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bhu Oct 2019
They say, everything happens for a reason
Believed you to be everything, until I became the reason
A reason, with dreams of autumn season.

Fall if you must, to rise from the dust
Scathed but Strong, like a burning tong
Humming to self your warm song.

There is sun somewhere, look around
The light never leaves, even as darkness surrounds
Finding light is tough, but creating one makes you Profound
My reason in ME, thus I found.
bhu Oct 2019
Talks were talks
Sometime, somewhere, not somebody

A minute after, fondness
Reflection of my naivety

To come were moments of easily dismissible presumptions
Devoid of intrinsic rationality

Then the gush of apprehension
Soaking me with doubts about my sanity

A minute before irrevocable acceptance
Good to finally meet you, reality

Talks are talks now
Sometime, somewhere with somebody

— The End —