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Sparrow Mar 3
Those who tried to claim me
Were unable to tame me
They stopped to blame me
Then started to maim me
Ever caught the wind, have you?

I care not for our defaults
I care not for societal norms
I wouldn't dabble in white lies
But take the bull by its horns
Did I break your rules, too?

A free soul cannot be caged so easily
They say I'm alone, but
I know there are more of me
Our love of freedom unites us
Soul siblings from green Mother Earth
They are too set in their own ways
To observe the world as I do
They desire a mirror, and me a window
Non conforming rebels unite!
Apologies for the rhyming pattern, it became a free for all :(
Sparrow Mar 8
I know today the world celebrates you
But in my heart, your festival plays all season
To craft songs in your praise is honour
And this wordsmith is honorable aplenty

I know I'll never know the pain
The way societies have pushed you when
You blinded them with your radiance
Now enlightened they can only apologise

Justice is the cry!
Tell me it is not my lone heart
I do not strive to appease,
it is just what every woman deserves
Even if I lend my hand to
just the ones close to my heart
They say intelligence comes from one's experience,
and wisdom from those of others'
Wise I have become,
so I pledge to be better than my fathers
Happy women's day, world.
As we celebrate the day, let us pledge to make a woman's life easier at work, school or at home.
And lend them our courage and support whenever we see institutionalised gender injustice.
Those little drops of individual effort can create oceans collectively even if governments are unable to.
Sparrow Feb 23
You were never
Mine to lose
But I lost you
All the same

Would I craft
A thousand lines
Were it not
In your name?

Time will heal -
So you say
Distance will
**** these feelings

Should I try
And resent you?
I just cannot
Find a reason

Now my weeks
Are bleak
from the drink
And the damnation

I stumble on
A path of

A poet's love
Will not be
So easily

Not until
I'm playing
In my own
Greek Tragedy
Sparrow Apr 1
Adults fight all the time,
like children -
So I should take the charge and grow up already!
How might I do that exactly?
Should I start by sipping a cup o' tea?
Or take a swig from the bottle of whisky?
Grow some hair on my face maybe?

But I still fancy chocolate milk
on the side of animal-shaped biscuits
while I plug my earphones in
to cut out the domestic horror story
Don't fight in the presence of children.
They will learn what they see.
Or worse, turn out like me.
Sparrow Feb 8
Put me to sleep
I'm so tired of the day
And so scared of the night
Your thoughts have made my mind
Their playground

Put me to sleep
For when my eyes open
There's you, or the want of you
And the certain reality that our
Roads have un-wound

Put me to sleep
Because I have to see you tomorrow
And pretend to be someone else
And all I wish to say to you
Must be spoken sans sound

Put me to sleep
I hate this reality
I hate this passing time
I hate the thought of the moment that
Will come with despair profound

Put me to sleep
Maybe I'll find you in dreams
Stitched from happy memories
Or scribbled pages, or olden journals
Where my delusions abound
Sparrow Mar 5
Look, there's a trail of fire
across my gray wall
The scent of honey
within concrete and dust

The minutest of creatures
march on with impeccable conduct
Sparrow Jul 21
Leaves shed
as she leaves behind
Those worn old faces and troubled minds
to a distant land
Her brave heart is fuelled by freedom

I walk alone
over graves gold and red
Rustle and crunch! complain the dead
With a grimace,
I bid welcome to my favourite season

The northwest breeze
shares a smoke with me
As I solicit the shade of a leafless tree
The dust gathers
around my feet, around my life uneven

A golden sky
when the red sun sets
A cloud floats by that resembles her face
with the colours
that make Autumn, to me, so appealing
Fall is the season to fall out of love. C'mon little sparrow. Fly.
Sparrow Jun 4
There it lay forgotten,
in the shelf gathering dust -
A chapter that had once been opened,
and halfway through shut.

Maybe some day,
in the future near or far
Another may wipe the cover
and with love pick it up

They might turn the pages,
might even read to the end
So don't expect your bookmark
to stay on the same page.
Just another idea of masking thoughts behind realities.
Sparrow Mar 11
When you tinker with broken glass
You must not complain for getting hurt
For so mercilessly,
so delicately it cuts
Why should I ever apologize for being broken,
when those who broke me never once did?
Sparrow Mar 29
How the night turns cold
as I sit under the stars
The grass grows moist
around the plastic mat
Droplets of dew appear
on the walls of the tent
As I tune in to the nocturnal
song of the crickets

The fire dies, the fire dies outside.

