The origin of East cannot be reached by walking “more East”.
Perfection cannot be achieved by trying harder.
And what are we if not perfect?
Falling. Like a pebble.

Man lives in a dark room.
He picks up shadows and throws them on the wall to improve his situation.
Black begets black. Evil begets evil.
No matter his feigned intentions, this is the way man kills himself.
I decided to write a poem refuting some of the major kinds of empty encouragement we receive from the media. What is assumed in this poem (but deliberately not clearly stated) is that this is man's condition without God. The media tells us we can do so much good if we only try, but they always fail to mention that good can only come from God, and man is hopeless without Him.

This poem was written July 06, 2012.
Blood Word Feb 2012
My heart sits here, a scarlet cup
Empty, waiting to be filled up.
Vultures fly through and pick it dry,
A loss I take with a sad sigh.
I'm used to this, always the same,
A drop of love; a flood of shame.

What is this? The sun cried a tear.
This drop of life is falling near.
The vultures flee, chased by its light,
Strikes my heart, brings purity bright.
Filled with pow'r that none can contest,
You are perfect, love, and my best.
Another poem I wrote about Mary, the love of my life.

This poem was written February 15, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
I have an illness no pill can cure
I'm sick inside, this time dead for sure
Your fault? oh no. Not you who made me fall
Your words, your touch? Wasn't that at all
How could such a lying heart
Like yours, tear my fragile one apart?
Every sweet word, all lies
Every soft touch, I despise
Oh, my heart, no longer aches
Oh, my heart, no longer breaks
For what is dead, cannot die.
This was my very first serious attempt at poetry. I imagine it as an idea for a set of lyrics to a song. One friend of mine suggested that it would fit very well as a The Rasmus song.
This poem was written in December 2009.
Blood Word Dec 2011
What drives one down the hole
To this thing we call insanity?
What is it that makes one whole
This thing that we call sanity?
Are we all insane, or is that deeper yet?
How is sanity defined? Does it exist?
Has the world and sanity even met?
Or are these lines hidden in mist?
But is this mist because we’re crazy?
Our vision fogged, perceptions bent
The world dipped in dark, tinted, hazy.
Evil’s seized our minds, sanity rent.
Blood Word Oct 2011
I can’t keep my promise any longer.
Feelings for you, only grow stronger
As I lie here, remembering, hating.
But I find myself now questioning, debating.
Was what I did right? Is it the best?
Thoughts that started out small, now won’t give me rest.
In fact, I sit here now writing
Over this subject, fighting
While I should be sleeping. But then I wonder,
Did I rob you of sleep, did your heart I sunder?
Did you lie awake many a night,
Regretting our fight,
Asking yourself if it was your fault?
I lie awake many a night,
Regretting our fight,
Recognizing now that it was my fault.
You weren’t cold. You were desperate.
I wasn’t loyal. I was deaf, and let
My ears hear your words, but missed your heart.
Your mouth whispered “hate me,”
But your heart screamed “love me.”
The voice I listened to was the wrong one
And I’m living, fearing it’s over and done.
The second chance is a gift we’re all given.
You gave me a hundred, after your heart was yet riven.
I threw it away and walked on, cold
Not knowing I’d regret it long before I’m old.
Though did I really hate? Or was it ignorance?
I believed I was doing as bidden. Void of sense.
The voices around me: all my family, many a friend
Did misguide me into believing it was a proper end.
But the voices inside me are bringing me awake.
They tell me I should risk my beliefs, and make
One last call, begging you me to take.
This is a barely edited poem that I just regurgitated one night when I couldn't sleep for the life of me. The promise it refers to, is a promise I made to Kaytlin when we broke up, that I would forget about our time together and hate her in order to protect myself.
This poem was written April 24, 2011.
Blood Word Oct 2011
Darkness skies, blackened eyes
Heart torn shut from silent cries
Silk and wool, vicious pull
Try I to fall in the null
I live (that’s good)
I feel (that’s not)
Soul is spoiling, painful rot
Break my being!
Let go.
You not seeing
Thought so.
I scream in anger; not at you
But at your failure to see true
These screams will never see the air
Because too much for you I care.
Broken understanding
Meaning dead on landing.
My love for you is not that kind!
You thought it was; disturbed your mind.
Frightening mirror I saw in you
For mine defiled, yours like new
Drawn was I to your pure heart
Nothing else had any part.
I understand why shy you do,
For I gave wrong hints and clue.
My lines blurred,
Speech well slurred
Mistakes were mine (rest assured).
I meant to protect you
But not unaware subject you
To myself,
The broken mirror.
"Loved, Not Loved" was torn to pieces by a friend of mine who actually knows poetry, but we both agree that rules aside, it's a good poem. At least, I thought it was good. x]
This poem was written September 8, 2011.
Blood Word Oct 2011
Sparkling edge of universe glisten
The stars sit and raptly listen
To the chorus of dark skies
Seeing all with shining eyes
Bubbling spirits, undying joy
Heavens unleash their fine employ
Love falls down, o’erwhelming flood
From above pour celestial blood
Fills the veins of those who hear
Encore of day that once was here
All the while, Moon stands by
Pulsing brightly, hanging high
Rolling scars across his face
Lighting earth with soft grace
Peering down casually so
Observing the enrapturous flow
Those who see can but rejoice
With such display, there is no choice
If one holds in, heart would burst
So each yells joy, striving first
God now gives us awesome gift
So we gaze in holy rift
This poem was written August 27, 2010, at 10:30pm.
Blood Word Oct 2011
I lay there so silently
Blinking, thinking, quietly
In the darkness in the gloom
Impending, coming, looming doom
End of thoughts, pond’ring not
Mind is blank, no song, no plot
Emotions come not to me
And yet they do, constantly
No line, no order, lords Chaos come
It’s as good as if there were none.
To be poem is to be complex and yet
Too compound is this to be writ and set.
I think not what this problem means
For when my mind touches there, void endless seems
Falling nowhere in the nothing, mind recoils
Snap me back to life and its foils.

