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LN Sep 2014
The earth rejoices at the sound of laughter

as cries are heard too often.

Let these tears that fall

as a result of joy

be the water that helps flowers spring.

They will rise, towering over ants and rivers

from the dry, and dull ground

that has let sadness seep into its pores

a virus; taking life as its host.

We laugh to forget, and love

happiness emanating from our skin

our intentions alternating

like sun and moon.

Laughter is so beautiful,

seemingly abderian most of the time

it never fails to enrich the soul.

They say look for kindness in a man

but never forget to explore his humor.

Share laughs with your best friend,

they will make these memories last a lifetime.

Even those with melancholy waiting, hanging

from the corner of their lips

revel in the pleasures of the soul

and appreciate the sounds that the earth makes

to forget its troubles.
LN May 2014
Intoxicated and drunk over the idea of how we should be,
and what we could have been,
that is how I feel.

I am forever chained to these expectations,
telling me that there should be words and song
exchanged between us
and that I have failed to fulfill anything at all.

The silence has filled up my insides
I am a hollow cave
Regrets echoing in this empty space
Melancholy at its finest
*I despise who I have become
LN May 2014
These words burn like acid
as I try to digest them
but they swallow me instead.
words are harsh
LN May 2014
I still remember your hug
arms rigid with reluctance
and also the way you barely cared
but I held onto you
till I made sure that my fingers left prints
to remind you that you mattered to me
more than I did to you.
i tried - he barely did
LN May 2014
I hesitate to show him the truth.
The words I write may never reach his eyes
I am afraid of the torture after rejection.

These feelings cannot be denied,
my poems will never cease to exist
even if i erased these heavy thoughts I typed
burned them alive
the memories of us will float around endlessly
somewhere, out of my reach.

If he sees himself in mirrors
in a monotone and meaningless way
he will not anymore
because reflections of him
lie not only visually in images,
such as projections on clear glass
but in others who admire him too.

We become who we love eventually
Admiration for someone else
makes us melt
covering past pages of who were before.
LN Feb 2015
it was a goodbye without words
but my heart is full
let me in again
LN Oct 2014
Haunted souls travel inked skies at night
drawing their trajectories among constellations.

With soles dipped in stardust
they tread through the heavens
searching for God; searching for rest.

Some thoughts have clung to their skin
words stained with regret beat them down
walls of hope, crushed to rubble
a city of dreams had once existed within.

When you see a shooting star tonight,
remember that it is a star that is dead
carrying the lost to somewhere far away
an afterlife with meaning.

At the end of October,
the month of warmth before the ice,
the angels will donate a star to every soul
who cannot escape their haunted insides
a twinkle of light
in an otherwise eternity of darkness.
Halloween themed??
LN Dec 2014
Our walls
white against white
decorated with jasmine flowers
that have witnessed everything.

They've seen the french
speaking the language of love
with weapons of destruction in their hands
carrying our nation's sons
six feet under their footsteps
stepping on honor's history forever.

"Ya worood al yasmeen"
with pearly white petals,
and bright green stems
I've watch you grow over our house
year after year
hanging high and low
gazing at the loss below.

I am now far, distant like a stranger
the homeland has put smiles on our faces
that glow in albums of badly taken pictures
that will haunt my path across oceans.

One day, the heart will ask for home
and I shall listen to it
as it yearns for the sweet scent of jasmines.

My grandmother's house once filled with love
now emptied
her biggest fears coming to life
pictures hanging on the wall
ghosts of love so short-lived
but remind me to tell her
that she is not alone
there are flowers like angels watching from above.
Whenever I go to Algeria I notice the jasmines that wait for me there every year.
LN Feb 2015
It had always been about you
my poems
my prose
my lips
and I should've known better.
When you make someone your world, then realise there was nothing to make a story out of in the first place.
LN Jul 2014
Like a greedy vulture, I pecked at my skin
What is there to accept?
Is it the discoloured patches where plump red blush had settled before?
Rosy and full of life, I will mourn for my past self.
Is it the falling strings of hair giving up on embracing my tired neck?
A backbone that has defied its own purpose.

