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1.1k · Jul 2015
beth stclair Jul 2015
daughter of the light,
the whispering sea
carrying the wind like
a bird of air,
the water ageless and eternal,
dark as a winter cloud,
light as a summer rose.
1.1k · Aug 2016
love poem
beth stclair Aug 2016
the etching of
reflection in a china bowl
full of water,
our love
uncovering tiny silver
stars on the horizon.
1.1k · Aug 2015
the wind...
beth stclair Aug 2015
the wind wrapping
the water into grey ghosts,
the darkness twisting
like a flower.
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night is...the swallows return or a hut near a lake"

in the castle of our love,
windswept fortress of
ashen grey, where the
four poster bed rests
on wooden floorboards
and the windows have
no glass,
roses wind around our
bed and their petals
blush against the oak,
and our dreams press
to our lips,
i can believe that
romance and passion
will sweep us, breathless,
to paradise, that this
glowing happiness was
a promise we'd never
betray, as your arms
fold me in the morning
of the dusk, my limbs
stretched out and your
slinky legs wrapped
around mine. red rose
of me in the ashes, red
rose of you sinking
into the night.
1.1k · Sep 2015
love poem
beth stclair Sep 2015
love, blue passions
spiralling into the night.

we carve ourselves out
of emptiness,
drift where the moon
wanders into the night.

there are no dead leaves,
summer lingers in
the trees, splashes
pools of golden moon
onto the floor.

i can hear your heart-beat,
so soft, so beautiful
that the night whispers
sweet songs to the sky.
beth stclair Aug 2015
waves falling
in the darkness.

loving you until
the stars start to melt
in the sky.

out of the rocks,
water sung and diving,

in currents moving quickly,
sinking wave,
sinking wave.
1.0k · Nov 2016
blues and stars
beth stclair Nov 2016
blues and stars
love and ink
under an opal moon
darkness unravels
unwinds leaves
that fall from
trees that wander
the rain’s ghosts
sighes and
clouds of grey.
beth stclair May 2017
"where night is....a boy of

i've been missing
my heart
sweet boy,

as if the core
of me
was never

blue icicles
like rain drops
that once burnt
like a dying star,

stolen from you
because no
sea could hold
it back,

because it
only wanted love
and some people
just can't take
something that genuine,

and this is what i've
said, so let me now say
that i have now got it back

and my love will never
be held from you again,
my heart burns

with a poem's fire
and for you my love,
grey shore that i reach,

song of the leaves melting
in light and shadow,

and i do melt for you,
the dream of you,
your presence

the chill of my
back bone, the
thrill of my mortal

love, the swift
bird hanging like
a hammock to
the sky,

love, the only
conceivable way

play with me,
boy of steel
where summer
cries at our
molten bones

centuries of sky
sip forgotten

play with me,
lover, and i'll
love you
the way you wish
to be loved.
1.0k · Aug 2016
last of summer
beth stclair Aug 2016
the sky is the colour of ceres porcelain
or an oil painting of a windy isle,
the hot sun softens,
the days easier, the clouds
are white like patches on
blue jeans, the cooler air
conjuring the blues of the
skies, mystical and haunting,
the stream’s summer greys
singing of rusty pools and
white linen, as babbling water
falls from the mountains
and rushes to breathe.
summer becomes tender,
opens her heart to the
beauty of the sky, lingers
with flashy sunlight, and
touches of brilliance to
those water-colour skies
and sends us adieus
and sweet memories
of children’s laughter
and happy, warm days.
1.0k · Aug 2016
dreams of night
beth stclair Aug 2016
we see the gold’s of a shimmering
sun fall on the horizon, the last of
day, leaving trails of hummingbirds.

the sky begins to mourn the last
of light, scattering breeze-like
in a cloud of dark ink.

the moon pours pearls into cloud
widens her eyes; the dark gathers
the pearls, softening like dream.