Help! it’s a cry. Floundering as I lie
Help! it’s a scream. Splitting at my seam
In this mediocre cycle of a life-dream.
I don't really like this one. I suppose that's because it took on an entirely different life of its own, and nobody ever understood what I actually intended for it to mean. Also, the flow gets wonked after line 10.
This poem was written August 23, 2010, at 11:30pm.
Blood Word Feb 2012
A drip, a drop, a blot of blood
Colors my page, unleashing flood
Emotions, words (aren't they the same?)
On my paper, they share a name:
Blood Word Jan 2012
When the rain falls down
And there's sadness all around
Your hands reach through
And wake me up anew

At your touch I feel a jolt
With rebirth start to molt
Skin quickly falls away
As your heart holds mine sway

I have died, and gladly so
Only better in your throes
From your love I am alive
As you and I we'll thrive.
I wrote this about my girlfriend Mary, during Geology class.
This poem was written January 31, 2012.
Blood Word Dec 2011
Scale the wall. Fear is a dream, tearing down the seams.
Fear is a terror.
Scale the wall. Fear is a cloud, filling skies with doubt.
Fear is my error.
Scale the wall. Fear is the potion, setting dark to motion.
Fear is text box my burden to bear.
Scale the wall.
Fear is my shame to wear.
Managed by God alone, or else I could not bear.
Conquered by God Himself, my burden; His share.
Hope lies on the other side
Ready to embrace and support
Life's eternal goodness.
Patterned after Jim Harrison's "Lullaby for a Daughter".
Blood Word Sep 2012
With your minds, think anew
Throw off these shackles of shadow
That you have called your own,
For they were never your friend.
Ignorance will not be bliss, but it is death.
This poem was written September 13, 2012.
Blood Word Dec 2011
What see I sitting on her knees? It’s you
A part of nature you are this morning.
A silhouette against the sky in blue.
Atop a cliff, the earth to you doth sing.

I stand in awe of grace so beautiful
From you just sitting still in lone repose.
While standing watching this, I feel a pull
To greet you and give you a fitting rose.

Then suddenly I am beside you now.
For how I came, I can’t begin to guess.
But as you turn and smile, I take a vow:
I will not ever this moment repress.

