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Blind Aesthetic Oct 2018
A patchy sky leaves the moonlight with arrythmia
Leaving me to match it's rhythm
As I play "red light green light"
With the eyes and teeth that twinkle
In the shadows like stars
Painted on the void
Just beyond what I can see
Happy Halloween!
Blind Aesthetic Oct 2018
If words were a currency
I would ask for a refund
Blind Aesthetic Oct 2018
I took a picture of myself
And when I looked into my eyes
All I saw was just a letter
I couldn't capitalize on my strengths,
Pushed so far I stopped
And under scored
But a point is still a point
So I picked myself back up,
Corrected my mistakes,
And continued running
Because that's how sentences are for me.
Thought about eye and I then this happened
Blind Aesthetic Oct 2018
It felt like we were playing Battleship
The way you made
My heart
Blind Aesthetic Oct 2018
I've blind emotions
Feeling for the guiding sounds
Music is my cane
Blind Aesthetic Aug 2018
In the microwave or oven roasted
A simple snack to have or full blown meal
Eat them at home or where wine is toasted
After a bag, hunger you will not feel
A calzone and ravioli it's not
Packed with flavour, pepperoni and cheese
A roll as delicious as it is hot
An oral ****** each bite'l release
Totinos Pizza Rolls, the perfect snack
Ev'ry piece what a wonderful delight
It's like Christmas when you get a new pack
I'm telling you boy, they are out of sight!
If there is one thing that I regret
It's knock off Totinos, never forget
I was bored and wanted to write a sonnet. My friend suggested I write about totino's pizza rolls
Blind Aesthetic Aug 2018
Every late night dreary
As I post, weak and weary
Many a memes of dogs and more
"I should go to sleep" I say
"it's ******* four"
A spoof on The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe
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