Sparrow Feb 27
At first
Change is strange
But then
Change is good

More often than not,
Some people should
Do you feel the change coming on?
Sparrow May 8
My soul hunts cheap justice
Over the plains of carpeted floors
Beyond the savannah of desk chairs
Away from the huts of curious minds
and the shine of polished nameplates

My eyes seek cheap justice
Looking to the sea of masked faces
A mountain of guilt stands in between
An avalanche of shame crashes down
Forcing me back to my silent retreat

My heart finds cheap justice
in a kind word, or maybe four?
Or in an arm around the shoulder -
Maybe a smile as wide as the Amazon.
Priceless for me, an expense of your gesture.
Funny how one small gesture from one person can lift you up amidst all the other horrible things and people around.
Sparrow Mar 2
I would
Gladly open
The windows
Of my heart
But I'm afraid
The weather
Is too cloudy
For your liking
Sparrow Mar 22
Colour me in your mind
Am I vermillion red
or prussian blue?
Maybe a mix of the two?
Or just a hue
Of simple forest green
No wait, aquamarine
like an underwater scene
Deep and darkness within
Yet maybe you enjoy shades
that are bright
and they look so
under the sunlight
But true colours show
only under the grayest skies
to the most observant eyes
You only get to know a person truly when they are at their darkest moments.
Oh, happy Holi from a Norman Gortsby ;)
Sparrow Mar 10
I see letters float before my eyes, form words when I struggle to get them out
Little and a lot, millions of worlds form in my mind
Worlds with knights and dragons, ones with spaceships and lightsabers
And those where a hand reaches out to meet mine

I dare not shut my eyes, even as torpor sets in to counsel
A mosaic of bittersweet memories decorate my delirious porch
Heat courses through my blood, away from my heart
The sweat on my forehead feels like a familiar touch

My fantasies are real as long as I endure this stupor
Imagined reality is what I should live for
Love for
Because there, we're together.
Until I've had a vacation, she's gonna be coming back in my writings. Can't help it.
Sparrow Jun 6
I would like to fly
to the far ends of the Earth
in your trail-

(But these wings were clipped so freshly
torn so frightfully, ripped so ferally
Alas! How cruel is destiny..)

-yet with
ichor and remembrance,
I shall have to be content
Now a little deception of my own.
Sparrow Mar 12
Why must you always reconcile?
Do you not have a sense of self-respect?

You see, wise one,
I used to believe that
I'm not the only one who cared.
I know the heart is but a poetic device. These conversations all happen in my head. But a well rounded conversation is more fun than a superb speech.
All in my opinion.
Sparrow Mar 19
What genre of music do you like?

What to declare
My love for soulful old melodies
Or pragmatic modern beats?
For there is no room for error here

I am but a simpleton
As far as I am concerned
There exists just two genres -
The one I love and the one I don't.
When you are asked as a socially awkward person about your musical taste, a war in your mind to make a good impression, to avoid being charged with oddity in your taste but then, you like what you like, you hate what you hate.

PS. Sorry for the looooooooooooong title, but the heart gets the better of the mind this time :)
Sparrow Mar 29
Wise one! Hearken to me,
for I need enlightening
-there stands a tree
in a part of me
once where flowers of love blossomed
and sparrows used to sing
to the mornings of eternal spring
Now the flowers have wilted
the birds have flown from their nests
yet the branches continue to grow
and the roots still run deep
I have not the courage
to task myself with its rearing
My memories of springtime
are still fresh, still endearing

I'm afraid there is
but one cure for this disease
Along with the soil
that so graciously hosts it,
You must uproot this tree
and spend the rest of your life
as an amputee
The heart is too kind to fell a tree.
So the mind added an axe to the shopping list.
Sparrow May 29
I have a book of songs,
a collection of antique emotions,
carefully crafted for someone
Like how seedlings germinate
inside the womb of the good green Earth
feeling the warmth of a watchful Sun

Yet I pick up another,
a chronicle sans embellishments,
A tale every bit pure, every bit unspun
A familiar fear grips me -
clouds me, maims me, ****** me
as I open it with glum expectations

But I feel myself break,
to know of my absence from this tome,
with each page I anxiously turn
Did I not deserve
a chapter, a line, atleast a word?
Maybe I will find a footnote - none!

