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bethwords Apr 2020
He and I have nothing in common
just a match made in heaven.
bethwords Apr 2020
You, you're the boy
not who stole my heart
may be, you got it back for me
for a thausand things, now i feel.
bethwords Apr 2020
I was stronger than I thought
earlier today,
Not my strongest anyway
for tomorrow,
I strive to grow.
bethwords Apr 2020
Do u still like me as bad as u said?
I didn't even know untill u said so
and now look at what I crave for.
bethwords Apr 2020
We spent so long a time reading
we lost sleeps over thinking
we heared, we saw, we felt
we dreamt so vivid
Let today be the day
we make a thing.
bethwords Apr 2020
let's talk till dawn
cause with you,
no time should count;
drunk in your voice,
words are just noise.

— The End —