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beth stclair Mar 2018
a grey sky,
my lips pressed
to your lips,
unfastened hair,

in a moment
i am drawn
to you,
in love with
your legs and
your smile,

grey dissidence
of the approaching
thunder caught
up in the hills,

the roses start
to wilt in the vase,

the roses of the sky
have silent wings,
time knotted
like a handkerchief
against my skin,

i am hollow, my
legs desiring yours,
love the swift sea,
the amber forest,

blowsy silk,
the clouds,
drawn of water,

and i sink
jealous of your love
and your legs,

wanting all of
you to fall in
love with me,

lips pressed
love, my love,
the ghosts
of the storm.
beth stclair Aug 2015
as lonely as the tide,
love is out of reach,
the perfections of the
waves with their
tangy blue airs
like liquid silks.
beth stclair Nov 2015
carnal scattering of
root and banished leaf,

merely human, the day
spreads maple leaves
like dark gusts of wind.
beth stclair Nov 2016
leaves drifting
down dark lanes
that curve where the stream
dreams of the soft blues
of a sky that melts with
forgotten passions
and the greyer mists
of day dream
and the clouds
with their moods
of the wind and
their fields of
air, drift until
the sky winds
its streams of blue.
beth stclair Jul 2018

the sun burns the grass and the ferns,
they melt under a bright sky,
roughening, like the tongue of a cat,
the grass with its brown sandpapers.


the flowers pray for me and my
watering can, on a dirt track
the water splashes and the earth
drinks deep, the trees shiver
at the thought of water, their
branches sway, this is to dance -
leaves with patterns scattering -
leafy shade and pools of bright


drawn out of the air a drawbridge
of breeze raising its portcullis and
suddenly the heat is bearable,
shadows and sun like a patchwork


we wait for summer, tender-eyed,
smouldering in the heat, the trees
like colossal statues of bronze
stretching branches beneath the canopy
of a green sea in a dream spun
from ebony.


i kiss you, grazed by this
orient sun, my heart
seeking yours, my
legs longing for your legs,
my limbs threading
with yours
while summer
sings of her forgotten
beth stclair Apr 2018
i have a blank canvas,
my poems like watercolours,
sweet blues and greens,
drafted in blossom.

spring brings new leaves
and budding flowers,
opens her eyes,
begins to dress the earth,
finds freedom in the flowing
while the sparrows
sing like fluffed out
buddha's in the

the blackbird dances on the lawn
(always in a tremendous fuss)
birds scrambling with
twigs and scraps of cloth,
chattering about the silks
of the blossoming sky
and the sands of the sun
blowing ceaselessly
in a gold dream of day.
beth stclair May 18
bluebells flower in the rain,
boy of love,

buttercups on long stems
full of summer’s gold,

the world opens its doors and windows
the air feels fresh and clear,

sadness weaves its way under the trees
prefers to wait in the shadows,

i dream about you a lot,
boy of love.
beth stclair Nov 2016
blues and stars
love and ink
under an opal moon
darkness unravels
unwinds leaves
that fall from
trees that wander
the rain’s ghosts
sighes and
clouds of grey.
beth stclair Jul 2015
break me like a twig,
bend my branches
in the sunlight.
tell me that i dream
and that dreams are
the golds of a yellow rose
that dreams are the
softest rivers of my mind.
beth stclair Aug 2015
when you broke me the first time
i cried until the tears pooled
into the dark.

when you broke me the second time
i just broke you back for hurting
me so bad.