Oh my dear heart,
Do not expect in return something better
because you've surrendered to her memories
Equivalence is just, but justice is not a quality

How do you plan to **** the one
whom you've already granted immortality?
At the price of a pun, get a paradox free.
Sparrow Jul 28
Look at her
and tell me-
is there anything more beautiful?

Maybe a smile
that would have drowned in a sea of tears
but to the surface, managed to paddle through-
A smile without compromise,
that reveals for a moment, all of you
Take some time out to love yourself.
You cannot convince anyone else to do the same if you're not doing it yourself.
Sparrow Jun 1
I'm stealing glances,
trying to hide behind
useless conversation

I'm taking my chances,
trying to conceal all my

Am I hurting or am I healing?
I'm not yet sure of what I'm feeling
I just sense your magic run through me
Like a thousand volts of ecstasy

I'm counting the seconds,
trying to delay the
pull-down of the curtains

I look to the heavens,
trying to beseech
the God that never listened

Am I hurting or am I healing?
I'm not yet sure of what I'm feeling
I just sense your abandon stagger me
Like a thousand volts of misery

Oh, you.
when I think of you,
it's as if sparks start flying above my head
when I look at you,
drums of arrhythmia keep beating in my chest

Am I hurting or am I healing?
I'm not yet sure of what I'm feeling..
Am I hurting or am I healing?
I'm not yet sure of what I'm feeling..
A thousand volts of lyric poetry.
Sparrow Mar 30
A fork
we came across
and you said
this is where
our journey ends
for we must walk our separate ways

Why assume
that I would not
have shattered the Earth
to carve our own road?
Why so callous
in the manner you let me go?

My heart was your dominion,
oh Empress
And I put all my faith in you,
oh Faithless
bad memories ----- but atleast I'm thankful I can write because of them.
Sparrow May 27
I do not have hearty anecdotes to share,
for I was never more than garnish on the plate
But do not think that silence is indifference,
It is necessary to keep my anguish contained

Come tomorrow, we will get to see
A new dawn for you, and a new one for me
For better or for worse I know not - I will be
without your jests and laughter for company

I know,
There will be a little less sunshine
O friend, philosopher, and guide
So I'll try my best to force a smile
But this is where we say goodbye.

piano solo.
Cry rivers for an inkling. Is that a fair trade.
I am only as sad as how your God made.
Sparrow Mar 1
I shiver
I writhe
The temperature
to rise
Pain pushes
tears out
of my eyes
Fever came
to visit me
last night
And She
didn't leave
this time
And I never stopped to wonder why.

Body broken
Paralysed is
the mind
Ears tired
of the
preacher's advice
Eyes crave
a shield from
the sunshine
A hand to
caress beneath
the hairline
A pledge
of healing
from inside
Oh, you fool. You are so naive.

Vanquished by
the collective
apathy of reality
I swallow these
chemicals with servility
I shelter them
In the bloodstream
Treat the symptoms
Not the disease
I know
She will return again
someday with a surprise
And even though I am
I will just take a pill
and tell Her I am fine.
Brrr, the chills of fever always inspire.
Sparrow Mar 31
As children,
playing outside
to our hearts' content
was only when
we came home filthy

As society,
then why must we
clean up our act
and turn a blind eye
to censorship?

Remembering George Carlin and his comedy.

"Better a witty fool than a foolish wit."
-Feste, Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare
Sparrow Mar 14
You were fire
I was ice
You thought
you'd melt me down
Melt I did
Turned to water
and put you out
Till there was nothing left
of both of us but
Smoke and ashes
Fire and Ice
are never nice
(to each other)
Sparrow Apr 6
I walk home under a red sky
back to my dingy apartment
I strip off the garb of the trade
and fall on the inviting single bed
Walls close in, but I'm thankful
for the large window beside my head
To watch the trees
To watch the birds return to their nests

Old coats seem like hanged convicts
From the jagged cupboard hooks
The only thing that is new
is the mountain of books
On my bedside, yet to read
I shall pick one up on the morrow
To feel coin well spent
To feel the surprise - will it be thrill, joy, or sorrow?

