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34.9k · Jun 2015
jealous of my love (mature)
beth stclair Jun 2015
jealous of my love,
jealous of my love,
jealous of my love.

jealous of my legs,
jealous of my legs,
jealous of my legs.

***** for my love,
***** for my love,
***** for my love.
32.0k · Aug 2015
jealous of dreams (mature)
beth stclair Aug 2015
jealous of dreams,
jealous of dreams,
jealous of dreams.

jealous of your legs,
jealous of your legs,
jealous of your legs.

***** for your love,
***** for your love,
***** for your love.
30.8k · May 2015
horny (mature)
beth stclair May 2015
very *****,
very *****,
very *****.

so jealous,
so jealous,
so jealous.

very excited,
under your spell,
dreams of the blue sea drifting…
wanting you.
10.7k · Nov 2016
whispers of sea
beth stclair Nov 2016
whispers of sea
where the cold storm
gathers in the grey
sky, and the waves
pound the shore
running back
pushing down
arching like
fiery cats,
the ache of the storm
a tearful cloud
the song of
a poem.
thank you to all my friends at this website for their continued support of one of the things i love in this world which is poetry. i've only just realised this is the daily today and i just wish i had more spare time at the moment to write and review. thank you again to everyone.
9.6k · Jul 2015
beth stclair Jul 2015
this is the moon's
quiet rose, the unfolding
of the clouds, tranquility
resting her head,
the beautiful sea.
9.1k · Jul 2015
dream of lilies
beth stclair Jul 2015
dream of lilies,
blues and whites
in their little islands,
flower of the starlight,
flower of the water.
8.7k · Feb 2015
unloosening ribbons
beth stclair Feb 2015
dancer of the clouds,
ink of dream,
as if the sky, hushed
and utterly forlorn,
turned a pirouette.
beth stclair Jun 2016
the sound of a wave lapping,
summer thickens

and suddenly everything is
vaguely surreal, under the
hidden stomach of the stars

ghosts of silver struggle
in the white light.

when the water splashes
little islands croon.

love, rescues me from
the millions of pieces
where i lie scattered.
Thank you to everybody for reading and commenting it means the world to me!!!!
7.8k · Jul 2015
the water
beth stclair Jul 2015
the water carves its caves
out of the black rock,
little turrets of the wind
walking the battlements
of the sea's dark fortress.
6.8k · May 2015
water lily
beth stclair May 2015

monet's passion written in
whispering tears.
the still lake smoulders
in ripples, all shadows and smoke.

a dragonfly presses the air
into whir, memories in my
pocket saddled to fire.


the air murmurs with death-shouts.

is this to sink, deep in a dungeon
of opulent blue

or to shimmer, iridescent
like a moon-lamp, empress
of ocean green and river blue
beyond the stilling light.


this is a bed of decadence
drowned moment of golden fire
in the sipped leaves that trumpet
to the clouds, that this is their day to


water lily, white light of the pond
following the drowning dark,
flower of drifting quiet,
flower of dream.


root treading past
the stillness of dusk,
utter existence,
daughter of the moon,
daughter of the silence.
6.7k · Oct 2015
girl in the clouds
beth stclair Oct 2015
limbs dancing
dark hair flowing
arms and legs
wound around the sky
pockets full of autumn leaves
above the rushing clouds
her heels pushed into
their misty brocades
twisting like a ghost
of the white skies
then singing on her ivy-covered swing.
the book is 29 today in
Barnes and noble irish poetry under $5 nook and I'm not even irish lol!!!! thank you to everyone who has bought it! the link is here

footnote : i put a lot of time and effort into putting poems into collections so that they would be read more. i really do think that that is what is important reading more :) without the adds into collections the poems don't get read. if there's a problem with too many adds cap it at 5 or something but yes i do try to help the poets who i like but i only have one account :)

i'm going to add one of the reasons i am at this site is because views are high and that is in all seriousness.
5.6k · Aug 2015
i'm broken
beth stclair Aug 2015
i’m broken
the way every writer is
broken and the words fall
out of the cracks.
5.5k · Aug 2015
the water dreams...
beth stclair Aug 2015
the water dreams,
wild as a sea,
tranquil as a star.
5.5k · Aug 2015
beth stclair Aug 2015
gold as the sinking sun
the cloudy sea,
burnt to the colour of autumn leaves,
floods with blue.
5.3k · May 2015
beth stclair May 2015
clouds of lilac blossom
thick in the blue air.

day unwraps in slow
whispers and the wind
is more lonely than am i.

the sky is a broken
vase, little
pathways of the sun,
her strange loads,
her happy voice.

