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bethwords Jul 29
'how are you doing?' you ask
beautifully getting over you.
bethwords Apr 16
People have come and gone
they hello and goodbye on
stayed a day, a month or years
there's just too much to miss.

Does everyone come to leave?
bethwords Mar 11
That feel of crazed in love with you
griped my heart and i bought it
as honest as it could be bought.

Then love was redefined
and seen in a new light.

But the heat the blaze the wild
even if not love, cant just be denied.
bethwords Feb 18
I never said enough,
I didn't say a bit of what i wanted to,
my frequencies are no audible to you.
bethwords Aug 2020
i lied
quite a few times
i lied
when i thaught u would mind
i lied on
i wasn't ready to let go
now left is no truth to lie more.
bethwords Aug 2020
the two sides to i
claiming all mine
scrambling for soul
life long battled on
there was blood.
now, war turned cold
neither at peace nor bold.
bethwords May 2020
About to enjoy a slice of cake
home made, it had mom's touch.

I, having a long day
it meant something else.

Our cat, I never played with
and got no tender nerve for
walking slow, sniffing hard
as if to **** all the air around
came, and looked up at me.

Weird how that made me feel
i put down a bite, she devoured it
looked up, now her eyes lit
not a meow did I get
asked no more, off she went.

In all bewilderment,
my being kind to her
she just couldn't learn.
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