I place my blue hardback journal
on a makeshift table of cardboard box
I ensure the fluorescent sleeps
so I do not suffer unexpected knocks
Under a tungsten fire, with royal blue dye
I strike the pages with a fountain pen
To mark the week as done
To breathe back life into the poet again
I am thankful for all of you on hellopoetry for your inspiration, encouragement, critique -

I love to write, and I am bettered by your communion
So here I am, sharing with you, my Friday night ritual
Sparrow Mar 3
Time is stagnant
I have tried
pushing all the buttons

It hasn't changed
for all my efforts -
this period tiresome

Gray skies
Not a drop of rain
Not a hint of the sun

This life is
too overwhelming
I'm ready for the next one
Exploring the psyche of a mind diseased by depression.
The individual thinks he/she is inside a video game that isn't playing out to their liking and he/she wants it to end and retry with a spare "life"
Sparrow Mar 6
Your God, my wishes, never came true
Would He mind, if instead, I prayed to you?

The heart failed to reason, so the mind has to.
Putting someone on a pedestal. Bad idea.
Sparrow Mar 26
Love is a phenomenon
Not dissimilar to gravity
Like an ignoramus
The stoic heart denies it

Until it falls.
My dear friends,
should you fall,
I hope the surface is soft.
Sparrow Mar 7
Furnished rooms, refined cooling
An angry Sun, a helpless ozone layer
Lavish resorts, palatial homes
The Ents are silent in their prayers
Roaring turbines, whirring motors
****** waters, crying to be set free
Clicks and clacks, a touch and a swipe
Birds fall to the alien magnetic field
Travel the world, not fast enough
Dig and mine, crashing harbour wave
Fossils spent, air wears the smoke
Dinner is served on the tectonic plates

Every day the water becomes a little fuller to the brim
Every day the air becomes a little less thin
Every day the world becomes a little too big
Every day the land becomes a little less green
My second favourite colour next to blue.
But you've guessed what this is about haven't you?
Sparrow Mar 7
I say,
if you have hate in your gut
Set it free
Make me the outlet
for I have the depths
of the sea
And the little drops
of venom
won't matter to me
A drop more, a drop less - all the same in the sea.
So unleash your negativity on me.
Sparrow Mar 3
I'm not heartless
Just choose when to
use my heart less
Sparrow Feb 8
Her hair is fire
Her face the summer sun

Warmth to the world
But scalding to one

Her eyes are ebony
With a seldom shine

That awaken tremors in
Fragile heart of mine

On the bridge between
Fantasy and reality

My thoughts shape
Hope and sanctuary

I gaze down at
The chasm underneath

Hoping to escape
Wishful thinking

On one end
A faint shadow stands

On the other
An absurd fairyland

Edicts of silence
Echo through my spine

What am I waiting for?
Maybe her voice divine..
Sparrow Mar 13
What is home?
Welcome steps?
Mother's love?
Father's hate?

What is home?
Is it even a place?
Is it like Heaven?
Or is it another Hell?

What is home?
Is it a someone
who believes in you
when others say you're done?

What is home?
Is it a thought
that shelters your memories
when you're distraught?

What is home?
Is it the place
I'm searching for
or the one that I left?
Flying home tonight. You'd think I would expect rest and respite - far from it. We all search for the abstract 'home' all our lives. But what does that word really mean?
Sparrow Feb 17
I wonder
If I ever come as
An unannounced guest
In your mind
Because you stay in mine
Always welcome
All the time

I wonder
If you're unimpressed
By the cover; I urge you
To take a peek within
You'll never know the narrative
If you've made your mind
Before you begin

I wonder
What felt sadder
To have your heart broken
Or shattering mine?
I thought I was the victim
But maybe falling in love
Is the crime

I wonder
If both of us are broken
Why not trade each other
Pieces of our souls
See if we can find
Edges that fit and
Close these gaping holes

I wonder
If we had more time
Would it be any different
Than how it is today?
Would you find me worthy?
Or would you still
Push me away?
It is always hard to be on the open end of a love-food-chain. All you can do is wonder aimlessly.
Sparrow Apr 16
It is a respite
to forget for a while
that the number of candles grow
and birthday cakes shrink in size
gradually, each time

Curse this dream!
The doors kept on shaking
And all my strength was not enough
against His brute ferocity
But alas! Not enough to wake me

Must I live in bed
these moments of her death?
When indeed He comes for her,
I wish I can broker a trade -
to take me instead

If only I could stop Time.
Subconscious delivers a reality check. Happy birthday, Ma.
Sparrow Feb 22
Do not tell me
It is not love
That fills me with joy -
The sight of
Your lips
Pulling at the corners
When you break into
A smile
Even if
I am burnt out
From inside