the lilacs were our love song
may swept into our hair and eyes
little pieces of me scattering
like breaking waves.

dipped in the magical ink
of flowers
the garden cries
for its wilderness
its withering of sky
its blossoming of twig
until you can’t see the sky
and it becomes softly an impression,
a fine mist of golds.

no song now,
only the death of the
wind and a new road
that winds from the silver distances
of the moon.

only a harbour where i
rest for a while, a little
boat bobbing where the waves lap,
waiting for you...
beth stclair Oct 2017
star, sapphire of the water,
sapphire of love,

the moon, throws
off her jacket,
bares her flesh in the
autumn rain,

leaves melt to the
streams of gold
and amber
start to blur,

surreal landscape,
mooring rope of golden rain,
as you kiss me
i ***** into
your corners,

unwind like the
night’s sapphire
mesmerized by
the dark waters of
your touch,

mesmerized by your love.
thank you to everyone who has read this and helped the poem to do so well at this most wonderful web site :)
4.0k · Aug 2015
smoke and ghosts
beth stclair Aug 2015
smoke and ghosts,
utter emptiness.

the moon drifting
in a smouldering sea
of grey inks.
3.7k · Mar 2017
everything of me....
beth stclair Mar 2017
everything of
me was lilac,

every bolt of
every summer
every drop of
cooling rain,

in spring i
melted like
a hedgerow,
in gold and

in summer i
gathered the sky
to my branches
green with shadows
of longing,

in autumn i trembled
downwards like a
girl unwinding her

and in winter i froze
on the doorstep
all black branch
and cold
rigging on
a barren ship,

everything of me
was lilac and
i had the most
purple throat,

i was a soft
melody of love
on a strange
moody day.
3.6k · Sep 2015
you hold me like...
beth stclair Sep 2015
you hold me like
a cloud holds the sky
and every dark vapour
is breathing like a ghost
is wrapped into the night’s

i love you with every
chord of my being
a song of discord
and light, of rains
sudden and quenching,
of clouds as beautiful
as island seas.
2.9k · Sep 2015
the ghost of the moon...
beth stclair Sep 2015
the ghost of the moon,
a sky of dark oaks,
its blacks deep cauldrons
breaking like twigs underfoot
its blacks tragic horizons
where the clouds stretch and dissolve.
2.8k · Sep 2015
beth stclair Sep 2015
golden streams of sun
sink, unwrap, dance,
melt into the trees
like honeycomb,
silver the ground
with their tender warmth.
the day is dying but so gently
that the shadows can only lengthen
dreaming their dreams of the night.
2.6k · Oct 2015
sea at night
beth stclair Oct 2015
high over clear-washed stone, faint whispering,
the moon-bright tide cascades, the wild sea rose
has blossomed, nodding where the salt wave flows,
the wide unconquered brines great murmuring.
storm rock, night air, the white foam glistening
on wandering sand, the night's rich harvest grows
as passive as a flower, the sea-breeze blows
above the glassy ocean's thundering.
our love as free as this the windswept wave,
its rhythmic sigh, here in your arms i seek
a treasury of love, exotic gems,
before the folding tide, the current's slave.
the stronghold falls, the sleeping waters speak
of soft goodbyes and watery diadems.
beth stclair Jun 2015

the sweet breath of the water,
relentless waves,
drowning, drowning,  
all the night settling its
sea-light into a
blue pool.

seahorses and amber
stirring the tide into
the blown sands of the
here where the dunes shape
and reshape, drifting out
where the sea lies empty.


loud the roaring waves,
against the nape of my neck
a slight breeze,
the night draws in her breath
and reaches for cloud and
the sunken oasis of midnight's
blue inks, reaches somewhere
that no longer sings…


this is where the fire
melts and the ghosts
in the branches linger,
the leaves a mist of
trembling clouds,  
the gold arches of the night
also trembling clouds.


the sea burns like
an engine, settling near
the shore
a broken piece of driftwood

i am alight
i am alight

where i sink into the
mists of the dark,
unwind to strange harmonies...


the indigos of the stars
wrap and unwrap
build sky-moons and
stone fountains
where the water
dances and the darkness
2.3k · Aug 2015
i am
beth stclair Aug 2015
i am the moss that hides
in the crevice,
the forest dreaming of
wood-elves and
white clouds,
the ivories of
the stars.
2.2k · Mar 2015
beth stclair Mar 2015
the white flowers of midnight
could not be more white.

the night trembles,
the sea-moon is as hungry as the tide.

whispering, like the wind-broken
branches of a winter
tree, the midnight skies
sing sea-ful songs.

