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Haley 1d
I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I go outside,
The bugs flying around me feel like they’re tearing me from the outside in,
Leaving nothing more than my indestructible bones.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because whenever I talk to somebody,
I am reminded of all of the words once spoken to me,
It’s deteriorated my head, allowing for me to just sit there in silence.

I am an introvert.
I am an introvert because for my whole life I was walked upon.
The bruises are still there from where they left their footprints,
Damaging my skin time and time again.

I am an introvert, but I wish I wasn’t.
Maybe then I could prove my talents,
My worthiness.
******* it, I just want to be able to talk to people.
Haley May 22
I want to be seen as many things.
One of those things is with you.
Haley May 22
the world became a ****-show,
I was into the sciences.
Staying at home,
Has made me appreciate literature,
In a way I haven’t before.
Haley May 22
What empowers me most,
Is that here,
I am seen for who I want to be seen as,
Not someone I accidentally portrayed when I was younger.
Haley May 22
There was a way
To condense my words.
Maybe then
Somebody would
Haley May 22
Embody fictional characters exquisitely with my poetry,
But I was just reliving my past.
I told them thank you and to have a good day,
But I was just looking back at myself.

You see;
There's this girl.
She wants nothing more than to be a superstar,
She wants to experience the thrill,
And experience of the high life.

But you see,
She meets another girl,
She slowly starts to fall in love.

All she wants is to help her.
She is willing to do anything for her,
Even give up her dreams of living in bliss.

So she gives up her dreams of being a superstar,
And to replace it she chooses psychology.
Everything comes easy to her,
She thinks she found herself.
As she studied, she helped countless people,
And she got burnt out, and gave up her dreams yet again.

Then, there comes another girl.
This time she reminds the psychologist of the delicate words on the page,
And she starts writing poetry.
She indulges herself within her love, because it will never die out.
Until it does.

The girl that just wanted to become a superstar,
The girl that wanted to and still wants to help people,
The girl that wants to be called a poet,
Is numb.
She relies on her past mistakes and experiences,
Because it's the only emotion she knows.
Haley May 20
I’m like a pillow,
Soft and squishy.
I just need my blanket,
Before I get too cold.
Reading and this popped into my mind
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