thick honeysuckle traces the
walls, the immense night
sings of love in a gentle voice

and as the tide sweeps clean the
wandering sands, beautiful and
infinite the last star falls.
1.0k · Oct 2015
beth stclair Oct 2015
she wanders through the forests and the groves,
her bare feet scarce upon the mossy ground,
as day sinks into night without a sound
and sunset fills the skies with pinks and mauves;
and like a restless breeze she wildly roves,
a love-lost woodland dryad, summer-crowned
and who could ever guess where she was bound,
or why the sea so whispered near the coves.
her eyes as bright as a white-feathered dove,
beyond the river, near a sheltered tree,
she rests awhile finds lilies for her hair,
their flowery mist no prettier than she,
(enchanting in the hearkened, vibrant air,)
her heart soft-brimmed with longing and with love.
1.0k · Jul 2015
beth stclair Jul 2015
dance sweet Belle,
i can see you in the shadows
all laughter and bluebells.
1.0k · Jul 2016
beth stclair Jul 2016
ocean, song of a dark
night, me so jealous
i weep.
1.0k · Jul 2016
portrait of you
beth stclair Jul 2016
the seas endless crescendo,
summer roses,
shadowy inks of the stars.
1.0k · Jul 2015
the delicate breezes
beth stclair Jul 2015
petals of the wind,
like lilies unfolding
in the water.
1.0k · Feb 24
love poem
beth stclair Feb 24
dark as the night
beautiful as a storm
your love,
a rose sweeter than
the sky
my everything
and nothing,
my live wire,
my shooting star.
touch me so i feel
alive, unwrap me
tender and warm
bewitch me with
your kiss until i
melt into the air
in the metals of a
sleeping world
gather me like
a flower, fly to
me like a bird.
1.0k · Mar 2017
sea-scape dream
beth stclair Mar 2017
i dream of the sea,
whispering like a wild cloud,
stretching the blue air.
1.0k · Apr 2017
ghosts and iron
beth stclair Apr 2017
sea, strange
ghost of
ghostly iron,

blue star of

love in your
song of ghosts,
in your ghostly

clouds darker
than the sea's
stark iron, their
ghosts the sweet
breathed mist,
their ghosts
the ghostly iron,

the sea, crashing
wild and iron-like,
the tide's ghost
also iron,

wind, wild and
high like a cindery
bird, caught in
the irons of the day,
metal star of the breezes.

sense of shelter,
ghost of grey
little sky of
iron, heart-beat
like a ghost,
heart-beat singing
of love.
1.0k · Mar 2017
wind in a winter tree
beth stclair Mar 2017
lover, melt my kiss
like mist drifting from the sea
on the tide's dark leaves.
1.0k · Jun 2016
beth stclair Jun 2016
roses, wild and overgrown break the sky
with their cloudy blossom,

image of a lily on a smooth pond,

the light flooding through lilacs,
delicate as a breeze.
1.0k · Oct 2015
the trees like iron masts...
beth stclair Oct 2015
the trees like
iron masts
ships of steel,
the leaves,
whirring and circling,
scattering the shadows of
the dark lanes
with their golden inks.
beth stclair Oct 2017
gentle bird of the wilderness,
summer shore of rust
and gold,

the sky with her swift clouds of mist,
her blue-greys,
and her stormy wings,
beyond beautiful.

with all the strength of my
heart, i open the stormy
door of your love,
i cry and cry to find you,

a rough wind that blows with
your storm, aches and
gives way,

your ghosts the quietest
of stars.
993 · Sep 2015
the sea in ribbons...
beth stclair Sep 2015
the sea in ribbons,
blue lands of the tide,
surreal as summer
with her plastic suns,
her moons of smoke,
her endless rivers.
989 · Nov 2015
beth stclair Nov 2015

autumn’s leaves
scattered in pools,
a cloud of fine gold.

ivy scented skies
break free.


trees conjure dreams,
flow like a night breeze.


the sun is remote,
the fires of a wild sea,
damask shores
where we sink
to the floor....


sink further,
where quiet walls and skies
pierce our yearnings,
uncover a naked flame.
982 · Dec 2016
heaven and hell
beth stclair Dec 2016
life and its glitters, the boredoms that seek to write
the inspirations of death with its healing joys
and life with its uttermost sorrows

i, a fractured sky, disinclined to move,
divorced from shadow and voice
unwoken by the mild pull of the earth

an old romance of ears and eyes, yellow and round,
heavens-hopes the goals of a lifetime
waiting innocently for the rain.

