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Blain Rogers Aug 2013
Pounding my chest!
Screaming for answers!
Why don't you respond?
Blain Rogers Aug 2013
Why is it that the people,
I wish to talk to the most,
are always the quickest,
to rebuff my advances?

Am I not good enough?
Is there a flaw that I can't see?
I guess that when it comes to flaws,
I have learned not to see them.

Maybe you were hurt.
Maybe is was so bad that you
have lost the ability to Love unconditionally.
But I can't see your pain because you hide it so well.

All I ask, is for a *****,
in your impenetrable armor.
That way I might be able to
better understand your gearing.

Perhaps I would be able to
shed a ray of guiding light
on your ashen soul.
I don't know if it is worth my time.

Rest assured, that I will try.
I will give it my all.
I will not fail you in your time of need.
I will be perfect.
Blain Rogers Aug 2013
My mind is uneasy,
my hand, it twitches.
Eager to hold and caress
your lovely face.

To hold someone,
in the palm of your hand,
And feel their warmth,
as if it were communication.

To return that warmth,
if only a little.
Just to tell them I'm here,
and I'm listening.

I wish I had something to give you,
something filled with wisdom.
With kindness and love,
but I don't think you would accept it...

I am but youthful naivety,
and you, just as young, "know better,"
I thought friendship was a sharing relationship,
I guess I'm not as well versed as I thought.

However, I have lived, and loved, and lost,
and I have made my many mistakes.
When you need it,
my hand will always be ready to share its warmth.
Blain Rogers Jul 2013
My friends are independent as a whole,
together as one and separate as one.
No secrets kept from one another,
not always the best thing, but it keeps us honest and true.

I love them, each and everyone.
I would do anything to help them, including putting myself in harms way.
That's just what friends do.
It's what makes us care.

I don't know why it happens,
but I know when they are in pain.
I know when they need support.
I know what they are thinking and what they feel.

I wish nothing but the best for everyone of them,
and hope their lives are full.
I hope that life gives them everything they ask for,
and takes nothing back.

I love you,
I love you all,
And I hope we will see each other again in the future.
Blain Rogers Jul 2013
I walk in to escape the fog,
only to find it more cloudy inside.
The overcast feelings cast toward one another,
accentuated by shifting eyes.
It's dense with emotion,
that unforgiving notion,
and the pain that is felt inside.

Like smoke at a bar,
lasting pungent aroma.
Life locked in place,
stagnant, a coma.

Why is it that these things can't be resolved,
quick like a door, easy to revolve.
Switched back and forth,
eager to mock.
Harmed, in danger, repulsed, in shock.

Injuries dealt,
hours lost.
It's mine to bear,
this burdened cross.

Where is my home,
but in the engulfing Fog
Blain Rogers Jul 2013
Inside or Outside, what's the difference?
The picture gets completed anyway...
Blackout or Whiteout, what's the difference?
Absence of color, or the equal abundance of all colors...

Don't we all see what we are raised to see?
At least in the beginning...
Aren't we supposed to grow as people?
And view all aspects of life in a mature manner...

Don't actions speak louder than words?
They speak for the character of the ones who commit them...
Who are we to judge?
Judge ourselves...

Blackout your minds, and Whiteout past transgressions,
What's left?
A clean and clear mind, eager for new experiences and better relationships.
Blain Rogers Jul 2013
This is for Nick and Mollie,
A couple that I adore.
I watch their romance budding,
like long forgotten lore.

A figure skater dancing,
a lover tickled to the floor.
I see her Tower chancing,
to love her even more.

Dry your eyes you silly girl,
there's no need here to cry.
Indecision you fear will hurt him,
but he's still your faithful guy.

I watch your love come bursting forth,
from life's restrictive cages.
Although it's newly published,
it's full of well worn pages.

You fit with one another,
like two peas from a pod.
I bless your lives together,
this I ask of God.
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