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Nov 2018 · 149
Prod. Erik$
Sabrina Nov 2018
but love is passion
something you can't live without
I say,
fall head over heels
find someone you can love like crazy
and who will love you the same way back.
Nov 2018 · 141
drops of gold
Sabrina Nov 2018
cry, they told me
it is okay to cry
but I did not
listen to their lies

for I will not
waste my time
on those who
wasted mine

my heart is precious
and my tears are rare
only when it is true
are my tears to share
do not waste your drops of gold
Nov 2018 · 121
reminiscing again
Sabrina Nov 2018
I think of all the things
we could have done with our time
and all the days and months
when I was yours and you were mine.
Nov 2018 · 480
Sabrina Nov 2018
sometimes we must let go
of the things we love most
and only hope
that one day
they will find
their way
to us.
Jun 2018 · 173
Sabrina Jun 2018
La vida
es un acto
de viajar
de aquí
para allá.
May 2018 · 279
Game Change
Sabrina May 2018
You were once the missing piece to my puzzle
but now we are two pieces
to an entirely different game.
May 2018 · 219
Four Word Poems: a series
Sabrina May 2018
Still, I trusted him.
May 2018 · 155
Four Word Poems: a series
Sabrina May 2018
Rise from the ashes.
May 2018 · 181
Four Word Poems: a series
May 2018 · 150
Four Word Poems: a series
Sabrina May 2018
Keep your circle small.
May 2018 · 158
Four Word Poems: a series
May 2018 · 98
Four Word Poems: a series
Sabrina May 2018
Love isn't always enough.
May 2018 · 98
Four Word Poems: a series
May 2018 · 115
Four Word Poems: a series
May 2018 · 90
Four Word Poems: a series
May 2018 · 88
Four Word Poems: a series
Sabrina May 2018
Moral compass, error 404.
May 2018 · 86
Four Word Poems: a series
May 2018 · 109
Embracing Dark Realities
Sabrina May 2018
Night is such a dangerous time
Darkness is when the truth emerges
No longer distracted by the superficial joys
that grace us during the daylight hours
We are forced to face our demons and
delve into self reflection
Night is when I miss you most
Surrendering to the loneliness and
realization of my mistakes
Night is such a dangerous time.
Sabrina May 2018
Feelings don’t die easily
because we keep feeding them
with memories.
May 2018 · 107
Sabrina May 2018
I wonder how dangerously
my thoughts would roam
If I didn’t tie them down
to a piece of paper.
May 2018 · 120
Sabrina May 2018
Loneliness is a sign
you are in desperate
need of yourself.
May 2018 · 110
Sabrina May 2018
You were once the love
who energized me
but like a dying battery
you began to drain me
and I had to let go.
It sure as hell doesn’t feel so right anymore
May 2018 · 110
Sabrina May 2018
It is what I left behind
that breaks me
all the images of what
we could have built
had the love remained.
May 2018 · 91
Sabrina May 2018
Everything I touch
has a subtle taste of you
within it.
How I miss him so
May 2018 · 87
Sabrina May 2018
I need him
to see my worth
why is that
so hard?
May 2018 · 65
Get it and Go
Sabrina May 2018
“Yeah I’m very sorry,” he said
after he spread my legs and ****** me.
Jun 2017 · 339
Sabrina Jun 2017
Blue eyes, green shirt
he knows how to hit me
where it hurts
Flash a smile
and wink an eye
who knew
I'd be hypnotized
I'll go out on a limb
and talk to him
I'll let you know
if it works out
but until then,
let's go, I'm out.
p.s. it did not work out
Jun 2017 · 280
Sabrina Jun 2017
A blank page, a story untold
the salty air and sun kissed cheeks,
the murmuring sea whispers many tales
all are secrets for my heart to hold

If I stay, I wonder what  I would find
happy old couples in their beach houses
hidden trails deep in campgrounds
perhaps something new and one of a kind

