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Bisho Jul 2012
June 4, 2010 at 9:43 pm

Worn away,
I know there's nothing left to say,
I know I'm awake by night & day,
I know that somehow I did stray,
So worn away,
No more,
Can I seize the skies & earth like before,
No ways, No keys to unlock the door,
Does cry my nightingale ,does soar,
& lives no more,
The wine,
Is the drops of blood of the heart of mine,
Is the screaming words written on this line,
Is a monaliza's face with it's million sign,
That's my wine,
The moan,
Is the resonating chill in every bone,
Is the lingering lament of a heart of stone,
Is the permanent whispers whose source is unknown,
My moan........**

Bisho Jul 2012
March 10, 2010 at 11:26 pm

I'm lost in translation,
For a language....does my life be,
In each & every situation,
There's much that I can't see,
The times of meditation,
The times I know what's me,
In dots lies my consolation,
In the question marks it does flee,
Every second of desperation,
Is like drowning in a sea,
In me, I feel I am a nation,
Endless thoughts from which I can't break free,

What a total illusion !!
The future seems a million mile,
& the great confusion,
The past seems a one-second while,
A dream I cherish ,the love suffusion,
That dream oppose the world & rile,
The only left mere solution,
To choose to enter the death isle,
Or here's what is a dead conclusion,
To let the world erase my smile,
But I'll always allow the fusion,
Of love & passion in my lifestyle,

I can see souls of passion & pain,
Some lovely written letters in gold,
Matters not fleshes or colours or a strain,
I see the young just like the old,
In capital or small alike on the lane,
Some are warm & others are cold,
Some sell them letters for nothing to gain,
But to the life in hell they're sold,
Some bleed pain like drops of rain,
U cannot count, u cannot hold,
But the wise ,a word, they attain,
From humble letters forming the untold,

I see some letters roving alone,
Espying the grief of the lovelorn,
Each letter lost the life they've known,
In all their doubts & their mourn,
Every heavy heart became a stone,
& them letters became forlorn,
How would it be some reason shown,
In their lives & hearts that are torn??
Think of this present not the unknown,
For the grieving we're never born,
For every night must have a dawn,
But them reason does be the scorn,

I'm Peter not Judas, I stand when I fall,
From strikes of time I learn to rise,
I'm Solomon who built every holly wall,
I can see the truth through a million lies,
I'm David who loved God above the all,
For God's the world in such poet's eyes,
I'm the lost son who lost control,
Who'd from his father the forgiving prize,
I'm the mislaid sheep, once a devil's doll,
But now my morbid sin I realize,
I am God's son the only one I call,
The one who embrace me in his skies,

Oh, poor alone I stand,
I linger in some reality's dream,
So distant & lost in a faraway land,
This ardent fire of passion does seem,
Like some springs of life flowing to my hand,
Out of my soul a running stream,
Upon pillars of salt & pillars of sand,
Stood their castles of no sun can glow or gleam,
Altogether my thoughts do band,
To form a code the all esteem,
Though I am the one whom the life strand,
But also I'm whom God did redeem...**

Bisho Jul 2012
September 11, 2010 at 11:52 pm

Dedicated to everyone who lost someone dear....

These memories linger on,
freezing every bone,
& poise through all my soul,
I tried so long to moan,
& I still feel alone,
This sigh of grief can't hide the truth that you're already gone,
I ache to hold them near,
I wish to live them clear,
& be with you through joy & pain & through times of fear,
So I follow your trace,
These glimpses of your face,
had touched the air, they did suffuse the scent of grace,

They ache me once again,
They tear me once again,
They break me once again,
They take me once again...

I know I can't break free,
These memories that I see,
That pain that scratched the heart of you,
Burned the soul of me...
I know I'll hold you soon,
I feel like I do swoon,
between the dreams & life we'll meet at night when shines....the moon,
Every word you'll say,
Won't wipe my pain away,
As I know
I believe
That I did lose it all.........

