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8.7k · Jun 2015
BF Jun 2015
Pity the fool who does
not believe words can
change lives
1.7k · Jan 2017
Anchoring a Vagabond
BF Jan 2017
I'd like to call this anchoring a vagabond,
those blue eyes guiding me home
Leaving isn't easy when you want to hold what you have
With you, I have found the music in silence
1.1k · Jun 2015
BF Jun 2015
Comparisons hurt
Especially when
you're lesser
BF Oct 2014
I melt under the pressure of having to keep my cool
But I don't really have any cool to keep
While you, "you always look so cool."
917 · Apr 2016
BF Apr 2016
Crawling upright
Days days
You think nothing
passing you
You're crawling upright,
forgetting the date
852 · Mar 2015
BF Mar 2015
I crave that which is bad for me
But you weren't bad, just bruised

               *I think I'd fall for anyone
               with a black and blue heart
828 · Feb 2016
BF Feb 2016
Sometimes I wish I
had never met you
Then again,
maybe that wish is being
made by someone who
wishes that all her wishes
didn't revolve around the very
one she can't wish away
797 · Oct 2015
An Evil Kermit the Frog
BF Oct 2015
Last night I dreamt of evil Muppets
618 · Oct 2014
I am no Wordsworth,
BF Oct 2014
but tonight I watched the sun set.
And like a giant orange stoplight,
it dipped down into the sky,
lingering on it's goodbye, bowing to the night.
Yet unlike a stoplight,
it didn't mean stop.
It didn't go mean go.
It just meant pause.

Pause and watch.
Pause and admire.
Pause and breathe.
Pause and feel.

I am no Wordsworth,
but I don't have to notice every daffodil or call to every owl
to feel the sublimity in the simple act of being alive.
616 · Oct 2015
Last Laugh Laughed
BF Oct 2015
I'm not in the mood to be funny
I could
But to make light of you
is to make light of how I feel & I
don't see the humor in that
I can't
find the humor in that
566 · Sep 2014
Exit 74
BF Sep 2014
Confident dreams of a love-lettered tomorrow
by one with an over eager heart.
"Get lost. Find everything."

The clutch of her heart mirrored the clutch of his stick
as the night was lost eighty miles too fast.
"Get lost. Find everything."

The smell of lavender, swollen lips, hands and limbs.
A comfortable, misleading sleep.
"Get lost. Find everything."

Who knew lavender could be so cruel?
Icarus burned by the sun, Zelda by Scott.

A thrill? Perhaps. As graceful as a goodbye can be.
Thank you for the experience.
**Lose him. Find yourself.
Inspired by the events of October/November 2013
BF Sep 2014
My hear(t),
lik(e) pots a(n)d pa(n)s on a suburban street at m(i)d(n)ight,
quiv(e)rs up into my collarbon(e).

(I)t is heavy with the wei(ght) of carrying you into the new year.

That ki(s)s, that kiss of d(e)ath, dies a slow and (ve)xed death.
E(n)ough to paralyze but not ****.

My (s)k(i)n still tingles where the fuzz of your face ta(x)ied my cheek.
Screaming sensation,
— a surrendering of sorts.

The sequin top loses it's beading and the paper hat gets bent,
But like my (f)avor(i)te every season sweater,
I'll ne(ve)r outgrow you.
Even i(f) I d(o) have to hold my breath to keep yo(u) in,
you a(r)e (th)e colo(r)s I s(ee) when I close my eyes.

You wan(t)ed and you got.
And I still (w)ant what I didn't get.

Maybe this (o)ne. Maybe the next (one).
528 · Oct 2015
Bitter Burn
BF Oct 2015
Playing fire with fire
does not have to mean arson
There are other ways to employ heat,
namely by being cold
528 · May 2015
Ursa Major
BF May 2015
Arctos: The product of an affair*
Callisto, single mom to a Little Bear–
Cronusly confined to the night sky,
never kissing the ocean
483 · Oct 2015
BF Oct 2015
Home is not a place for me
It's not where I have grown
Home is waiting patiently,
somewhere yet unknown
477 · Feb 2015
BF Feb 2015
I still think of you time to time
Especially now as Pisces ascends
But I doubt you even remember my birthday
473 · Oct 2015
Roll of lifesavers
BF Oct 2015
I asked which flavor you wanted.
You answered,
*"Whichever one
you don't"
BF Apr 2017
You don't need two of lots of things,
legs to walk on, eyes to see
But if this world needed two of something
it would be two people, you and me.
434 · Dec 2014
BF Dec 2014
you enable me
you toy with me
you puzzle me
you frick with me, you frack with me
you scatter my thoughts
my wits
my heartstrings
but you also make me laugh
and that kind of trumps everything else
BF Oct 2015
my jubilee is solemn
for my freedom comes as a result
of your capture
(to another)
I wanted this for so long
only now to wish your thumb
was I under once more
404 · Mar 2015
BF Mar 2015
I am colorblind to all
the dark parts of you;
Somewhere over the rainbow,
we still see what we want to see
402 · Nov 2014
BF Nov 2014
I know I know I know
I know how this song goes
Your lyrics persuade my ears into believing that you wrote it for me
Your melody rocks my heartstrings
and rolls over me like a tidal wave of confetti
in celebration of the day we first met;
a day when the world was still and silent
All for a single piano
playing a song
that would come to be our own
397 · Feb 2016
We: an impasse
BF Feb 2016
I'd bring a lot to the table,
I'd even bring the table cloth
But furniture proves too fixed for you.
You write in pencil and you won't sit down.