it is time for the
stirring clouds to break and the flowers
of the darkness to blossom.

stars play like water near my heart.

the tide broods and the
dark, driven waters seek to carve rivers.

i stand, surreal as the
shadows of the forest and wait....
beth stclair Jan 2017

where the grey
clouds and the blue
ice of winter
gather their ghosts,

winter, too cold,
too white, the
woodland hollows
summer love

discarded in
the frost,

the sky oaken,
the moon’s forget-me-knots
silvery dream.


clouds like wintery steel,
sunken, in a night pool,
the golds of my heart,

the lodestar gathers
moss and rook,
glimmers in a sky
of woven cloth,
her leaves, the trees
of winter,
her leaves, the dark
breath of the storm.


winter and quiet stars
brooding emperor
sleeping in the twilight
winter dreams of
strange ice caverns
where ice ghosts
dance with twisting


pond of ice,
snow bear,
snow dream,

sleep unwraps

wide avenues of

sleep, the dark girl,
the falling tide.


twig breaks under foot,
earth’s thrones
settle in the lizardy light

the moon rises in the sky,
soft centuries of sky.
i should add that this is waterlilies in winter the original poem was autumn inspired. i'd like to do spring and summer at some point as well!
2.2k · May 25
our love (mature)
beth stclair May 25
our love was the look you gave me -
full of longing -

controlling me with your voice
and your legs,

until i collapsed, wild and hungry,
desolate and content,

every heartbeat seeking love,
every dream imagined.
2.2k · Sep 2015
love poem
beth stclair Sep 2015
cloud in the sky,
drifting, rose of
the skies, wanderer.

elation, wild heart,
sea of wild stars,
sea, incredible love.

winter sea, wilderness
and wild flowers,
stars burning the skies.

i am jealous
because all of my
love wants you,

i am jealous
because my beautiful
love wanted you,

kissing me in dreams,
sighing like a ghost,
like the waves of the sea i so love.

tonight i want the sea more
than your love, some days
my heart just longs to be wild.

tonight i will make you jealous
of the sea.
2.2k · Mar 2017
ghost boy (mature)
beth stclair Mar 2017
cloud of dark
skies, where
the hollows
of the night

boy, you
make me feel
i am your

the stars at
my feet,

push me
against a wall,

burn into me
like mist.
2.1k · May 2017
where the river runs
beth stclair May 2017
where the river runs
is a ghost
blue as the sky

i want the beauty
of my mind
to run through
my pen

i want the sky
to cast its shadows
of the shadowy clouds
to where
darkness flows
and the moon,
the arching moon,
grows cold,

love could not be
more beautiful
when i am,
flower of the wind
sea of dark sky
ghost of a river
that runs.
2.1k · Aug 2015
dreams of the tide
beth stclair Aug 2015
dreams of the tide,
bold landscapes,
a breeze blowing roses.
2.1k · Feb 2015
beth stclair Feb 2015
the lapping water drifting to the sand,
the smugglers hurry o'er the silver wave,
a rose-moon blushing where the waters lave
and moonlight glistens on the breezy strand.
the oars are steady, gliding to the land
the stroke of midnight near a watery cave,
their whisp'ring feet run silent as a grave                                              
to its dark reach to hide the contraband.
the waves roll mistily with honeyed breath
the sky, a vault of iron, weeps a tear,
the sweeping waters break and start to veer,
a gold tooth glints, the night as black as death,
a dreadful shout, the watch is drawing near,
how suddenly their faces pall with fear!
beth stclair Aug 2015
i love your jealousy of me,
you say "jealous of my love"
but really it is you who are
jealous of me, it is you,
always you and i like that
because then i remember how much
i love you and i abandon all control,
smouldering, the excitement flowing through me,
wanting you, in love with you.
i never want you to leave me,
i cannot bear for you to
leave me even for a minute, i love you
like a wild sea, like a rose reaching out
of the dark, born out of twilights
and sorrow, born out of the mists that are the night,
every part of me wanting you,
the lonely breezes of my heart stilled,
replaced by love and longing by that
rhapsody which is your love.
1.9k · Aug 2015
beth stclair Aug 2015
the sea, rushing,
its blue inks dissolving
in pools.

a cloud whispers
fragments of a dark song
to the sky.

the waves crashing,
crashing, crashing….
1.9k · Mar 2015
the flowers of midnight
beth stclair Mar 2015
white blossoms
striking the hour
sinking into the clouds
songs of the sky.

