Eliot York   Oct 31, 2014
Trick or treat!
I've risen from the dead on Hallowe'en to ask for treats. Not sweets though, donations to keep Hello Poetry running.

First, in the name of transparency, here are some numbers:
- There are now over seventy thousand poets using the site, a surprising percentage of which visit (in the most affectionate sense) obsessively, and almost a million poems added.
- The total cost to run the site is $250/month, the lowest I've found it can be to remain snappy and relatively problem-free.
- About two hundred of you have donated a total of $2000 since my plea back in March.

Your donations have already kept servers on since March of this year. That's big news, and entirely thanks to you. At the risk of sounding trite, this site is truly powered by love and generosity, not financially motivated outsiders or by selling your information for advertisements, which keeps Hello Poetry and its community independent.

To keep this up, rather than taking ongoing donations (which have now run out), I'd like to try fundraising every 6 months to raise the funds for that period, and then forget all about the money until the next time.

We need $1500 for the next six months, so that's our target. I bet we could raise it in less than 10 days.

So, if you're able, would you donate something to keep Hello Poetry running?

I'll keep this post updated with the results over the coming days.

1 day later: We just hit $750. Half way there!
2 days later: We're at $980. Nearly two thirds of the way there.
4 days later: Now at $1250. Just $250 to go!
5 days later: We've done it! Thank you everyone. xx