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2.3k · May 2015
Blake Tan May 2015
She walks away
Fast and steady
You stand there
Quickly realizing that
She's your ex now

You continue your life
Trying hard to act normal
Trying hard to forget
But you can't forget
Because she's your ex

A few months pass
You learned to fake a smile, to recover
But that effort is gone
When she starts dating her ex
Because shes your ex

You get mad, frustrated
Not understanding why
Why she caused you all this pain
Why... How
How has your ex forgotten you already

She stands there
Unaware of your presence
Her curvy body that used to make you smile
Makes you cry in your heart
In your soul

You chat every now and then
About whats going on
You bring up her relationship and bring up yours
She confesses... She never loved you
Never has, never will

She did it again
She broke your heart
You showed weakness again, and she struck
You limp on, trying to find a new light
A new love
A new love that would love you
Still editing
This is about my relationship with my ex, and where its at right now.
So i'm gonna be consistently editing

958 · Apr 2015
Blake Tan Apr 2015
Rage is powerful
Lashing out
Hurting anyone near

Greed is powerful
Pulling anything in

Fear is powerful
Frightening anything

Will is powerful
Standing strong
Refusing to break

Hope is powerful
Breaking through
Finding a way to shine

Compassion is powerful
Caring for those around

Love is powerful
Helping you from the deepest of troubles

Emotions are powerful
Assisting or destroying
Giving you the power to go on
601 · Aug 2015
Her smile
Blake Tan Aug 2015
It started with smile
A simple gesture that changed my world
Changed my ways
She pushed many away
She might push me away
Away from her smile
I didn't care
I'll take the risk
The risk that would choose between my happiness or my sadness

I opened up
She opened up
She became my free time
and slowly
My life
She didn't push me away
She let me in
And I'm grateful for that
Grateful for her
Grateful for us

Her name is Melanie
I love her

— The End —