Do not tell me
It is not love
That raises my heartbeat -
The tension
In my nerves
When your
Eyes shine
Moist and sad
Too short to notice
Yet still I do
The narrowest span

Do not tell me
It is not love
That soothes my mind -
The sound
Of your voice
A symphony
Of fresh notes,
gentle chimes
The wind bears
Them once
I perceive them thrice

A fool undoubtedly, but one out of his time
Ancient are my thoughts, yet present is my crime
If this isn't love, I don't know what is
If this isn't love, then educate me
A poem is nothing as extraordinary as the subject that inspires it. Today I'll immortalize her in these words.
Tomorrow I'll look back here when she's gone.
Sparrow Feb 27
Now that
I have
learnt my place
It is time
To teach
Them theirs
I finally feel what I've been trying to feel.
This makes things easier.
This moment. Is the point of inflection.
Sparrow May 30
Time is money
And all my money is spent
On the letters I typed in
and pressed delete instead of send

Wasted my recesses
on machine made black coffee,
That was as devoid of sweetness
as the empty chair opposite me

All those hours
of thinking may have been in vain
For now I crave just a minute
to gaze upon your face again
There has been no greater need of a time machine than for a poet feeling regret.
Sparrow Mar 2
They left to
defend your honor
They left to
defend your shrine
The false promise
of your heaven
In their juvenile minds
Armed with evil
heavier than
their own weight
Tell me why the snow is red
Tell me why my brothers are dead

They left to
defend our mothers
They left to
defend our wives
The passion burns
in their blood
To protect the last child
Shouldered with
the burden that
the uniform dictates
Tell me why the snow is red
Tell me why my brothers are dead

There is a strange
turbulence in the air
The wind reeks
of wanton violence
I feel the same rage,
I feel the same pain
I yearn for peace
and risk your hate
With your answer
my mind might change
Tell me why the snow is red
Tell me why my brothers are dead
This is not a political position. This is a humanistic position. I have tried my best not to be misunderstood. So please try your best not to misunderstand me.
Sparrow Mar 28
Dear Granny,

I saw someone
a week ago,
In the streets
on my way back home..

Her wrinkled skin burnt by the Sun
Her attire frayed and patched with dust
An empty oil can of crumpled tin
A humble sum peeks shyly from within
Her hand stretched, a cup formed from her palms
It shakes too furiously to beg for alms
She speaks a language alien to me
Yet her eyes tell me a universal story
A tale of a debt that was never paid
Kindness was dealt a hand of apathy instead
And the care with which a seedling grows
Was not returned as winter crept close
Because fall came and went, and the old leaves are spent
Shed across the city streets, with none to speak for the dead

Like the world around me I know not
why I should care
Her face is that of a stranger to me
Yet I keep waking up
on account of these dreams
A similar picture, a similar scene
And at the heart of it
The face is yours,

Do not neglect the old. As you wouldn't be neglected as the young.
The golden rule.
Sparrow Mar 28
What you've heard
is not fact
but an opinion
What you've seen
is not the truth
but a perception
Welcome to the generation of fake news
Sparrow Apr 1
I'm a ship without a captain
I sail wherever the wind takes me
I have seen troubled waters, but
I always feel powerless to turn

I'm a navigator without a compass
I don't know where my heading is
I cannot find the North Star, but
I don't need to in these doldrums

I'd rather remain here
Hear my wish!
O shooting star -
Bless me with an eternal tonight
So I can forever gaze at the stellar sky
lalalalala I wanna sing this
Sparrow Mar 30
Mirrors reflect the truth
sans embellishment
Built with fragile glass
So easily shunned,
so easily shattered

A lone mirror
hung up on a wall
to serve the pleasures of the vain
But when two
face each other
and manage to hit the right angle
Limitless images are formed
Miracle and magic! alone no more
You need two people for a party.  Finding that second person is the challenge.

Inception for this was largely inspired by this:
Sparrow Mar 5
I admit
I made
a mistake
But the only one I owe
an apology to
is myself
So there's no reason
for you
to wait
If I said
I'm sorry
that's not how I felt
Sparrow Mar 11
We are all misunderstood
The only thing that changed
is that I care
no more to explain myself
I'd rather remain misjudged
And far, far away.
Yesterday I would have consciously raised my voice as a result of unconsciously raising my temper - to prove to you that you're wrong in what you perceive.
Today, I just want to leave things as they are.
I just want to leave.
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