i break easily because i love
i break easily because i love you.
beth stclair Aug 2015
the darkness broods,
shadows thicken,

clouds drift into the
darkest recesses of night,  

their blue-black inks
singing of lonely shores

and watery streams.
beth stclair Jul 2015
cave of wonder,
the black ivies of the sea,
the moon-shadows of
the shore.
beth stclair Oct 2015
oh, caverns of the moon so cold and dark
beside the trembling waves that drift and spool,
where urchins cling and breezes blow so cool,
such stony blackness vaulting in an arc.
upon the thorny land you make your mark,
beside the sea, that undulating fool
who clowns around and gathers in a pool
upon your doorstep, ocean green and stark.
and something draws me close, a story told,
fantastical, where hidden paths begin,
a dragon's secret hoard or horses white,
who foam like sea-spray in the frail moonlight,
(surrendering night's depths that brood within)
or some lost world bright crowned in ornate gold.
beth stclair Apr 2017
'where night is....
an iron bench painted green.'

opal light

love burning,
narrow roads,
roadhouse blues,

flame of moon
city garden
cider roses
petals falling like
little red tides,
curling edges,
spells of flowers,

magic in the swinging
pub signs and the
avenues, the
cobbled streets
running forever,
little vacant space,
love in arms
thrown together,
clicking stilhettos
chips with wooden forks,

here the moon
runs with the clouds
carries in an empty
basket the fruit
of the day eaten
up, wild and high,

our love, where night
is a tide of black ink,
resting after a heavy
day, our love, sad
tonight, beseiged
by strong armies, almost
forsaken and
yet somehow survived,
a delicate kiss on
the landscape,
content at last,
reduced down
to street blues
a wish to wander,
the laughter of a pub.
beth stclair Aug 2016
closer than this dream
of summer,
closer than your fingers
linking mine,
we melt like
burn like the night’s
distant stars.
beth stclair Dec 2015
clouds unwind
bring winter
in their white breath
dissolve and murmur
to the sea-sombre skies
of the scurry of wind
and wave
of the tumultuous
ache of the night
its oceans
its impenetrable
its shore-slumbering
lights, in the thick
folding of winter
the wonderment
of cloud.
beth stclair Nov 2016
clouds of dream
conjuring poetry
out of liquid skies
of black mind,
where the
wild rose
mists breathe
and the land
melts in shadows
of midnight blue.
beth stclair Nov 2016
clouds of ice,
november seas,
moody skies,
drifting days
faded to
golden leaf,
trees, the haunts of
autumn, fine mist
on a cloud-wrapped
love clouds autumn
beth stclair Jun 2016
oracle of sound
emotions deepening
ochre filaments
dark enchantment
summer shore.
beth stclair Nov 2016
control me, until i
desire your desire,
to the blue daydreams
of your love,
love the magics of your
give way, melt,
flow to summer bliss
and winter hills,
love forever
with passion
and emotion
until i die forever
for your love.
love emotions
beth stclair Jan 2018
i love you with
all of my darkness
and all of my light
like a midnight flower

hinged like a door
i battle to reach you

i know only of our love,
i'm a blue mood and
a strange sea, weeping
in winter's silver frost,

your fiery legs
leave me longing
like a jealous cloud
longs to dream of
the night and hold
it as its own,

i'm crazy about your
legs, crazy, crazy,
crazy about your love,

and i melt as you kiss me
crazy jealous of your love.
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beth stclair Aug 2016

light in lazy pools
patches of shadow
like closing doors.


i float
like a ghost
open the sky
like a love letter.


a bird hovers,
shudders to
a sky that
unwraps its
dreams like
inky pools.


greyer than ghosts
that kiss for my
that trembling
of my heart
just for you.
beth stclair May 14
cry, tawny moon,
prism of a dark wood,

the stars wave and hurry
flow in their rivers of black,

the skies, so far away,
gather their metal loops,

guard a dark world.

the poetry silvers the stars
carries them in a tender arc.
beth stclair Jul 2015
dance sweet Belle,
i can see you in the shadows
all laughter and bluebells.
beth stclair Aug 2016

my nettles sting,
my mind dreams
of ghosts,
nothing seems
to settle
under that hovering
sky of wire.


lost to a broken civilization
in a sky of sighs
caves filled with


further than the sky,
further than the sea.


