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Betsy Garris Nov 2019
Even here,
Even now,
I am growing, changing, and healing
Betsy Garris Dec 2018
When I am broken
With nothing left
When fear and heartbreak
Steal my breath
When what's unspoken
Wraps 'round my voice
And words themselves
Run from the noise
Then all that's left
Is but one thing
When all words fail
The soul must sing.

In catching breathes
In wailing sobs
In torrent waves
In gentle bobs
In flowing praise
In flooding pain
My soul will sing
Of your Good Name.
For nothing left
Have I to give
Yet in my darkness
You shall live.

And all around
From underneath
The ground erodes
Beneath my feet
And all around
The panics rage
The screaming winds
The sudden waves
But then my ears
Which often fail
Hear you sing back
Through storm and gale.
"Peace- my child. Be still."
Betsy Garris Nov 2018
Hold on
- baby -
- maybe -
Even we will love again.

Betsy Garris May 2018
I wish I could make you feel all I smell and see
When the sun shines through the tall grass in a Southern Maryland breeze
When field flies hover in the golden, fading sunset, suspended in their wandering
When crickets and croakers sing their evening songs, humming along to the universal sound
When twilight fades to startlight where city lights fade to black
When love is planted and pruned in rolling rows of farmland
When new seeds sprout of a life worth falling and staying in love with
When the pages of history are not simply learned, but lived
When a small boat's sail first fully fills with a westward wind and leaves the dock in it's wake
When children come in from play to mothers and fathers, smelling sweet of sweat and sunshine
When sand, soil, shells, and stones pave paths for the bold and barefoot
When brackish water breezes stick to skin like kisses and tans and waves on the shoreline
When Spring fades into Summer, and early May silently yet steadily stretches in her seasonal tension of the in-between
I wish I could make you feel this.
* line about universal sound inspired by the song Universal Sound- Tyler Childers

It has been five years. I hate the thought of this not being my second home. This river has carried me so far. These people have taught me so much. These sunsets and breezes have made an eternal impact on me. If I really do only have one life, I am glad I lived 5 years of it here.
Betsy Garris Apr 2018
Here I am
Stuck in the middle
Of doin' ok
And bein' alright
And I drink
Just a little
To get me through the night

So I fight
Here in the middle
Of where I am
And where I wanna be
Still I know
If I could only be still
God would fight for me.

But, I'm tired.

A song lyric I wrote in response to the tragedy at GMHS on 3/20/18
Recovery is hard, and recovery for someone who already has PTSD is hard.
The tension of the in-between is very real.
Betsy Garris Feb 2018
He said to me
I'm gonna get outta here
Check out a different sphere
Of reality
Unless I meet
One of those county girls
Who wants to stay in this county world
And raise a family

Well that got me thinkin'
About all of the small town life
Everywhere there just seems to be a fight
To not get stuck.
You know I've been thinkin'
Bout all of these choices
Bout all of these voices asking me
Where I'll end up

The more I stay
The more I find
My piece of peace of mind
Comes and goes like waves
In this
Tidal Town.

A song lyric I began over the summer, that lingered through the fall, and has been buzzin in my brain ever since. A friend yesterday said something that inspired the first few lines and it fit so perfectly.
Here's to small towns.
This one is for St. Mary's County.
Betsy Garris Feb 2018
If you are with him
And you make him glad
Then never let go
Of what I never had.

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