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Feb 14 · 50
Morning Haiku 7
bilbo Feb 14
Saint Valentine's Day
wait one day in Italy
Single's Day will be
Feb 6 · 58
Morning Haiku 6
bilbo Feb 6
the inundation
of  light entered the rooms
new projects were born
Feb 4 · 266
Morning Haiku 5
bilbo Feb 4
waking up early
I want to sleep some time more
to dream you again
Feb 3 · 240
Morning Haiku 4
bilbo Feb 3
fog enveloping
the enlargement of our souls
imprisoning them
Feb 3 · 478
Morning Haiku 3
bilbo Feb 3
ice as white laces
which are shining at the sun
are cradling the heart
Feb 2 · 282
Morning Haiku 2
bilbo Feb 2
voices at  morning
voices and good intentions
for a new starting
Feb 1 · 1.1k
Morning Haiku
bilbo Feb 1
wake up and think
everyday is a gift
I'm not alone
bilbo Jan 30
Wandering in the woods
I met you in the hoods

I feel the leaves falling
You see the leaves dancing

I’m annoyed by a rotten shiver
You’re enjoying sparkles in the river

“Please, the woods some more let’s comb”
“My baby is waiting at home”

— The End —