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Sparrow Jun 6
I would like to fly
to the far ends of the Earth
in your trail-

(But these wings were clipped so freshly
torn so frightfully, ripped so ferally
Alas! How cruel is destiny..)

-yet with
ichor and remembrance,
I shall have to be content
Now a little deception of my own.
Sparrow Jun 4
There it lay forgotten,
in the shelf gathering dust -
A chapter that had once been opened,
and halfway through shut.

Maybe some day,
in the future near or far
Another may wipe the cover
and with love pick it up

They might turn the pages,
might even read to the end
So don't expect your bookmark
to stay on the same page.
Just another idea of masking thoughts behind realities.
  Jun 2 Sparrow
I have a problem
  I don’t know how to fix it.

  Life is life but what about risks?

  I sometimes want to get hurt or die,
               Just to see if they will cry.

If people will care,
         or go on with their incomplete lives
               or if they will come clean away theirs lies.

          To say they’re sorry,
         to apologise,
            is something I don’t even think they would try.

             So what if I died?
        would you really care.

         The darkest secret
                hidden inside,
      may not be what I hide
            every night.

                     so remember this when you look to the sky,
              for I love you and I just wanted to say goodbye...
Sad unfixable
  Jun 2 Sparrow
Masha Yurkevich


is a language that the

blind can see

and the

deaf can hear.

A quote I heard from somewhere and absolutely loved.
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