In the morning your hand didn't grab back,
and this defines the terms of the debate.
It's concrete enough for me to lose the metaphors.
I say, with a bluntness that can only come from being hurt,:
If this doesn't hold meaning for you,
get out of my bed.
390 · Feb 2015
BF Feb 2015
A tube of tooth paste lasts so long when you're the only one using it

*Don't you just want to share your tube of toothpaste with someone?
380 · Oct 2015
BF Oct 2015
All **boys carry dreams. Every Funny Girl has inspired jokes. Kids love meaningfully, not oppressively. People quarrel. Riots s****. Taxes unite voters. Wither xeroticly. Youth—Zoetic.
370 · Feb 2015
BF Feb 2015
Coming home to her childhood bedroom
with the glow in the dark stars dabbed on the ceiling
Coming home to the broken kitchen chair that wobbles
as she sits down for dinner of toast and a pop ****
Coming home to friends who no longer feel like friends,
who no longer are friends
Coming home to the south side of the city
where every pothole is a metaphor
Coming home and tipping her head back
to keep the tears from spilling out

She is coming home and coming
369 · Jun 2016
BF Jun 2016
Carpal bones project with a sick joy in feeling small
Wrap your hand around and notice the room within the width
The hold has grown so that contact is no longer necessary to move my feet
no longer analogous to mountains.
More like the wind they shift when summoned.
With the kind of malleability that can only come from being broken,
I must accept that while winds may advance, mountains change their course

I'm called to the pit to play an unfamiliar composition
with an instrument I've never before held
Wrists break under the weight of being a novice
in an orchestra of eyes all too knowing
And I can't make them listen,
Or maybe I can't make myself heard
Because there is a difference.
360 · Jun 2015
BF Jun 2015
The actors you hire are good,
convincing even, to some
But I see you underneath the show
358 · Sep 2014
All Seasons
BF Sep 2014
Someday I'd like to know you in all seasons.

to know your nose red and raw in winter,
to trick you and treat you in fall,
to dance with you at a wedding in springtime.

If this were love, it would be a summer love.
But for us, there will be no Indian summer.
The full corn moon is rising fast.

Someday, I'd like to know you in all seasons.
358 · Jan 2017
BF Jan 2017
As I watch the day close its eyes, I remember
I forgot to think that thought.
Tomorrow, for sure
Tonight, I will sleep through this hunger
357 · Jun 2016
BF Jun 2016
All these toothbrushes look so similar.
I don't see this ending well for somebody
Well for two,
the user and the used
353 · Oct 2014
Laundry on a Sunday
BF Oct 2014
You love me like laundry on a Sunday;
as though I am the rule,
and not the exception.
350 · Jun 2015
BF Jun 2015
Honeycomb eyes
I look not at them, but into them
I see one so funny
And so sad
349 · Dec 2016
Politics of denial
BF Dec 2016
It's always the same story, never a true story
These stories of power and stories of glory
They fill me with rage, they fill me with fury

A culture unthreatened has room to grow,
while it beats down others, left with nowhere to go
They didn't "evolve," they were destroyed
Shoved into the crevices of history and into the void

It's the politics of denial,
A nation where those of color aren't even given a trial

I want to one day live in a country where the severity of the crime isn't determined by the color of your skin.
When with equality conquer? When will it win?
340 · Nov 2014
BF Nov 2014
I like that you are a boy
and that I am girl
and that your hands are bigger
than mine when they slow dance

I like that you compliment me
Although I like that you
complement me more

I like that you could hurt
me if you wanted to
and I like that I trust you won't
BF Feb 2016
You put on the layers I take off
You shiver, I flush
My face begets the commencement of a rainbow,
betraying any coolness of composure, and I wonder if there is a correlation
between our temperatures and temperaments