I could forever now sit here with you,
In fact that is just what I plan to do.
This is my very first attempt at a Shakespearean sonnet.
Blood Word Mar 2012
I want your touch
I want your kiss
I want your hug
You I miss
So much

I want you close
I want you near
I want you as my
So much

To stroke your hair
To feel you live
To hold your hand
I would give
So much

Baby, we will
Come together
I'll love you now
And forever
So much
Dedicated to Mary Mueller <3
This poem was written March 8, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
A hole in the universe. A pinprick of light
Peeking at me behind night's dark doors.
It swallows my soul, taking me in,
But instead of eating me up, it makes me whole.
A brightness shooting straight into me,
                                                             ­ A gift from the heavens.
                                   A reminder of life.
                                                           ­  Of pain.
                                                           ­             Of hope.
Of love.

And I take this lesson in my hands, cupped gently in front of my self,
And walk into life, through it, inside it.
Hate swells, like the rolling tide. It always comes. It always was, it always will be.
The waves scream toward me       thrashing madly
And I step aside, not fighting. Not hating.
And that tiny spot of light
                                             (guarded on all sides by the stalwart gates of night)
glows when assaulted, gently directing the rage aside.

Now I'm watching.
I'm learning.
I don't control the light. I can't. I've tried.
I hold it gently in my open hands
                                                         (they must not be closed!)
                                                        ­                                             while it lives as I should.

 ­        Hope

This poem was written October 22, 2011.
Blood Word May 2012
When the sky fades, the earth quakes
And everyone is shown as fakes,
What you know is gone, what you fear is near
When real is wrong, and wrong is here

“Give up your ways! Forsake your flaws!”
(They close their ears, march in the jaws)
We will survive, we have our laws!
“You are dying! Drop the knife!”
(In unison they exit life)
We will live, but here’s no strife

They are falling (no, they are we!)
He is dead (it’s us, not he!)
She needs to wake (it is you, not she!)
All are broken and must be fixed
(You must see it’s us, or we’ll ne’er be free)
Blood Word Dec 2012
Beautiful are you, second to none
Radiant face, daughter of Son
Gifted I am, from God with you
Blue I was, now with Rose Blu
Dedicated to Ashley

This poem was written December 2, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
I left you very long ago
To you, my baby, I said no.
T’was like a movie in slo-mo,
I just stood there, and I watched you go.
Now have none to watch my back
No one to fill that which I lack
No one to make me lose all track
Of time. Oh, silence doth attack.

I thought I didn’t need you
I need to clearly see through
The lies, but they were true.
I’m back to old, and broken new.
Just go. You don’t deserve me,
Though I scream, forever empty.
Never good enough. Never shall I see:
You’re my water; I’m a tree.

I draw this X upon my chest
With knife and blood and gory rest
To show what’s there: naught but void.
Your heart’s not here, and mine’s destroyed.
Don’t care if you were right or not,
My heart’s not even here to rot.
Don’t preserve it; throw away.
I don’t deserve it. Dead I stay.

Cut it out? I can no more.
You did already, blood and gore.
In madness, shoved you to the floor.
For all the ravings, I’m the *****.
No longer have angelic wings
Of yours to sooth me, nor any rings
Of promise. None of this can sing
Because I don’t have anything.

Nothing but this X upon my chest
With knife and blood and gory rest
To show what’s there: naught but void.
Your heart’s not here, and mine’s destroyed.
Don’t care if you are right or not,
My heart’s not here to rot.
Don’t preserve it; throw away.
I don’t deserve it. Dead I stay.

Yes, it really is still there.
Staring from its angry glare
Red eyes burning like a flare
It cloaks my breast, when even bare.
Funny, I didn’t feel at all,
When I cut the four-side, evil stall.
Empty spaces: chambers missing.
When skin tore, ne’er did this sting.

I rip an X upon my chest!
Forever more I’ll do this test
To show no longer have I my best
I lost it all, and gory rest.
Yes, I care that you were right
But it’s too late to save that night.
I began and ended stupid fight,
And live forever with my plight.

