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Aug 2019 · 651
Who Cares About the "How"?
bk Aug 2019
My heart is moving faster than my head,
It's craziness, but it is so beautiful.
My heart has planned out everything I want to do in my life,
while my head is still trying to figure out how.
But honestly, who cares about the "how"?
As long I know what I want to do in my life
I have 99% of my future planned.

Aug 2019 · 544
bk Aug 2019
You make me the best me, bring out my joy.
I don't need to try to impress you, I am who I should be.
Was that really the last time I would see you for a year?
****, well I guess I should have hugged you harder.
See you soon...
hopefully, nothing will change.
Aug 2019 · 594
Last Night's Dream
bk Aug 2019
This morning
I woke up,
looked down at my pillow,
and hoped that my dreams would drip out.

They didn't
and now you are stuck in my dream
that I will never see again.

bk Jul 2019
A good friend is made by getting along with someone.
A best friend is made by finding a part of yourself in someone.
Jul 2019 · 653
Different Kinds of Art
bk Jul 2019
She is a beautiful successful model.
I am just a struggling artist.
She is a work of art.
I make works of art.
How come all she has to do is stand there an look pretty?
How come I have to give all of my effort to make something pretty?

bk Jul 2019
The answer is quite simple really:
You can only love others to the extent
of how much you love yourself.

A little tip: Love yourself first, then
go and love others wildly!
Jul 2019 · 402
The Ocean, My Darling.
bk Jul 2019
It is the truth, my darling,
that whoever who think of
when you look at the ocean
is who you love.
Jul 2019 · 590
The Life of A Wave
bk Jul 2019
It is amazing, the life of a wave.
It takes forever to build up
and then once it finds its way to the beach,
is alive for only a couple seconds.
As beautiful as this sounds,
the act of the surfer is even more.
The wave exists momentarily
but while it does,
the surfer carves smooth silky lines into it
creating a form of art seen only by few.
After that, that single wave is gone forever;
It is not coming back.
The surfer will never surf that same wave again.
The life of the wave now only exists in memory.

Personally, I find nothing more beautiful than that.

May 2019 · 670
bk May 2019
"I love you," he said.
"Yes, I know that," I said, "but are you in love with me?"
He paused for a second.
I didn't need him to say anything else.
In his hesitation, I found my answer.

~ An excerpt from a book I will never write.
bk May 2019
He said something stupid but cute again like he normally does.
"I hate you", I said laughing and smiling while I shook my head.
"Wow that hurt", he said playfully while smiling at me.
Silly boy, I thought. He doesn't know what I meant by "I hate you."
In fact, when a girl says "I hate you" while smiling and shaking her head,
you better keep this girl.
She is head over heels for you.

~ An excerpt from a book I will never write.
May 2019 · 639
Who Killed Hate?
bk May 2019
Who killed Hate?

She has been with me all my life, but now I cannot find her.
She dwells in my heart, but now she is gone.
She helps me with my actions, but now I work alone.

Hate has never left me before.
Hate has always been there my whole life.
Hate is a part of who I am.

I see Hate in my conversations.
I see Hate in my actions.
I see Hate in my mirror.

She likes to tell me that I should not talk to someone.
She likes to tell me that I will fail at what I am about to try.
She likes to tell me that I will never meet certain expectations.

Where are you Hate?

Have I left you?

I think she is still there,
but I have found such love in him
that I have forgotten what
Hating myself feels like.

Hate, I have moved on.
I have found the key to the ******* you have kept me in.

May 2019 · 1.2k
Do Not Save Me, Sir
bk May 2019
Sir, I do not need to be saved.
I just need to be found and appreciated
for exactly who I am.

May 2019 · 547
Craving You
bk May 2019
It's just that my life is so crazy
and when I am with you,
everything I am dealing with
seems to explode into tiny particles.

But now that you have left me,
my life has gone mad again
and I just need you
so that everything could slow down for a second.

I crave the calmness you give my soul.

Apr 2019 · 808
Our Souls
bk Apr 2019
If our souls met long before we did,
then they must have known
that we would fall apart
before we did.

It just doesn't add up.
Apr 2019 · 431
Is Love a Virus or Disease?
bk Apr 2019
Is love a virus,
spreading throughout the body because of human touch,
needing constant attention to whoever bears it
but then can be healed eventually?

Or is love a disease,
spreading for the same reasons as a virus
and needing constant attention to whoever bears it,
but then destroys them slowly and painfully
leaving a scar?

Which one is it? Come on, tell me.
Apr 2019 · 310
A Letter to Fate
bk Apr 2019
Dear Fate,
When did you decide that it was fair
to bring two people together
just to tear them apart?
                         A hopeless romantic.

Dear hopeless romantic,
When did I say it was fair?
Those words never left my mouth.

Apr 2019 · 342
bk Apr 2019
There is you,
and then there is my heart.
But now that I think about it,
I'm not sure there's a difference.

Is there?
Apr 2019 · 1000
My Last Lover
bk Apr 2019
My last lover left a bitter taste in my mouth.
It is something I cannot quite ignore.
Oh lover, why did you leave me like this?
You have made my lips sore.

My last lover did not know my heart is of paper.
He did not care one bit.
He tore it and now I have a cut.
Man, it hurts like ****.

My last lover let go of my hand.
He let me fall.
He left a void in my palms.
Who am I supposed to call?

My last lover did not treat me right.
But you put me above.
This does not feel like last time.
Wow, could this be love?