here, where the clouds
colour the rain with the
ghosts of winding rivers

and the moon
unravels like a
tangled puppet,
no stranger to
love or night,

her watery glance
papery as a distant hill,

her billowing tresses
in the silence,

here, the flowers of midnight
a miracle of magic
and wondering clouds,

a miracle of petal
and flower, of moon-song
and the dark elegance of the
night, floating into the
distance like lilies on the water.
beth stclair Oct 2015
as lonely as the autumn wind
sighing, full of leaves,

china skies of powder-blue,

the day is filled with golden light,
the round sun hanging lower
its soft edges acrobats of cloud.
1.8k · Feb 2015
beth stclair Feb 2015
february and the roses have
finally stopped flowering

above stormy clouds
the moon scatters like a ghost

i dream of you, of you...

and the night glides peacefully
to rest while i sigh and wait.
1.8k · Feb 2017
the rose girl
beth stclair Feb 2017

her dress laced with
icicles, winter streams,
on her head she
wore a bluebell hat.

her hair wild roses,
her little hands gathered love like
wild roses, until her
cheeks melted like wild
roses, and everything of
her was the rose wild wind and
the silvery song of the moon.


winter wove it's dull aches,
it's rose powder rains, its
clouds of dream around
her, but she refused to believe
in the scrolled iron gates of winter
where nothing would open into
the garden of her dreams and
she was left a wood sprite,
magical as freezing midnight
cloud-like in her roses and
blanched cheeks, a snow-rose,
deeply beautiful.


pale as a midnight cloud,
the flowerbeds soft stars
of february, moments of

ice, tears, tears of a doll
in the frost.


love, surreal and ceramic,
pink blossom kisses on your
cheeks and your cherry-white lips
winter harness of bells and softest


clouds sing of roses, winter sinks
like a dark rose, magical inks, rose-
girl, roses, dark thorn of black,
muse in the hedgerow, singing
of a long forgotten world. wounded
bird, drawn of paper and the ringing,
ringing air.
1.7k · Apr 2017
remembering him
beth stclair Apr 2017
he is gone....

night's dark
shadows flit
and shake,
shadow breezes
sing of past

when i kissed him
our love was a bowl
of exquisite rose,

lust ripped at our
bones sunk into
them like a gold
sun's bloom,

my heart remembers
him like a grey ghost
of the past,

worn and unholy,

my love for him
is still a whisper
in the grass,

my love for him,
and only him,
is water and fire,

fire of ghosts that
melt with love,

water of love that
drowns in pools of

for what is forgotten

reaching down to catch
an invisible hand

i am an acrobat
remembering heaven
and love,

a leaf on the winding
wind, incredibly brittle,

for these nettles
i walked in still
sting as i sigh
for his name....
1.7k · Oct 2015
late afternoon
beth stclair Oct 2015
the blackbird sings of summer from the oak,
a ladybird cavorts upon the rose
and while the sunlight hours sweetly spoke,
i dreamt of meadows where the poppy grows.
i dreamt of tranquil moons and nightingales,
the sun an amber flame against the sky,
i dreamt of old romance and holy grails,
the evening closing in, the day drifts by.
the petals fall, soft pinks, confetti thin,
cool walls of fragrant blooms that fall too soon,
a gentle breeze that brushes on my skin,
reflections pale, a lazy afternoon.
my soul bathed clean, the sunlight blinds the eye
the wild rose must lament and so do i.
beth stclair Nov 2018
the clouds storm and stir the horizon
and swoon like a sorrowful bird,

the sun sinks the same way once risen
and deafening the fires of his word,

a lover waits hopeless and dreary,
and hopeless and dreary departs

for love not returned leaves her weary
and breathful her heart.

a vision as clear as the ages,
that reach to the soul or the heart

the storm of the clouds broken cages
long gone those soft clouds that depart

and the sea strides to shore like a viking,
and rages eternal like cloud,

for the storm now is spent and surrenders,
that once stood so proud.

the sea she will wrap me in flowers
and drown me in ivies and wine,

as the sharp winter wind blows wild showers,
that bury the aches of the pines,

and the sea i found tender with rapture
blew me back where the ages relent,

and the sea gave me back all its flowers,
for the love never meant.

desire is no pastry or pudding,
it is death, it is life, it is naught,

in its rages it cries like a blossom
that bursts from the bough and is caught,

no lover could rule or control me,
but they begged and they begged
for my love,

and the love that i gave soon destroyed me,
a lion to the dove.

yet the sea dries my eyes from my weeping,
rejuvinates like vinaigrette,

and love never once won or departing
soon buries its soul in regret,

and the sea sings like a stereotyped lover,
too broody to throw out a rose

and the rose would be tearful my lover,
seas sea e'en froze.