Stir, stir, filthy cur.
Mix it well, to be sure.
Drink it down to make all blur,
To curse me hard for losing her.

Slice, slash, petty trash.
Mark a symbol with a lash.
An X to signal monstrous crash
Infect it for eternal rash.

Jab, stab, to feel some pain
Maybe I will feel again.
Harder, faster! Make it rain!
Blood my sins and errors stain.

Mark this X upon my breast,
Deeply, cutting, hard I press.
Slicing through my dirtied chest
‘Til in the shadows I find rest.
I wrote "This X" one night when I absolutely could not sleep because of guilt I felt over removing Kaytlin from my life so thoroughly. I no longer have the scar, but I did cut the X. It is the only time I have done so.
This poem was written July 9, 2011.
Blood Word Oct 2011
Emotions, flooding, pouring in
Is this right? Is this sin?
Why do I fluster when you I see,
I thought love was something kept from me.
But can love this be? I don’t comprehend,
These new emotions my familiar perception bend.
But questioning even so
Tears my heart to and fro.
I cannot doubt! I cannot turn.
I can but you forever yearn.
As the name suggests, this poem was written about a friend of mine whose name I shall not mention, in order to protect our friendship and her current relationship. I was just a bit confused at the time, and have since gotten my emotions regarding her straightened out. "To An Unnamed Friend" was also not a serious attempt at poetry, but instead a simple FaceBook status.
This poem was written December 18, 2010.
Blood Word Dec 2012
I was

I made

You were

I tried

I did

I became

God did

I do

Dedicated to Ashley <3

This poem was written December 9, 2012.
Blood Word Nov 2011
My shell; has not been done
And Hell; saved by none

Save me, save me, cry I loud
I can't escape this evil shroud
Beset by shadow: vile, strong
I cannot hold out very long
Collapsing, sinking in this mire
Lost forever in the fire
Of myself.

I'm falling, dying because of you
Standing there, strong and true
It's my end for I do hide
My plight from you (take in stride)
You're perfect, shining Princess bright
That's why I die alone (all my might)
Because I love you.
This poem was written November 2, 2011.
Blood Word Dec 2011
My shell; has not been done
And Hell; saved by none

Save me, save me, cry I loud
I can't escape this evil shroud
Beset by shadow: vile, strong
I cannot hold out very long
Collapsing, sinking in this mire
Lost forever in the fire
Of myself.

I'm falling, dying because of you
Standing there, strong and true
It's my end for I do hide
My plight from you (take in stride)
You're perfect, shining Princess bright
That's why I die alone (all my might)
Because I love you.
Blood Word Sep 2012
That’s the difference between you and me.
When we go our separate ways,
You go on living, while I can only wait.
You’re whole enough everyone wants you, and you go on to succeed
My success only lasted as long as I was with you, now I’m in the dark again.
All I can do is wait for you again, but you wait for no man.
No, this isn’t to your fault, it’s what makes you great
I just can’t stand my own failure.
Thinking of this, though, lets me see
Just how blessed I was to have been chosen by you.
I’ll never understand it, but I guess I’ll never have to.
It’s so dark down here.

Hello! echo Is there anyone down here with me?
This poem was written September 16, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
Amazing, diving, swimming, sinking.
In your eyes, deep I’m drinking.
Hair it flows like river rows
Cascading down, I can but drown.
Water goddess, I plead to thee
Turn thy eyes now just to me
And hear my heart desp’rate, crying
Loud and frantic, swiftly dying
To immerse itself in your deep soul
Yours promises to make mine whole.
Intriguing, driving, stunning, striking.
This new feeling I think I’m liking.
I'm not actually sure who this poem was written for, as I had multiple inspirations while writing it.
This poem was written September 17, 2010.
Blood Word Dec 2011
I climbed the mountain, the morning bright
I stopped to breathe, and caught a sight
Filthy ruins, dark and dead
Half yet standing of a homestead
Dust and dirt crumbled down
So still it was, and with no sound.

But as I wandered close to look
I spied a window by a nook
Such a poor, abandoned thing,
Yet as I watched, the sight began to sing.