In a world of exchange and sharing
Nature has found a place in me
My soul reconciles with the desire to bloom
But my body is dwelling in its ashy winter days

Between the night and day
Find me halfway deciding where to go,
It will either be aspiring to be the sun
or waiting for the end to die with the moon.
I have finally written something after weeks of mental exhaustion
LN Apr 2014
I saw the universe in your eyes
but have you ever cared
to look into mine?
I guess I was a star
randomly existing,
about to fade,
into the sombre abyss
of your forgotten memories.
LN Dec 2014
I cannot wait for something that never intended to arrive.
LN Oct 2014
Similar to thread and needle through smooth silk
I embroider your name into my poetry.

I sold all the innocence I believed in,
to describe the fire I see in the subject of my words.

With all the blood that races in me
I make it stop;
silencing my heartbeat and tongue
to witness the art that you carry in your figure.

Suddenly the poet in me has forgotten how to write.
LN Aug 2014
we express in verses and tears,
and love people that won't love us back.
LN May 2014
Unrequited love
makes you feel stinging bees
instead of butterflies.
LN May 2014
When a seed germinates,
It needs several conditions to initiate its growth
but a flower is different.
A flower only yearns for rain to cover its drooping petals
and sunlight to embrace it from every corner.
As I grow up,
Material objects become useless.
Only certain people matter,
and being able to hold them tight
would be the best birthday gift ever.
its my birthday and i feel like crap because those i want here are so far away.
LN Apr 2014
Maybe if bitterness was not my language,
You would've held on to our conversations.
Maybe if bitterness wasn't in my eyes,
You wouldn't have turned to look at her instead.
LN May 2014
What a blessing it is
to find the right words
to describe you
because for far too often
I find you
hanging at the corner of my lips
and settling on my numb fingertips
unable to be released
into the realm of art.
LN Apr 2014
How can I reply
when my tongue has blisters
from the words left stuck and unsaid?
I can't hurt you
because I know what pain feels like.
LN Jun 2014
the waves are afraid to break
but crashing is natural
and us humans must know this.
LN Apr 2014
Shouting at the sky,
Dear, the clouds will not cry for you.
Earth will continue spinning,
Ignoring the burdens of the hell
you carry around on your shoulders,
in the darkest part of your mind
and under your eyes.
If you need to talk I'm always here.
LN Apr 2014
We're candles that want to burn bright
and wouldn't mind dwindling in the flames.
- this was pretty short -
LN May 2014
If only I had wings to take me

where my soul belongs

because hands can’t reach that far

And now my heart has been

crying out your name.
LN Aug 2014
Some nights I can't find the right words
to make my feelings sound pretty
or string them all into poetry

tonight is like that
because I miss you way too much to even think straight.
LN Jul 2014
A lot has changed since we last spoke

People have cried and others have found love

I have stopped breathing since we last spoke;

However you should not worry about my lungs

But you should know that my soul has stopped dancing

My lips could barely move to greet

My arms have become too lazy to hug

But my heart has continued to skip a beat at the thought of you

and my fingers will forever come back to life

like when you held my hand

Never mind that for now, all I care about is that you are doing well.
LN May 2014
In the juxtaposition of two worlds
I am caught in between night and day
chaos fills me;
entropy bursts into my veins
traces of peace are nowhere to be found
I am a dimension collapsing upon itself
is it help i need
or do I let myself dissolve into the cosmos, unnoticed?
idk what i should do
LN May 2014
I was a child
who found beauty
in the symphony of words.

I tried to join sentences
and stack beautiful vocabulary
in my empty glittered journal
but nothing worked.

Years have passed
and I remember the exact moment
when I realised that what I loved
was called Poetry.

I marvelled at the writing of others
thinking of myself
as a streak of faint ink
on a masterpiece of paint.

To me, I was incapable of being an artist
and painting sheets with my emotions
but in the end,
we all have a fire within our hearts
that we want to put out
and we write endlessly
to tell others its story.
I never knew that my love of words would lead me into poetry. I used to tell my friends about how much I loved beautiful words but no one understood me. So I understood my own self first.
LN Apr 2014
She held onto the cigarette
quivering hands and ****** veins
it lit up and scorched the leaves
infiltrating in her tensed lungs.
It reminded her of him.

Breathing in the grey smoke,
she suffocated from
the air that they weren't sharing.