i waited and the shadows of the earth
grew long until they were armies
sleeping near the bleached rocks

believing they were the blanketing dark,
breathing beside autumn’s haikus of
slumber the sharp fall of love, the

intense tide of low grass and high wall.

dreams rushing like princely streams
a beginning of clouds, clouds of black air
sweeping clear, like valleys of the wild

a wilderness so tender it could speak,
where the mighty waves froze the shore-line
with the hints of winter's first kiss

and the magics of the stars cried into fire,
not knowing the flower-beds or the laughter
or the crazy tears of a humble man.

love poured sapphires from its streams
glass-houses of light, where the oceany
air believed in vertical caves, monstrous

caverns of hopes and dreams, marble
statues with broken jaws, unearthly
branches that rose like strange trees

combing the wind into tangles of tide,
hollow night, with its breathing and
mights, its desires, its poetry of mind.
982 · Oct 2015
you were the last....
beth stclair Oct 2015
you were the last
bird of summer

the golds of the
sun melted as you flew

wrapped to an oak-washed
sky, that slowly unravelled

you were my love
and i loved you with every

soft breath of my soul.
978 · Jan 2018
crazy in love
beth stclair Jan 2018
i love you with
all of my darkness
and all of my light
like a midnight flower

hinged like a door
i battle to reach you

i know only of our love,
i'm a blue mood and
a strange sea, weeping
in winter's silver frost,

your fiery legs
leave me longing
like a jealous cloud
longs to dream of
the night and hold
it as its own,

i'm crazy about your
legs, crazy, crazy,
crazy about your love,

and i melt as you kiss me
crazy jealous of your love.
my poem monet in winter has been published in a weekly newsletter for avocet magazine. you can get a copy by emailing the editor charlie on [email protected] it is also possible to subscribe to their quarterly magazine
977 · Oct 2015
sing sweet bird
beth stclair Oct 2015
sing sweet bird
carved out of light
and air,
lord of the silvering birch,
monarch of the drifting skies.
973 · Jul 2016
love poem
beth stclair Jul 2016
my love for you
is the wildest rivers of my poetry
where the night melts into
oblivion and all i can feel is your
love, devouring me, desiring me,
uncovering me, until
i am but blood and bone,
a bluesy wind instrument
serenading the skies.
in your love everything that
i need, every tender star
a bird gliding in
the night, moon-ful,
soulful, wrapped in silvering
dream. climb, climb to the
running hills where i’ll reach you,
leave me burning feverish
and excited, wrap me in your love.
967 · Aug 2016
beth stclair Aug 2016

the grass in the meadows
has grown high,
it melts like an emerald
sea under the sun.


summer stretches
robotic and angular
everything larger than life
sunshine and the childish rains
pouring stormy drops
on the window.


the sky is perfectly white
the cloud is an unbroken
line, no dots or dashs,
no hyphens or metaphors.


i dress in the morning and
undress at night let the
pools of the night tether me
to the sky.
written a couple of weeks ago
954 · Oct 2015
beth stclair Oct 2015
enchantment waits above the castle towers,
the midnight gleam unholy, she is lost
to darkling clouds and battlements of frost,
and enigmatic night shows all her powers.
bewitched by ages white as lily flowers,
the ivy creeps upon the broken walls,
a kingdom for the prince, high ceilinged halls,
fall, fall to dust and long the starry hours.
great knights in armour, restless for a fight
on thundering horses storm into the night,
with swords unsheathed towards their deathly foe,
and love is lost with nowhere left to go,
the mighty fall, their army silver bright,
beneath a slumbered moon the south winds blow.
944 · Apr 2018
what horizons await us
beth stclair Apr 2018
what horizons await us, what skies fasten
to the bright ambers of our dreaming bones?