This was no victim, though hardships seen
Not just a survivor; thriving keen.
It sat as a family lit its world
And endured after their bodies curled.
I peered through it, from within to out
And experienced the furthest thing from a drought.
Window had rested since then in calm and peace
Of the wild, as life began, lived, and ceased.

When I really looked at Window as more than thing
It outlined the landscape in a glorious ring
Forests, hills, flowers, deer, and sun
Came alive through Window, the silent one.
Blood Word Mar 2012
Why am I so worthless?
Why do I feel like I just don’t belong?
Like I’m sinning by existing?
That I’m nothing but a bothersome burden?

Everything I do provokes yelling.
Everything I say provokes reprimand.
Wherever I go is evil.
And whoever I am needs to be “fixed”.

All my choices are marked “crazy”
And my parents whisper behind my back.
I let them think I can’t hear them
But I hear every word and feel every sting.

Do I give a ****? I act like I don’t
And shoot down those who think I do.
But I do care. I care a lot.
I’m just so soft that I must attack to live.

I feel as if I don’t know anything but pain
And I’ll never be able to accept anything else.
I certainly have difficulty receiving love.
One loves me, and I feel rotten for having trouble loving her.

Why is this so hard?
I’m supposed to be the selfless one,
The one to take all their strife, so they can live.
But the side-effect is that I die.

Even then, I can’t do my duty
Because of “equal exchange”.
Giving my life helps no one
Because it isn’t worth enough to give.

But then again, I’m condemned even now
By myself, for just voicing my complaints.
Because that’s all they are. Whines.
I mean, there are starving kids in China, afterall.
This poem was written March 12, 2012.
Blood Word Oct 2011
I love you more than the ocean loves the water in it. I love you more than a flower loves the sunshine that makes it glisten. I love you more than the hawk loves the wind that empowers him.

Is an ocean an ocean without the waters that fill it? You are the water that imbues me with purpose and makes me who I am.

Can a flower grow and bloom without the sunshine that nourishes it? Can its petals be enjoyed without the rays that make it shine? You make me flourish. Your radiance is the light behind my every smile.

Can a hawk fly without the wind beneath his wings, raising him towards the blue sky? Can he enjoy true freedom without the graceful, invigorating hand of the wind? You are the wind that lifts me up and delivers me to freedom. Your love lets me fly.
"You" is my second poem. It is my first free form attempt. I wrote it for a friend of mine on whom I had a crush. A lot of my inspiration comes from her.
This poem was written May 23, 2010, at 1:00am.
Blood Word Oct 2011
You love me.  So you say.
I love you. This I may.
You love me. This I doubt.
I love you. This I shout.

Forsake my all for all to gain
On heart of yours mine eyes I train.
Seek my soul you do need not
For it is yours, already got.
Mine eyes I take and give to you
For you are blind to what is true.
I love you more than life itself
And yet somehow you miss this wealth.

I long to give my all and more
A love that spans from coast to shore.
But you need first see I adore
Before I give my heart so sore
Else it fall without your hands
To catch it on the mournful sands.

I love you. I declare.
You love me. This I dare.
I love you. This I say.
You love me. This I pray.
"You Love Me" is most likely my favorite poem that I have written.
This poem was written June 2, 2010.
Blood Word Oct 2011
You see me! You see me!
But then again you don’t
You see me! You see me!
And then again you won’t

It’s hard to see who is me
‘Cause me is never found
I’m here I’m there I’m ev’rywhere
But yet I’m not around

You hear me! You hear me!
But then again you don’t
You hear me! You hear me!
But then again you won’t

If up is there and down is here
Then here is down and out
But I’m not here, no nor there
So find me when I shout!

You know me! You know me!
But yet again you don’t
You know me! You know me!
And yet again you won’t

If he is me and I am him
And still you do not know
Then your light is very dim!
‘Cause me I always show

You see me! You hear me!
And both you do not do
You know me! You’ve found me!
But still you have no clue
This poem was written a long time ago. I don't remember when. I wrote initially wrote it as a taunt to a friend I was messing with, but then my mother pointed out that it actually describes me quite well.

— The End —