Hugging the cigarette,
with his shapely lips
she knew that any attempt
of kissing him
would **** her
but yet she longed to die
at his touch.
- she loved him so much-
LN Sep 2014

The heart is clumsy,

our thoughts provoking disaster

when pulling on the wrong strings

before the storm, and after.



and I,

encompass the sky

that hovers above us

holding clouds that serve purpose

to embellish or destroy

waiting for the wind

to mould us into strange shapes

tugging at others’ curiosity

not knowing what we are

or where we’re going.


Muffled speech,

blinding weather in his eyes,

today we are not raining together

drop by drop

He falls and changes,

beauty into anger,

I await on a lonely ground

to catch him.


We exist in all shades,



converging into one another

calming the anxious souls

that we transport to the heavens above.


I watch the sun and moon alternate,

natural occurrences, I notice

just like the thoughts

that feel like clouds in my head

when my heart reminds me

of him

at an ungodly time of night

striking me like lightening,

thunder echoing between these ears

that long for the voice of an angel instead.
LN Apr 2014
I would rather hold your hand
than see you leave.
Ten Word Poem #1
LN Aug 2014
There are burn marks under my skin.

Underneath this protective layer,
your words have touched me
and have not left scars until now.

Upon realizing the bitterness of your departure,
the echo of your voice
bumps and bruises my insides every day,
every minute.

There are burn marks under my skin,
from the words trapped inside
that cannot find a way to leave.
I am internally combusting tonight,
consumed by you.
LN Oct 2014
i will not beat my heart for what it feels
find it emptying itself day by day
until what it held
leaves no traces inside
and watch my eyes darken
circles weighing heavily under wet eyelashes
in the face of the remnants of the storm that passed
naivety and regret coexist
debris out of a natural disaster
LN Jun 2014
I hear the cries emanating from your words
Every letter of every sentence is a story
that only your broken heart can tell.

The longing for peace inside
brings chaos within your cracked bones
I hope that honey starts to drip
out of your scars instead of blood.

The thoughts spinning in your mind
now resemble the whorls in outer space
galaxies of decisions to take
follow the path of stars that lie in your heart.

I know how hard it is to open your eyes
face the world
and live behind your insecurities
let your skin jump from excitement
not from fear that causes constriction of yourself.

You haven't failed yourself
when you chose silence over speech
these pens have screamed louder than anything
one day they will hurt those who wounded you
so that the guilt inside
will keep them awake night after night,
I will continue to pray for you.

Soft heart and lips,
skin like pillows
chest a haven for whoever
is privileged enough
to find comfort in it
don't let the harsh days
blister the frame
that holds you, the artwork, together.

Allow these poems to rebuild you
so that you realize that homes out of people
burn faster than gasoline on fire
and that the paradise you crafted
out of your bathroom floor
corners of busy rooms
tears on scratched paper
and wrinkles on your tired forehead
is the one that will revive you forever.

Stay strong.
LN Dec 2014
my soul is still getting used to sensing hesitation in his words
sometimes i wonder why we can't be together
at first i blamed myself
i always blame myself
but  i've come to a conclusion -
it is in fact my fault
it definitely isn't his
that i am a dreamer living in a reality of nightmares
and that the meanings behind my words are often too dense to comprehend
so his lips and mine can no longer speak common sense
our circles forming awkward edges to avoid overlap
like oil and water and we can never become one
LN May 2014
The night and I are best friends.
Our darkness coincides
and I find myself confiding in the moon
more than I ever did with anyone else.
LN Apr 2014
Don't define poetry.
I will not allow myself to be placed
within your confines
and narrow mind
for my own has no limits.

I am its queen
cultivating a kingdom of intellectual beauty
planting seeds of wisdom and knowledge
picturing gardens of thoughts and poems.

Don't define poetry.
Useless ramblings to you
May seem like noise
That you'd rather shut out
But my voice matters
And it shall manifest itself
In ways you can't imagine.
Don't dare tell me that my emotions are not valid
LN May 2014
How will I ever edit my drafts
of oceans of thoughts
encompassed my breezes whispering your name
and fathom them into poems
or mere glimpses of words
so that you may finally understand.
idk whatever
LN Apr 2014
It is 3 am
I am hoping that when I sleep
my dreams
will consist of you
and that I'll be present
in yours too.
I miss you so much, good night.
LN May 2014
Children awake to sizzling butter and fresh eggs
Birds chirp and settle on their windowsills
Greeting them with the sound of nature.
How lovely it must be!