They ache me once again,
They tear me once again,
They break me once again,
Those memories of my pain....!!!

Bisho Dec 2012
I was deeply mesmerized, through her dull look I was incised;
Her eyes looked far beyond my world & all the memories I bore,
Her tears were suppressed in her captivating me with a stare,
Her lips would say the words on mine with each word I’m looking for,
Her breath would flow into my heart with each beat I’m dying for,
Still I sought her to the door.

Forever I chose to roam, everywhere with her is home;
She just lingered in my heart but I left my peace outdoor,
Winter was a time of sorrow, but we dreamt of new tomorrow,
But tomorrows came with terror, terror that did taste so sore,
But tomorrows were much painful than the days I lived before,
& she lingered than before.

My heart strings I tried to weave, with some threads of endless grief;
Searching for some face some trace, of her upon my memories floor,
Deep in me I tried to call, I found nothing can console,
Glimpsing her straying in some castle lain deep within my core,
She allured me to beguile me somewhere lost into my core,
Lost within forevermore…

In me a thousand demons weep, aching me in wake & sleep,
Scathed & scorched, seeking your smile that lulled their wicked hearts before,
Thousand raging mutineer, down the silver chandelier;
Those whom you once did inflict, & left their life in twitching war,
Those you provoked yesterday, & incensed their nocturnal war,
They are whom I’m dying for…

As I stood glimpsing you fleet, shadows smothered down my feet,
Fragile were my crisp heart beats, those beats that were solid in core,
Though I am the one you crave, you raised in my heart my grave,
Yearning was harrowing, severing, one can’t endure nor ignore,
My desire have seared my hearts with fires I cannot ignore,
& my fires taste so sore…

I’m condemned to watch you flee; it plucks feelings out of me;
While these voices stuttering muttering; voices I’ve not heard before,
Voices resonates in my veins, filled my heart with myriad stains,
Stains of noises of the voices of my bones & flesh & gore,
Stains of lovelorn lays & cold old days & my spilled livid gore,
Stains upon your castle door…

You were poising through each room, in fragrant feverous perfume,
Burning all my flames vehemently, surging all my beasts to roar,
Flaunting fluttering in each chamber, on the eve of deep December,
Tainting this untarnished heart that just sought you & nothing more,
Confounding that steadfast faith that believed you & nothing more,
Now faith won’t taste like before…

As I give up empty tries, your eyes kissed my bleak goodbyes,
Then you lurk behind the dungeons of my dreary darkling core,
Wicked me O wicked day, when I pursued you to stray,
But in straying I keep praying if you strayed it won’t feel sore;
I’ve strayed in much lonely nights, & lonely nights did taste so sore
Without you into my core…

As you stroll in me & breathe me, look beyond me gaze beneath me,
Look beyond your horrid world, the morbid heart apart you tore,
Now is fainting swooning searing, & your absence keeps on tearing,
Every shard of hope that lingered deep inside you fill with pore,
You severed my happy thoughts & happy thoughts are not galore,
Wish you were some place for more…

I’ve renounced every Love, & still you rove & still you rove,
Still the phoenix flame is aching, healing, waking me once more,
Thousand times your name I call, now there is no place to scrawl
Your name on the walls of my heart, upon which phoenix may soar,
set your luring eyes to my heart, upon which phoenix may soar,
Haul my heart unto the shore…

Shattered chastened, I am sitting, watching my cells as they’re splitting,
All my soul is torn asunder, falling under, horrid curses that I bore,
My fate is to stay awaking, tasting nightmares as I’m aching,
Scathed & bruised, the hells I cruised without you seems not like before,
Scathing breathing, grueling seething, senses I’ve not felt before,
Without you inside my core…

Stricken thrashed & Flayed & shattered, each shard in my heart is scattered,
Quavered fluttered, badly battered, almost dead at your front door,
My flesh is cleaved off my bones, drained in deep hazy unknowns,
Disassembled was my conscious, rapt & smitten was my core,
Insecure, no cure can take it what erodes me deep in core,
For you’re not here like before...