dreams like drowning

the waving wind
the castles of the mind.


the slow pulse of
the earth,
like the battling
like the far, far
dream of a star.
beth stclair Aug 2016
fascinated i draw in my breath,
little murmur of content, i am life
and i am death, what is there
to prepare, what to unravel,
what happenstance to know?
how does the tide, desiring only
to rise and fall, to sweep the shore
and then drawback like a warrior lunging
with a sword, the death-cry obliterating
the sky, then pulling his arm swiftly back
the same fire in her heart, unremorseful,
unrelenting, bring me such rest?
i’ll forget all my loves except
for you, die like a warrior for love
because my heart is a rugged shore and
it carries the crashing waves and the
clamour of gulls because it believes in
freedom, and needs to hear the brashness
of the wind and the far distances of the stars.
beth stclair Jul 2016
dipped into water
the night full of swallow-tails
dreams of bright mirrors.
beth stclair Jul 2015
dream of lilies,
blues and whites
in their little islands,
flower of the starlight,
flower of the water.
beth stclair Aug 2015
moonlight through
leaves, a ripple
on a pond,
beth stclair Aug 2016
above the naked sea,
the wind’s blue
raise their
of air.
beth stclair Sep 2015
streams of the stars
golden leaves
sinking in the fading light
dappled shadows
where the light drowns
its stones and unwraps
the sweetness of the night.
beth stclair Jun 9
in the dream he asked me if
i would like him to read me some of his poetry -

i said i would love him to and we
set off for his house -

but we seemed to keep travelling
left, although i knew his house was on the right,

and suddenly i was in the basket of a
huge crane, lifted higher and higher

600 ft, 700 ft, i couldn’t find jim
and i crouched down in the basket-

with my hands over my head -
and everything was like

edvard munch's  ‘the scream’
and then i awoke and all i could

think about was seeing jim morrison
and how i’d have liked him to read me his poems.
beth stclair Nov 2016
dreams of a dark
sky, where the ocean
with its gentle pull
gathers the mosses
of the waves, unravels
and drifts in gold pools
full of moon and love.
beth stclair Sep 2015
dreams billowing
like breezes on a sail
flowing rivers
blue flowers
mysteries of the moon.
beth stclair Aug 2016
we see the gold’s of a shimmering
sun fall on the horizon, the last of
day, leaving trails of hummingbirds.

the sky begins to mourn the last
of light, scattering breeze-like
in a cloud of dark ink.

the moon pours pearls into cloud
widens her eyes; the dark gathers
the pearls, softening like dream.

thick honeysuckle traces the
walls, the immense night
sings of love in a gentle voice

and as the tide sweeps clean the
wandering sands, beautiful and
infinite the last star falls.
beth stclair Aug 2015
dreams that soften,
calming the mind
until it sighs like a ghost.
beth stclair Aug 2015
fragments of the moon,
watery night,
out of the darkness
a flower unfolds.
beth stclair Oct 2015
she wanders through the forests and the groves,
her bare feet scarce upon the mossy ground,
as day sinks into night without a sound
and sunset fills the skies with pinks and mauves;
and like a restless breeze she wildly roves,
a love-lost woodland dryad, summer-crowned
and who could ever guess where she was bound,
or why the sea so whispered near the coves.
her eyes as bright as a white-feathered dove,
beyond the river, near a sheltered tree,
she rests awhile finds lilies for her hair,
their flowery mist no prettier than she,
(enchanting in the hearkened, vibrant air,)
her heart soft-brimmed with longing and with love.
beth stclair Sep 2015
golden streams of sun
sink, unwrap, dance,
melt into the trees
like honeycomb,
silver the ground
with their tender warmth.
the day is dying but so gently
that the shadows can only lengthen
dreaming their dreams of the night.
beth stclair Apr 2015
through the vortex
of clouds
god, princely.

a thousand angels
spread their wings
floating whiter than the moon.