our love, water trickling over
a pebble in a stream,

the whoosh of  
leaves and a shadow in the dark,

the ghost of a poem
written in a dream,

the splendour of the tide,

both everything and

our love neither a poem or a sigh,
all the winds battling,

spring's blue moon waiting near the
water for one slow ripple to reach
943 · Mar 2017
beth stclair Mar 2017
we live in shadow-
lands, our minds
moss avenues,
cradled like a child,

i wonder where the air
draws her breath,
hair wind-blown with gazing
at a far-flowing sea,

eyes duskier than a rose
in the unsettled night,

whisper me your dreams
that i may find you again
boy of love,

whisper me something sweet
for the hate in this
world tears me apart,

the quiet night
scatters the seeds
of the dark,

scatters us to this
north wind
that plays in the
dry-grass ruins
of my heart,

dream of a white
rose, lying near
me on this
windy path,
that leads to the
sea, damp
with wet sand,

i thought i'd
see you, but
all i saw were
the shadow-
beth stclair Nov 2017

in a city of leaves
a wilderness of moon
and her shadows
climb high
in a drowsy sky
that dreams of
golden lamps
and avenues of stone.


you told me
that you loved me,
under a sky of lizard grey,
with wild inks that sang of
all the promises of winter.


i kissed your neck, wrapped
to your love and its
tremendous sea,
a wave flowing with
the current,
drawn to the shadowy shore.


your kiss like the layers
of dark cloud,
you were jealous of me
as you pushed me to
the wall, and i
said i am yours, i
will always be yours.


night’s fiery arches,
a swift god,
the thunderous steps of
the clouds.
941 · Oct 2015
the glade
beth stclair Oct 2015
awake my love! oh, don't be weary-eyed
and hearken to my lover's serenade,
i'll take you to the dryad's mossy glade,
leave slumber like a mist upon the tide.
i'll whisper secrets in your moonstruck ear,
declare my passion in the midnight hours,
where fairies hide beside the milky flowers
and i'll be tender for i hold you dear.
we'll sit where moonlight glimmers in the trees,
drink honey mead and toast the balmy night
and you will find enchantment and delight,
oh, how i'll love you, how i'll laugh and tease.
the stars will guide us shining in the deep;
awake my love! awaken from your sleep.
i usually post some rhyme around halloween so this week i'm going to have a break from writing and post some of my old sonnets. i hope you all like them :)
939 · Oct 2015
moon of mist
beth stclair Oct 2015
moon of mist
and blue-edged

bends to the floor,

as if the skies
of slumbering streams.
beth stclair Oct 2017

unwrap me tenderly,
pour your love
like water from a jug,
please me and
harness me,
bring me to life,
beneath your touch.


tonight the puddles
whisper to a wandering moon,
reflections like onyx in
dreamy pools, the
water’s soft breeze,
a stream of stars,
your love also, the song of a star.


the last heartbeat
of summer in the
honey light,

after the rain
everything feels
ink pressed to
the water.


the breeze
whispers to the
dark-eyed, its
leaves a rose
on my pillow,
beats an ashy drum.


you pull me to you,
i’m brought to life
by the sound of your voice,
caressing me with
your lips, my back
arched back, my ribs
a dream of you,
in the night and in your
919 · Nov 2016
golds sink down
beth stclair Nov 2016
golds sink down
the sky strange magics
miraculous the bridges
of leaves under October’s
wintry dusks calm and at rest
russet and purple the
trees yearn for the darks
of a retreating world
each leaf falling forever
each leaf a ghost
of hidden centuries
where the night’s eternal
stars wait, beautiful
in the perfections of the sky.
autumn moods
914 · Sep 2015
the whiteness of ghosts
beth stclair Sep 2015
the whiteness of ghosts,
winter flowers,

songs of the night
falling through
the leaves,

the old dark ache
of the skies,

our love
naked in its seas.
beth stclair Aug 2017
sea, darkness and rose buds,
running to the shore,

i hear the sharp flutes of
the waves gathering the
widening summer

(see how she draws in her
breath before
the wind….)

the sky drinks deep,
makes lanes out of
the dark where we
run to stay free, the starlight
trembles, blinks and
nods with its
silver ghosts,

those silver ghosts
of a wandering sea,
of rose-wood and darkness,

as the sea melts....
910 · Sep 2015
i loved you the way...
beth stclair Sep 2015
i loved you the way
i believed summer
would melt,
fell into your arms
the way i could only
ever fall with you.
903 · Jul 2016
beth stclair Jul 2016

branches of black night
the rain taps on the roof
everything is unguarded
a bird breaking open the sky like
a dark tear.


