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Jasmin Dec 2018
my tongue is craving for alcohol;
my esophagus is getting dry from all these cryings.
my liver concurs;
don’t worry about cirrhosis, it says,
you’re already gone before it occurs.
Jasmin Nov 2018
the feeling of belongingness is not always found
in the things we thought would be our solace;
it’s important to bring our truest selves
so we wouldn’t be out of place.
Jasmin Nov 2018
hayaang makawala ang emosyon
na ikinulong sa mahabang panahon
pagbigyan ang sarili
na maging totoo kahit sa sandali.
let thy emotions breathe free
it has been concealed for too long.
let thyself stay true,
though awhile.
Jasmin Nov 2018
catch me professing
the solitude crawling
all over my body,
insist to me
that everything will be alright,
force into me
the perception of getting by.
why don’t you advise
all the lies
you have incessantly
been telling to yourself?
Jasmin Nov 2018
please give me something to write about...
Jasmin Oct 2018
petal of a withered flower
you dance with such grace
though the wind carried you away,
away from your roots
far from what you’ve traced.
Jasmin Oct 2018
I hope
that when our paths cross once more
you won’t notice my hands
reaching out to touch yours
I hope
you divert your gaze
and never look back,
continue your journey
without holding still the remorse
of a failed love story
I hope, sincerely,
for you to live life fully
without having once cross your mind
the thought that we were not born in this lifetime
to be one another’s burner in times of storm.
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