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Biankha Sarahi Nov 2018
Strong hands meant to love and hold
They hold too tightly
Press too heavily
And breathing falters
That's not what strong hands are for

Hands that hold me as I stumble
Reach out, pull me up when I am down
Strong hands that support me
Offer love
Offer comfort

Strong, artistic hands
Paint with harsh streaks of painful purples
Strong tones of brash blues
Fading yellows
Light, creamy greens
My body is your canvas
That's not what strong hands are for

Soft hands
Trace such sweet apologies
Melt away any doubt
Melt any insecurity
Melt away any fear

No. I love you
These hands will never paint again
Never use harsh colors again

Thank you for your promise
I know better.
Your canvas is waiting.

Until next time
Biankha Sarahi Apr 2018
sunlight peeks through the window
birds compose early morning songs
a gentle nudge to wake me
to greet me
good morning
the day has begun!

sticky moisture in the air
clinging to my arms
summer time kisses on my skin
small pecks to remind me
hello! it’s me! the season of warmth!

citrus smells fill the air
orange tress have b l o s s o m e d
a sweet treat for my nostrils
my taste buds thank me too

in the yards, children play
engineers in a water hose transformation
from plain yard, to a roaring waterpark
coming to a yard near you
laughter and joyful shrieks
provide proof
of this summer time fun.

summer time smiles
summer time indulgence

welcome summer, we’ve been waiting for you
Biankha Sarahi Apr 2018
too long I have suffered
struggled in vain
but how do i say
help me. save me. I’ve suffered too long.

the years keep abusing
a relentless attack
persistent and powerful
it hurts. I’m finished. you’ve won.

a struggle is hopeless
wasting away
diminishing strength
fading away
time crudely sweeping away
battered and bruised

but I must live on this way..
Biankha Sarahi May 2017
Like the first drop of rain upon the dryness of the earth
Plants in the desert eagerly soak it up, the sigh of relief almost audible
And the farmer that thanks the heavens for the blessing on his crops
That is how I need you

Like a dose of the most soothing cough syrup after a night spent fighting a relentless illness
The pain with each cough that reaches every aching part of the body
Each swallow of the throat begins to soothe upon receiving the magical medicinal concoction
That is how I need you

As a sip of water satisfies the runner that has justcompleted an agonizing 26 miles
Every step, every mile marker that exhausts their body more
Every deep inhale a gust of wind that produces dry exhales
The same way that first sip of water brings them comfort
That is how I need you

As your arms around me brings calm to the storms
As the taste of your lips provides a treat sweeter than a mouthwatering slice of red velvet cake
As only you know how carve a smile on the face that only knows one expression
A deepening glare that changes to smiles
That is how I need you
Biankha Sarahi Feb 2017
Longing for a kiss
On the lips that stir desire
Longing for the scent
Of the skin that sweetly taunts her

Yearning for the touch
A warmth that burns her deep
A sweet caressing brush
It traces round her peaks
As they heave about with passion

His breath upon her skin
Sighing sweet temptations
Lust and love in one

A rhythmic waltz of passion
One hip upon the other
Consummating love
Letting themselves go
lust *** love
Biankha Sarahi Feb 2017
Nights turn into nightmares

Days prove no Exception

I don't love you anymore

But your memory
Your touch,
it lingers on my skin
The whisper of your voice
I love you

It follows me,
It haunts me.

A tantalizing nostalgia

How come
No one ever told me

The living can haunt the living
Biankha Sarahi Feb 2017
I like to hold your hand
Creating sparks of electricity
That travel through my body
My toes, my head, my elbows
Sending jolts of gleeful reminders
“You love him; you think he’s pretty cool.”

I like to hold your hand
My heart puts on its tapping shoes
And performs an acrobatic masterpiece
It flips and shimmies, and shakes it all around
It skips and jumps and smiles as it goes

I like to hold your hand
It covers mine so well
Like the best friend that tells it
“Don’t worry I’m right here
I’ll keep you warm and safe.”

I like to hold your hand
I like to know it’s yours
I like to know it claims me
*“Hey, this one? Yeah, she’s mine.”
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