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blackbirdkisses Mar 2015
Your eyes shine bright like diamonds
Oh, but why are you crying?

I see your cat is getting feisty again
But I thought he ran away?

You only have ballet class once a week
How is it that your ribs are showing?

Your smile is the prettiest I've seen
And your eyes, the saddest.
blackbirdkisses Mar 2015
Her mind is full of flowers,
daisies sprouting left and right.
But in her heart are dead ones,
for flowers can't bloom without the light.
blackbirdkisses Mar 2015
Once when I was young
I met a special lad
He had sweet kisses on his tongue
The best I ever had

We had a beautiful summer romance
Full of wishes, love, and laughter
He had my heart from the very first glance
And every day there after

But time went on and changed things
As it always does
The boy got up and left one day
His reason? Just because

I didn't understand it
My plans were all a bust
The boy who gave me everything
Had turned my heart to dust

What's there left to do then
With a heart that's turned to grey
The thing I learned from this summer fling
Is that no one else can ever stay

So I swept up all the pieces
And I locked them in a box
Never again will my heart be heard
Buried under a mountain of rocks
blackbirdkisses Jul 2013
I'm sure you've met them before.
They say they'll put you back together while they're tearing everything apart,
and they use the type of lips you can taste for years.
blackbirdkisses Jul 2013
Your head on my chest,
i'm tracing crop circles into your head.
I wonder if you can hear my heart.
You say it's beating
"I love you, I love you, I love you"
That may be true.
But I think it's saying
"don't leave me, don't leave me"
Because everyone always does
i'd like for you to stay.
blackbirdkisses Jul 2013
I want these butterflies to rush through my esophagus and choke me
I want them to shatter through my eyes like
blackbirdkisses Jul 2013
You were quick
And cruel
And highly over rated.
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