A story ends and a new one starts
good food,  sun-soaked relaxation, and sand
memories relieved and new ones created
all just new chapters I hold in my heart.
Jun 2017 · 187
In Flames
Sabrina Jun 2017
I forget how it feels to lose control
between the burning house and the burning soul.
Jun 2017 · 328
Sabrina Jun 2017
Always the second choice,
never the first
maybe one day
the tables will be reversed.
Jun 2017 · 168
The Perpetual Race
Sabrina Jun 2017
There a warmth that radiates within
every time my eyes see him
his inviting eyes and beautiful smile
makes me think I'll stay a while
I'm so used to being on the run
from all those who think I'm the one
Trust me, I'm not; I'm just passing some time
You should see me as a mountain not worthy to climb
I'll get out, go, and find someone like me
this is my dream, my eternal plea
But what if I get there and I waited too long
and it turns out all this time I've been wrong
Just start where you are and use what you've got
maybe then you'll see some change in thought
You're not the prize won at the end
by some long term, faithful friend
You're just a girl who's always running away
afraid of what you might find if you decide to stay
Step back, observe, and look at what you've become
an illusion to most, and a hero to none.
Jun 2017 · 228
See you under the Sky
Sabrina Jun 2017
In the silence or the city streets
your presence always covers me.
Sabrina Apr 2017
Replaying the moment
in my head
it's keeping me up
all night in bed
your lips pressed
to mine
can we just
go back in time
I look at you
and everything slows
Hold me tight
and don't let go.
Apr 2017 · 579
Sabrina Apr 2017
We build them up
and tear them down
we are ruthless sharks
swimming around

Attacking in the halls of high school
preying on the young and weak
by neglect or by ignoring
all the kids too afraid to speak

We're in this together
why make it so hard
I guess not all of us
can go very far.
Apr 2017 · 240
Black Out
Sabrina Apr 2017
It's so nice to just go out and be a kid sometimes
No stress, no school, no family to worry about
Me, my friends, a car, and some loud music
that's what fun is
Black out lights and dark space
Spontaneous parking lot kisses with almost strangers
It's time to just LIVE for a night.
Apr 2017 · 214
Sabrina Apr 2017
The thoughts of your lips on
Stir some feelings deep in my head
I can't  wait, I'm losing my
I need to take you to

Come on baby, hurry let's
I need you to be here with
I'll get on top and I'll go real
And in that moment we can simply be.
Apr 2017 · 753
Fear the Water
Sabrina Apr 2017
Lost in confusion
waiting for the answers to come to my head
listening to my peers' discussions
oh, it is simple; easy they said

I think I'm drowning
trying to come up for air
this fear of the water
I can no longer bear.
Apr 2017 · 178
The Lingering
Sabrina Apr 2017
Walking towards the flame
to become forever changed
woven into this world
I can be free.
Mar 2017 · 704
Slice of Paradise
Sabrina Mar 2017
The whispering waves were half asleep
the birds had gone to play
and in the trees and in the deep
the smile of nature lay.
Mar 2017 · 257
Sabrina Mar 2017
Chirping birds and strawberry kisses
are just some of the things she misses
from those lovely summer days
filled with love, laughter, and play.
Mar 2017 · 204
Sabrina Mar 2017
Don't be ashamed
to put yourself first
Rule #3 in my list of
elements for a happy life
That's what you did
I guess I should do the same.
Mar 2017 · 412
Sabrina Mar 2017
Don't try to rain on my parade
because I keep an umbrella packed.
Mar 2017 · 145
Sabrina Mar 2017
Maybe this time
we can take it slow
learn to love
and just let go

Maybe this time
we will have a chance
grab some coffee
or have a dance

Maybe this time
we can do it right
make it work
and not lose sight

Maybe this time
you will learn to love me back.
Mar 2017 · 188
Just Breathe
Sabrina Mar 2017
It's scary to know
I've met you, the love of my life,
the best of the best
I had you and I lost you
and now you're out there
at arm's length for anyone
to grab and take away forever.
Were you really the
best of the best if
you hurt me so
Mar 2017 · 231
11:00 PM
Sabrina Mar 2017
There is an enviable
silence in sadness
don't you think?
Mar 2017 · 136
The Task
Sabrina Mar 2017
My heart feels constricted
and what I once found joy in
I find no longer
I need to spend some time apart
from people and start becoming
someone I can depend on.
Dec 2016 · 295
Sabrina Dec 2016
First loves are a fire that is hard to extinguish
Dec 2016 · 192
Tidal Waves
Sabrina Dec 2016
Love hits you hard and it hits you fast.

Love is a hurricane that leaves no survivors.
Oct 2016 · 212
Sabrina Oct 2016
Tired of being judged
for something out of
my control.
Oct 2016 · 285
Sabrina Oct 2016
Nothing hurts more
than building anticipation
and its destruction.
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