If you only chose to waive, come along & dig my grave,
Lest you watch each wave subduing me away far off your shore,
Swooning fading every night; choking, burying alive my light,
Out of anguish that you’re absence scourged & languished, twinged & tore,
Now it flays me mauls me impairs me feeding on my screams once more,
Those that rise far off my core…

My blood flows with fire surging, steadily emerging, steadily emerging,
They keep suffusing submerging in my heart as you ignore,
All your torment seems in vain, my soul’s liquored by my pain,
All my tears are blood that’s falling all like rains in days of yore,
Now I’m stewed by your long absence that I forgot days of yore,
When we used to sway & soar…

Nothing can ever awake me; you seize me as you forsake me,
You absorb me as you ache me; you possess me from the core,
Illude..Spirits..Opaque...Livid.. Once before words seemed so vivid;
Once before our Love was prancing, prancing as we used to soar,
Once before our hearts were fighting, side by side on Love’s vast war,
When you thrived deep in my core…

Now you’re presence irritates me,
It cleaves warmth off my embrace,
now your absence ghost still hates me,
You have left me abstract space,
Wicked, fallen, out of grace;
& I can’t hold on anymore…
Bisho Jul 2012
November 5, 2010 at 2:59 am

{Inspired by Dr. Boshra 3agban, Nizzar Qabani}

You're a woman;
created from the Greek myths,
wrapped in the veil of my fantasies,
Reborn from all the phoenix ashes,
You're the history of my life, miss;
it bounds u years no seas,
you grant the moon those glaring flashes,
So I never sleep at nights to see thy gypsy eyes,

It's enough to write your name,
Just to be the perfect poet,
It's enough to be loved by thee,
It is so enough for me,
& I'll be mentioned in the history;
As the man & the angel that met,
At the horizon's end,
On the edge of the dreams,

You're a woman;
Carved by an angel's hands,
& made from the diamonds of verse,
Veiled in the golden cloak of my dreams,
A deity from some mystic lands,
Glowing through my murky universe,
Born from heaven's springs & streams,
Your tidal dormant waves through me they arise,

You're a woman;
Greater than Aphrodite & Athena,
You're the endless music of the lyre of pan,
You're the gauzy clouds that may make spring a winter eve,
Picturing you the ****** of me,
Thy swift stalk...gazing at you; forever I span,
arrayed in thy mantle of every hyacinth's leaf,
That sings the odes of love in me heart they incise,

You're a woman;
Caring not for time or years,
Neither aging nor death can touch thee,
You're the eternal rose of all the nerieds,
Knowing not no pains or fears,
Thy treads' rhythm lurks through me,
Your love's a religion, belief & a creed,
& my prayers from now forth art thy drowsy sighs,

It's enough to write your name,
Just to be the perfect poet,
It's enough to be loved by thee,
It is so enough for me,
& I'll be mentioned in the history;
As the man & the angel that met,
At the horizon's end,
On the edge of the dreams,

You're a woman;
Drest in the Elysium stars,
With pinions of an angel of life,
Fretting on waters of rivers of Eden,
Healing my feeble searing scars,
Heaping my ardent fires that thrive,
With dewy kisses That're unforgotten,
I've never lived I realize,

You're a woman;
Of wavy hair & wavy weather,
Of blushy cheeks, like of the primrose,
Nestling these lips gushing with love,
I pledge my heart & soul for a feather,
Of thy wing that flips & shows,
Sublimity with that dimpled smile of a dove,
That holds all the answers & whys...

It's enough to write your name,
Just to be the perfect poet,
It's enough to be loved by thee,
It is so enough for me,
& I'll be mentioned in the history;
As the man & the angel that met,
At the horizon's end,
On the edge of the dreams....

— The End —