Childhood is all about the games and the play, they said.
Buttons are pressed,
Video games begin,
because violence is but a pixelated projection for them.

Two extremities of this earth are facing each other now.
Darkness lies on the opposite side.
What a shame!
Home now bleeds images of destruction.

Childhood is non-existent there.
Children awake to the nauseating scent of gunpowder,
Anxiety has filled their minds,
The future remains vague
Lives hanging on a thread
The drones set off missiles to cut it.

They are worth the entire world to their mothers
Young souls who are the lens from which their parents see happiness
but sadly,
survivors scrape the rubble off their ****** feet
scavenging for the roots they once tried to protect
wetting the ground with utter despair.

Home now bleeds destruction
and constant chaos.
LN Nov 2014
lips that split like the sea
uttering words that could save a nation
"what a beautiful voice she's got," you think
and you couldn't help but drown
LN Oct 2014
we are made up of earth
our skin blends in with nature
disaster and beauty in our soulful eyes
finding love in between shifting plates
a newly found humanity
shaking our bones
but in the end
we drift away
existing oceans apart
LN Feb 2015
Your silence brought indifference
and after that, I was never the same.
I had plans and poems
that revolved around you
but I will not lie
you have scorched my skin beyond repair
I cannot even recognise who I was before
your heart and mine beat near each other.

Whether you leave forever
or come back to me
my soul will yearn for the one that made me feel like
the universe was in my hands and spinning at only our pace
me and you
your voice and the waves fighting in my ears
both forces of nature that keep me wondering.

I'll be here waiting
for a month, for a year, and for eternity.
LN May 2014
I have inhaled the air of countless cities
and left some of mine behind.

My distinct fingerprints are invisible
but they exist
in a place amidst many others
on tables and handles everywhere.

My voice had probably made someone turn
and wonder what type of a person I was.
Do I sound happy because I am
or is it a mere façade I have covered the truth with?
It will leave them pondering over the masks we wear.

Lipstick stains on coffee mugs
Kissing the worries goodbye
they flutter away into thin air
and become someone else's instead.

Eyes darting to the clouds above,
that water was once down here in the sea
but now it is above hovering over me.

Like snakes shed their skin,
and dead matter turns to trees
we leave a part of ourselves
on dusty shelves
for others to recover and use

the cycle goes on.
its a cycle
LN May 2014
Exchanging glances
I could hear him clearly despite his silence
Swallowing my pride,
I spoke first.

Raising our eyes to the sky
we discussed the weather and our plans
pretending like the words, "I miss you" didn't exist.

A great year has passed
challenging us on each side of the globe
far away from the other
but sometimes,
I am sure that our thoughts unite.

In our dreams, and in reality
we will continue to
exchange loud glances
without saying the proper words.
we saw each other after a year.
LN Oct 2014
You exist to be written and
spoken about in poetry.
LN May 2014
My skin wasn't meant to contain all this pain
My chest senses exploding agony
that of a thousand bursting nebulae
stars in my eyes are now spikes
Knees bend and I droop low in disdain
I can only feel myself about to give up
A bomb that ticks not knowing when to stop.

Blades line up ready for battle
My thoughts shooting at them
provoking weapons -
drawing them closer
This is a war I'd like to surrender in
It's useless
Because I am already bleeding on the inside.
LN Oct 2014
Autumn kills the leaves,
slowly and beautifully
but when I fall
it is always in pain.

When the tears,
and my body
collapse to the ground
both in the most melancholic shade of red
my lips promise to never say your name
and my heart attempts to flee its cage
away, very far away
from you.
LN Apr 2014
As clouds got darker

Winds howled a bit louder

I found myself relating

With a sense of pugnacity

To the instability I could discern

The trees wept for the fallen leaves

Like I did for the fading part of me
LN May 2014
I've been struggling to write.
My mind cannot quite decipher
what my heart feels.
Not all cracks in the pavement
have cultivated life along their destruction
so please bear with me
as I gather what is necessary
of words, and of love
to fill in the gaps inside.
LN May 2014
Long weeks end
but more will follow.
Our muscles seep exhaustion
Hollow faces around me
Empty cups of coffee and tea
embody the struggles of the mind
and the stability of the body.
No matter how sweet the morning air is,
or how many birds chirp good luck
the bitterness prevails
it is obvious
in the dense air
and bloodshot eyes.
good luck to everyone!!!
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