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much like the butterflies
i fish from the pool
wings leaden with water
exhausted from the notion
of staying afloat
my journey began the same.
uplifting tiny gossamer stars
from abysmal waters
so i might bestow
one last chance
for us to
f l y
july 11th, 2017.

to the rays of resilience
and the six years of recovery
I walked to harness
such resplendent light.

kalica delphine Β©
 Mar 1 Bailey
Let it go
 Mar 1 Bailey
Pain always there
somewhere in our heart
waiting for us to let it go.
 Feb 27 Bailey
as we escaped reality
within boundless lands

where the golem lives!
where the golem lives!

as we tried to make it
finally finna don't fake it

and as we entered our land
secretly; always warm

where the golem lives!
where the golem lives!

an infinite loophole
children adults and groups

it had never been too late
we had never gone that far

where the golem lives!
where the golem lives!
where the golem lives!
where the golem lives!
Today is a good day.
Down this very hill,
By this very stream
Both of us, we had one dream
To sail the seas, to reach the sky
But we never knew,
That we'd say goodbye

Nevertheless, I finished our dream
I sailed the seas, I reached the sky
But still I feel the guilt everday
That I did not help her in her dismay
Sad but true, that's my story
But still I remember her in all her glory
I'm a begginer and this was made while a was daydreaming in school. Sorry it's not that good
 Feb 25 Bailey
 Feb 25 Bailey
i want to give you everything and
much more

our pasts were such a bore

let's become one...

let's have some some fun
Today is a good day.

Youtube: Ludovico Einaudi - Nuvole Bianche (Official Music Video)
 Feb 25 Bailey
Stupid boy
 Feb 25 Bailey
I thought you would be the one to save my soul
This game has gotten old
You can’t keep on playing with me
I’ve always been history
You broke all we built more like what I built
You already make me deal with all the guilt
I’ll never move on from your poisonous love
I wanna hurt you with a boxing glove
It’s 6 am I’m in my bed and awake
I’m just another thing you wanted to break
This is all because of cupid
I’m so stupid
I wanna be alone
And stop falling for stupid boys
They started young and died early.
 Feb 24 Bailey
if i accept myself it won't be dangerous
for others to like me
Today is a good day.
 Feb 24 Bailey
who are we? dead stars
victims of commercial wars
you'll find us in packed bars
lonely on a quest and drunk

it's the best place for us
cause we been fleeing the rat race
don't wanna be part of it
and yet we're all part of it

double standards lead our lifes
we're like you: lovers, husbands and wives
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