trumpets thunder

we are reborn, forgiven
our hearts gladdened in joy.

only you and your love, my lord,
only you and your love
a second in time

and prayer
awakening the ether
trembling, thankful.
beth stclair Jan 2017

roses in the dust,
winter-love greys, shadows
of a lost world.


i was much smaller than i thought
and the sky
a rounded dome,

a cathedral of light
with stone arches

river-green pillars

and the blue-green
of dream....


waited, an
opal star
blown against
the tide.


all i could see was the
blues and greens
paper blushed,

clouds and watermarks,

watery daylight
like a glistening pool

as if the sky
was a stained window
and there was
no fire,
only a scattering
of light

only softness
of the heart,
only the magics

of its mirror mists.


like maple leaves
fallen in a
stream filled
with moonlight
in the rivery
nets of the soul.
beth stclair Mar 2017
everything of
me was lilac,

every bolt of
every summer
every drop of
cooling rain,

in spring i
melted like
a hedgerow,
in gold and

in summer i
gathered the sky
to my branches
green with shadows
of longing,

in autumn i trembled
downwards like a
girl unwinding her

and in winter i froze
on the doorstep
all black branch
and cold
rigging on
a barren ship,

everything of me
was lilac and
i had the most
purple throat,

i was a soft
melody of love
on a strange
moody day.
beth stclair Jun 11
it was near the cricket field,
stitched into the ground -

amid clover and tufts of grass -
a little ring of white mushroom,

longing for the night sky,
for the journeying cloud,

sweetened by flower and dust,
where the little fairies danced,

balancing on the air -
weaving the moonlight like cloth -

with their drowsy feet
and wings of blue stalk.
beth stclair Nov 2016
fairy in a cloud
daydream book
wings of fire
heart of glass
trembling flower
fairy in a cloud
beth stclair May 2015
clouds of lilac blossom
thick in the blue air.

day unwraps in slow
whispers and the wind
is more lonely than am i.

the sky is a broken
vase, little
pathways of the sun,
her strange loads,
her happy voice.

the lilacs were our love song
may swept into our hair and eyes
little pieces of me scattering
like breaking waves.

dipped in the magical ink
of flowers
the garden cries
for its wilderness
its withering of sky
its blossoming of twig
until you can’t see the sky
and it becomes softly an impression,
a fine mist of golds.

no song now,
only the death of the
wind and a new road
that winds from the silver distances
of the moon.

only a harbour where i
rest for a while, a little
boat bobbing where the waves lap,
waiting for you...
beth stclair Jun 2016
roses, wild and overgrown break the sky
with their cloudy blossom,

image of a lily on a smooth pond,

the light flooding through lilacs,
delicate as a breeze.
beth stclair Feb 2015
white and blue swan
parrot feather
scurrying beneath
water of flame.
beth stclair Oct 2015
enchantment waits above the castle towers,
the midnight gleam unholy, she is lost
to darkling clouds and battlements of frost,
and enigmatic night shows all her powers.
bewitched by ages white as lily flowers,
the ivy creeps upon the broken walls,
a kingdom for the prince, high ceilinged halls,
fall, fall to dust and long the starry hours.
great knights in armour, restless for a fight
on thundering horses storm into the night,
with swords unsheathed towards their deathly foe,
and love is lost with nowhere left to go,
the mighty fall, their army silver bright,
beneath a slumbered moon the south winds blow.
beth stclair Dec 2018
i’m cold -
well stand in the corner
its 90 degrees!
best joke of christmas
beth stclair Nov 2017
you can only
imagine my kiss,

i am a mirage,
the glossy night
blown into

i am a phantasm
in the autumn frost,

layered like
the night’s soft
a stream of
golden leaves
crisp in the quiet

i drown in the
water of the stars

i faint, a ghostly
you can
sense in
the dream-like
surrender of
our love,
arousing our
kisses like
the flowers of time.
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