for the sea is a viking of passion,
strange ghost of the wind and the wave,

and knows nothing of love or compassion,
but will leave you with the dark that can't save,

i see her in the **** frost, her blossom,
the waves that still billow like sails

the foam the blue foam near the flotsam,
her song a soft silvery scale.
1.7k · Nov 2015
clouds more intense....
beth stclair Nov 2015
clouds more
intense in their
deep questionings,

the sky blossoms
like an early rose,  

the earth takes a deep breath
mourns for the brightest stars,

the moon gathers
mirrorings and soft
icicles, dreams of summer’s
thin feathery wings.
1.7k · Aug 2015
dream of stars
beth stclair Aug 2015
as beautiful as a star,
as beautiful as the night.
1.7k · Sep 2018
oh, how the wind blows
beth stclair Sep 2018
oh, how in this dark
oh, how the wave flows,
the sky black and stark-
oh, how the wind blows.

the little dogs bark
their songs full of woes,
oh, how in this dark-
oh, how the wind blows.

the autumn draws nigh -
last splash of the rose,
a withering sky-
oh, how the wind blows!
beth stclair Aug 2016
in a tea house
a jasmine girl
plays a piano
shimmering a
song of soft keys
to a lotus blush
of fine infusing leaves.

morning, the jewels
of dawn’s filigree nets
a summer storm
in a wintry sky
coaxed out of
a melody of
incense, trembling
to the infinite
blossom of
tranquil, arching

your poetry, the
cadences of the sun
the light of the
beautiful moons
that weep for
life’s joys,
wild summer
in our hearts.
this poem is inspired by the beautiful poetry of lena s and in particular a series of 'tea house' poems she wrote a while ago that i particularly loved. if you've not read her poetry do check it out i'm sure you will find it as inspirational as i do :) this poem is a response to a dedication poem that lena wrote for me very recently called blossom divine which you can find on my pages.
1.6k · Jun 2015
surreal landscape
beth stclair Jun 2015
the moon was chasing the shadows of the forest,
while the night scurried into the black fields,
placing a small toe into a sorrowful grey cloud
the wind hardly more than a whisper.

and then midnight unwound, blue shadows on grass,
the fields green as dark emeralds,
the clouds dreaming of a soft moon,
and the eye drawn skywards,

filled with forgotten dreams
the wind began to hurry
birds crammed into a bucketful of sky
like flapping pages hinged to a spine.

welcome then to the stomach of night
to moonflower and the bright light that spins
uncovering the stones that lie in the dark moss
revealing the surreal landscape to a broken moon.

welcome then to our love, even more surreal,
as we hold each other close, and shiver like
strange plants wrapped into the black ink of the night
as the world unfolds to kisses and wilderness.
1.6k · Nov 2015
the thunder....
beth stclair Nov 2015
the thunder of
a small bird.

a poem grows shadows
and moonscapes,

the moon,
withered sapphires,
her open windows
a thread of bright
1.6k · Jan 2017
waterlilies in summer
beth stclair Jan 2017

under a flaming bridge
blue islands,
sky-stream of
light, as the tranquil
waters unfold,
dream of
visionary seers
and haunted rooms.

gold sun running
like a tide,
pads of echoing cloud,
reflections like
mirrors on
the hollowy


oil on canvas
pond of daydream,
water wrapped in love
and flower.

sunken, bird of grey
wire, fallen stone,
rippling ghost.


flower of ghost,
ink lady of sapphire
melting and sinking
like lanterns
in a chine,
where the night
wanders and the stars
lean against the sky.


watery isle,
rivery summer golds,
trembling pond,
flower of the dragonfly
flower of white sun.


shadows in the leaves
monet fire of gold,
strange indigos,
violet sky,
water-dragon of the pond
water-dragon of the flowers.
1.6k · Jul 2015
beth stclair Jul 2015
stars, the softest
prints, the watercolours
of the night, washed
in a rich green sea,
shining like prisms,
forgetful as the shadows of the moon
bold, restful bridge of the tide.
1.6k · Nov 2015
song of the sea
beth stclair Nov 2015
an eerie song that sings of secret trysts,
of long lost love, of desolate despair
that climbs upon the ghostly midnight air,
where winter seas are bathed in cloudy mists.
and i am captivated by the cries
of melancholy winds and stormy waves
that sing around the lonely ocean caves
and drown the heavens with their lovelorn sighs.
a voice that whispered; "once i loved her so
that the wide sea could not keep us apart,
the sound you heard the beating of my heart,
or murmur of the tide, you'll never know."
as if the sea was haunted by a ghost,
who called my name along the weary coast.
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