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Josh Wong
A collection of untold words and loud thoughts.
Dominique Espiritu
Manila    I aspire to write poems that long to dance off my paper.
a girl lost in a sea of wandering souls
Dorothy Arenas
MNL    The truth is... words terrify me.
Mishy Kim
Sofia Paderes
The Philippine Islands    Welcome to where I spill my heart.
Vas Bismark
Philippines    When the world falls silent and goes to slumber, everything is still, unmoving in silence. Emotions and thoughts are as clear as the surface of ...
Aya Domingo
The Pearl of the Orient    “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou
Marie Ellen Grace
The Philippines    because we we're first loved.
Marge Redelicia
Manila, Philippines    Makata|Artista|Aktibista|Malaya
Camille Paguirigan
Psalm 19:14

— The End —