our love, rooted to
the earth, scattering
bright oceans
tender as a star.


dance of love
limbs wild and joyful
lull of a kiss.


ocean breaking, each wave,
flowing back to its watery song,
flooding and flowing,
flooding and flowing.
897 · Feb 2015
where night is...
beth stclair Feb 2015
a white lily
light as a leaf
on the dancing water...

a honey moon
drifting slowly across
the dark arch of the sky...

a bright penny
dropped in a well and
a wish to find true love...
895 · Feb 2017
beth stclair Feb 2017
you are jealous,
you are jealous,
you are jealous....

gorgeous star,
gorgeous sea,
wind wild in my hair,

you are so jealous.
beth stclair Sep 2017

at the edge of a dark sky,
where the framed door
lies closed and the
rain’s smooth octaves
gather the last lonesome
heart-beat of the summer in
its mists that tap the door,


the grey air,
cloud-drawn, straps
its satchel to its back
its stones the silvers
of a silent moon,


its stones sombre and smoky,
the dead of night,
a crimson king
a blossoming flower,


where the night’s slated
roof listens to the rains
urgent rushings, silver
and shaded like a storm,

words of the air
sinking back like the
desolate waves that hush
the sands as they drown
their sorrows in baskets
conjured out of the breath
of the grey-eyed night.


you kiss me and i start to
swoon, i swoon like a garden
rose that climbed once to
the sky, a garden overgrown  
with the quiet of apple-coloured
leaves, the summer with its vines,
its leaves the bright rain drops,
its leaves the visions of the air.
894 · Oct 2015
the moon glows brightly...
beth stclair Oct 2015
the moon glows brightly
her corners smudged
at the edges,

night drinks from a holy well,
a cavernous black sinks
into the dark lakes of the skies,

sinks further and further
autumn is awakening
loosening her hair
that falls in a golden net,

the first leaves crackle
in smokey knots,

sink beneath
the honeys of an
autumn sky,

lost in the woods
that start to trickle in a
stream of fiery gold
from branch to floor,
where the stars
still sing of the last spells
of summer.
893 · Feb 2017
tribute to horace
beth stclair Feb 2017
sweet chloe have you tamed that pretty bird,
as light as southern breezes on your arm?
how many hours have you beguiled and heard
your sparrow sing for you with graceful charm?
my poet's pen falls restless to the ground,
my fevered mind can find no peace today,
for all you do is praise his lilting sound
and pay no heed to anything i say.
great neptune throws his trident in despair,
apollo breathes, his tresses filled with fire
and i am left with solitary care
for jove cannot bring comfort with his lyre.
i do not wait forever at your door,
the burdened ocean storming to the shore.
written as if it was horace writing the poem.
892 · Aug 2015
the night frosted in silver
beth stclair Aug 2015
the night frosted in silver,
shadows and moons,
iron ghosts stretching
into the darkness,
unravelling the song
of the tide.
891 · Sep 2015
when we fell in love
beth stclair Sep 2015
summer became a blue
pool, the sky swept away
all its dark streams,
the tide wept at our happiness
and we could not bear to be apart.
beth stclair Aug 2017
"where day is.... dreams of a summer sky."


the sky floats up,
gazing out with lips
of steel, a
shiny branch
to summer’s sigh,
her iris a cats
eye, marble blue,
her pupil a dark


play with me,
draw me out of the

let me sing to
you a sea-song
where the waves
somersault and
crash to the shore,

where the wind, wild
as wild, faints to breathe
the wakening sky.


see how i write in passages,
faint-waves  of
summer’s mists where
the rain dips her pen in
the grey-ink cloud.


searching for your ghosts,
the deep whirling of the streamy sea
with its wine-red roses like
coloured glass
dance as i gather
whispers of strangeness
and sun, blossoming,
shrink-edged like an
opalescent pool, all
of it, you.


days of watery rags and rubber
tyres, red snake of
summer’s ribs, the
stones of the stormy sun,
gathering the landscape
where tonight the
moon will rise for love
you will loosen my hair
and i will kiss your throat.
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