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You give me
A breath of fresh air,
You take my breath away
In one instant, then another,
I shiver, fear, then,
I feel your arms and I’m safe.
Your eyes,
Full of adoration,
Drilling the truth into me.
I blink, the world changes, yet
You remain the same.
As my anchor you pull me,
Down, down, down.
I thought I was afraid of drowning,
But I was really just afraid of
Sinking alone.
Your hooks sink into me,
Into my heart and my veins,
And you whisper;
‘I’ll never let you go.’
For once, I can say back;
‘I know’.
 Mar 2012 Blood Word
emily webb
There was nothing plastic
About the way your smile showed
Or about the way your arms felt
But a voice in the back of my head told me so
And last weekend
I melted a carpet I thought was wool
You could have fooled me
Except now there is a hard, shiny, iron-shaped mark
Plastered into the carpet's soft mat
To be honest, I was a little disgusted
When I pulled the iron away and found
Strings of green and red clinging to it like bubblegum
And to be honest, I felt a little disgusted with myself
Not to mention you
When I left a handprint in your soft back
And strings of skin still sticking to my palm
Prove you, my little plastic boy, are just a doll
By all the tests that matter
A human illusion too easily destroyed
By an excess of warmth
I'm the girl hiding my depression.
I'm the girl trying to make a good impression.
I'm the girl sitting next to you
I'm the girl who said no one knew
I'm the girl who starves herself
I'm the girl who is secretly screaming help!
I'm the girl without a daddy
I'm the girl who gets called fatty
I'm the girl that fights back tears
I'm the girl with unknown fears
I'm the girl who no one hears
I'm the girl who doesn't care
I'm the girl that doesn't have hair
I'm the girl that never gets there

Hold on tight and never carve your hope and faith in wood
Because that old wood is made to burn
For you will never see the flame or smell the smoke
And the world will let regret go on and on
Smiling as it turns

A soul will continue to ache until it disentangles itself
From all the players it beholds
Who even from childhood stung with words
That could fill a heart with sadness
Make your blood run cold

If someone told you to forget all your dreams
That you are nothing, a nobody
Would that old sun just stop shining above
And your world be dark with shadows
Only, if you let it be

Do not let the words of some steal your skies
Always know this one thing
If you hold on tight to faith and hope
Carved deep in precious stone
You can do anything
Copyright *Neva Flores @2011
Your heart beats in my chest,
My heart bares your name.
This feeling burning hot inside me,
We can never be the same.
This chemical reaction,
Has left me naked and scared,
But your arms clothe me,
And your kiss repairs.
Every broken part of me,
That I kept hidden away;
Scared if you saw my gnarled insides,
You’d be disgusted by the decay.
Yet you remain, like a vice,
Holding me together.
Keeping me solid and warm,
Through the coldest of weather.
Our souls are now entwined,
And in the quiet I hear you heart.
I know it would break me,
If we were ever ripped apart.
This feeling leaves me trembling,
But you brush away my fears.
With a single look, a single kiss,
You can stop all my tears.
With your heart beating in mine,
And your lips kissing my name,
And my flesh burning against yours,
I know I’ll never be the same.
I just wrote this poem, and I would very much appreciate some peer review and editing. There's still some parts that sounds iffy to me. Compliments and constructive criticism are very much welcome.
Like some kind of metamorphosis,
You changed so rapidly,
Once you were quiet,
Yet so abrupt,
Then you didn't care what the world thought,
Once you laughed with me,
Once you chuckled lightly with a smile spread wide,
Once you'd hug me,
Even kiss me,
But once this metamorphosis hit,
You've become cold and unwelcoming,
So restrained,
You listen to their lies about me,
You let the world decide for you,
Now the laughter,the chuckles and giggles,They are gone,
The smiles have faded,
No hugs or kisses,
Barely a glance,
Only receiving ignorance,
Now,Because of this change,
This One evil metamorphosis,
We are like are like strangers in the street,
All we have are the memories,
The ones you say meant nothing,
The only proof we know one another,
Is the look on your face when you see me,
Near disgust,
You put up your hood and run the moment you spot me,
Those moments hurt,
But it is proof you knew me,
But that was all before your metamorphosis,
That was when our memories meant everything,
Now they mean nothing,
At least to the one who changed....
Thinking about what we were,
Our memories,
Now all a blur,
I wish you meant your sweet lies,
All your "I love you's"
Once my life now the reason for my cries,
Was it really all pretend,
I don't want this to end,
I knew,
Since the moment I met you,
That I'd be madly in love with you,
And I can't believe I have to let go,
This is a love I may never outgrow,
I'm sorry if that makes me insane,
But my heart can't refrain,
I know you think it's plain,
But my heart,
It loved you even when you tore it apart.
I Don't like it :I
I've never been so good at rhyming
The words just wouldn't come to me
Matching words with matching feelings
Sometimes feels forced or schemed.

But for you I want to try
You make me feel like I could fly
To be anywhere you are today
Knowing this feeling will always stay...
Knowing you'll always love me

I used to be afraid of change
And at times it still seems daunting
But I know life can't always stay the same
If it did I'd never have found you...

And it hasn't always been easy for me
To talk or sing or write about how I feel
It's something that I've been working on
So this relationship will stay strong...

Because you make me want to try
You make me feel like I could fly
To be anywhere you are today
Knowing this feeling will always stay...
Knowing you'll always love me

But knowing is not always so simple
There are fights and hurt and anger all around
And times when I just want to throw you on the ground
And times when I wonder what to do...

But that's just a part of life
You and me we can't deny
That love isn't something you get
It's something you try, try, try for...

And for you I want to try
You make me feel like I can touch the sky

To be anywhere you are today
Knowing this feeling will always stay...
Knowing you'll always love me
And I will always love you too.
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