You demand but you don't know what you want (except for me to
turn off the air conditioner)
It's the claim without the pick up,
an unspoken ultimatum: don't come
come too close, but let me into your bed

In the morning I wake sticky
Not a **** sticky, just a sweaty sticky
While the stars were making their rounds,
a window must have closed– No. It must have shut.
Air stale, covers compromised, last night already a memory

I reach out, with expectation like sunrise,
but a deflated glove doesn't grab back
I blink a few times, registering the significance of flaccidity
My spirit depleted, now unnerved and unsure about
the plan for breakfast

Walking away you leave no comma, no colon, no ellipses
For all the warmth that pools in my cheeks,
it is you who scalds with your minimalist approach
You are not Frank Stella.
And with that, the door closes– No. It shuts.

To make a mockery out of this would be to bump a bruise
that I didn't mind getting; I was having too much fun falling
to see the truth in black and blue–
I didn't anticipate this chill.

I never got to know how you take your eggs.
338 · Oct 2015
BF Oct 2015
I know clean water and true friendship
My hands are soft,
And I am ungrateful
BF Feb 2016
the crumbs under your cushions, the tears you didn't let fall
receipts, regrets, writings in the margins
your bruises and the how behind them
what you owe and to who
the ice you couldn't break through and that which wouldn't burn
what you couldn't chew, what you swallowed but didn't digest

Share with me your quilt of defeats.
We will throw it away.

And I will keep you warm.
336 · Jun 2015
BF Jun 2015
Judy croons Zing went the strings of
my heart
and I wonder happened to mine
336 · Oct 2014
Worth by Ink
BF Oct 2014
I want to write the perfect sentence.
A sentence with just enough romance
and boldness
and simplicity
to become the subject
of a stranger's tattoo.
BF Oct 2014
Loving you was like falling asleep on a car ride home —
incomplete and much too brief.
I'm ****** I have to get up now.
When did I even fall asleep?
You only know it happened because you can't remember the in-between.
329 · Jan 2015
BF Jan 2015
You were good–

to a lot of things, at a lot of things
You were good, but not true
Because Too good to be true
means you can't be both
326 · Oct 2016
First and last
BF Oct 2016
I will never forget the night you held yourself above me, a vision I never thought I'd see.
We trembled.
We both shook of the storm to come,
the one that would quench the thirst of the living, bringing life to all that lives.
You tenderly took what I willingly gave and that was the beginning of no end.
324 · Dec 2014
For Anna
BF Dec 2014
Because you will never say,
"I am, I am, I am,"
I will say,
"You are, you are, you are."

You are the squeeze of a hand, a laugh at an appropriate moment
You are a raised eyebrow, a sideways glance
You are Sinatra on a Sunday morning, an independent bookstore
You are breakfast conversations
Late night conversation
Any time, any place, outside of your house conversations
You are all that is good in this world
You are the voice of reason, the source of joy
You are class
You are humility
You are uniquely you
Always and brilliantly

For all that you are I thank you with all that I am
But I thank you for nothing more than I thank you for this:
When it matters
You make me feel like I matter
And that matters to me
A christmas gift for my dear friend Anna.
323 · Mar 2015
BF Mar 2015
My heart is laced with thoughts of you
And when it beats, I come into
A place where we still laugh and play
And lay and kiss our days away
Sunday mornings wrapped beneath
Blankets hiding tangled feet
Skipping breakfast, sleeping in
Hungry for the thrill of sin
You nipped my neck, I licked your jaw
Days turned in to tomor
rows that faded fast and free-
dom you wanted more than me
322 · Dec 2015
The song I won't be seeing
BF Dec 2015
Mommy won't be kissing Santa Claus this year
I don't know who Mommy will be kissing next year
or next month
But it won't be Santa
It won't ever again be Santa
317 · Oct 2014
BF Oct 2014
It is like I am a pleated shirt and
you are an iron

And you can't iron out the pleats of a pleated shirt
309 · Dec 2014
BF Dec 2014
Maybe indecision is just the pretty packaged way of saying you were unable to decide if I was worth the decision

The package has been stamped with "Return to sender– Happy with new girl I decided to decided on"

And all that I'm left with
is a cardboard box
An empty cardboard box
308 · Mar 2015
BF Mar 2015
You're too nice,* he said. Just too sweet.
Sweet will make you sorry.
307 · May 2015
BF May 2015
You were something to do
like cracking peanuts or chewing gum
(Hands and mouths,
not hearts and minds
But shells are messy,
and flavor is easily lost
You must sweep up
and spit out
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