Mar 2019 · 180
You-A Symphony
bk Mar 2019
Your arm around my waist.
My head resting on your chest.
The oceans roaring in front of us.
I closed my eyes and listened.
I can hear your heartbeat and the waves.
Two beautiful sounds.
And I realized how smoothly
they go together.
Your heartbeat and the ocean:
a new symphony.
Making the most beautiful song.

Man, I could listen to this
for the rest of my life

Mar 2019 · 896
Here I Am
bk Mar 2019
I search for words,
and quotes
that remind me of you.
It seems that others
are better at
describing my feelings
than I am.

Yet here I am,
still struggling to
put my feelings
into beautiful words.

Feb 2019 · 14.1k
I Never Had You
bk Feb 2019
Trying to get
over someone
you never had?

that's the worst
kind of struggle.

Feb 2019 · 199
bk Feb 2019
I don't want to leave.
This moment, here with you, feels too good.

I think that might be how you know your in love.

It's the moment home is not a place, but a person.

Feb 2019 · 454
Crowded Rooms
bk Feb 2019
I know you aren't here,
but that's not going to stop me from looking for you.

I'm still going to sit here glancing at the door,
hoping you will walk in.

And now i'm realizing the fact that it all comes down
to the person you look for in a crowded room.

Yeah, that's who you love.

Oct 2018 · 355
bk Oct 2018
You where my ray of light
in a world of black and white.

Oct 2018 · 660
bk Oct 2018
She needed a hero,
so that's what she became.

Oct 2018 · 1.2k
Self Love
bk Oct 2018
You love the smell of fresh apple pie.
You love the sound of the high tide shore break.
You love the way the guitar feels on your fingertips.
You love the feeling you get when your around him.
You love the way the sun sets at home.
Darling, you love so much.
But if I asked you to name all the things you love,
How long would it take you to name yourself?

Oct 2018 · 325
Sad Music
bk Oct 2018
I deal with sad times
by listening to sad music.
It helps burn the fire.
It lets it rage and gently
lowers it back to normal.

bk Oct 2018
I promise, my love,
that when I go home,
I will tell the stars about you.
They will tremble
when they hear
of how bright you shine.
They will quake
when they are told
of how beautiful you are.
They will be terrified
when they hear
of how your love
heats my heart on cold nights.
And most of all,
they will be jealous
when they hear
that I love you
more than the
whole galaxy.

Oct 2018 · 8.2k
bk Oct 2018
I am homesick.

I miss that golden crisp apple smell. It reminds me of the times we where in the orchard as kids playing a game of hide and seek among the trees.

I ache for the lavender sunsets there. I loved the times where we would run two miles just to make it to the big oak tree in time to climb to the top and watch the milky purple lights.

I dream of the fields of sunflowers every now and then. I was happiest when we ran through them, holding hands, thinking we will forever be this young.

But most of all, I miss you. These memories of home wouldn’t have been the same without you, and I thank you for that.

But now I’m homesick.
I’m homesick of a place i’m not even sure exists anymore.

Sep 2018 · 645
Silly Girl and the Sword
bk Sep 2018
Silly girl, put that sword down. You can not keep trying to fight your demons, for they are sly and evil. They will deceive you long before you have the chance to take the right path. In fact, they want you to fight them. Do not, I say, do not fight them! They want that sword of yours plunged into their chest. If you let that happen you have lost, my dear, because

you can not **** a monster without becoming one.

Sep 2018 · 545
The Abyss
bk Sep 2018
I looked into the abyss
searching for you,
my love.
But I never laid eyes on you,
because I stared at the abyss
so long
that it began
to stare back at me.

Sep 2018 · 437
Goldie Locks
bk Sep 2018
You told me that you loved
the color of my hair,
especially the way it looks
like gold in the sun.
So when you moved away,
I dyed my hair black.
It didn't shine like gold anymore.
In fact,
it looked as if I was going
to our love's funeral.

Rest in piece to our sweet memories
and my golden hair.

Aug 2018 · 2.9k
She Wished for a Prince
bk Aug 2018
She wished for a prince
to come and save her.
She dreamed all day and night
of the day he would come,
blinding herself of the fact
that she didn't need him
in the first place.
She had a sword
in her dusty old basement,
completely forgotten of,
that she could've used to fight the dragon
all this time.

Aug 2018 · 1.2k
New Fruits
bk Aug 2018
The rain washed away the past,
drowning our demons
who tried to follow us,
watering the future,
and bearing it many fruits.

Aug 2018 · 446
The Rain Dance
bk Aug 2018
I danced in the rain,
hoping to stay
this young forever.

Aug 2018 · 304
Better Days
bk Aug 2018
Some of our worst dreams
are soon forgotten.
As for our worst days,
better ones are to come.

May 2018 · 450
The Pool of Love
bk May 2018
You have always talked a big game,
telling me you could do a flip into the pool of love.
But in reality,
I dove in
and you only dipped your feet.

May 2018 · 217
Never Have I Ever
bk May 2018
Never have I ever had my heart broken.
Never have I ever talked to him again.
Never have I ever been depressed.
Never have I ever loved since then.

May 2018 · 234
It Has Come to This
bk May 2018
How has it come to this?
I still look for your face
in a crowded room,
even though your miles away.

May 2018 · 558
Locked Away
bk May 2018
Oh, my heart is locked away,
I think you stole the key.
My heart is set on you alone,
though you don't think of me.


— The End —