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beth stclair Mar 2018
a grey sky,
my lips pressed
to your lips,
unfastened hair,

in a moment
i am drawn
to you,
in love with
your legs and
your smile,

grey dissidence
of the approaching
thunder caught
up in the hills,

the roses start
to wilt in the vase,

the roses of the sky
have silent wings,
time knotted
like a handkerchief
against my skin,

i am hollow, my
legs desiring yours,
love the swift sea,
the amber forest,

blowsy silk,
the clouds,
drawn of water,

and i sink
jealous of your love
and your legs,

wanting all of
you to fall in
love with me,

lips pressed
love, my love,
the ghosts
of the storm.
Feb 2018 · 530
winter tides
beth stclair Feb 2018
"where love is.... a jealous girl
of the wind."


falling like a leaf
that sings to the sky
the cresting wave
draws down,
the honey sea
a miracle of dance.


deep vision of blue,
caves of grey iron,
the waters pool,
drifting with the
icy wind.  


sharp vowel of
frozen earth,
the songful
depths of winter
sink like the seas,
the dark notes
of the clouds an
accent above the
vaulting hills.


i sink like the seas
before your love,
my knees trembling,
my legs aroused,

i am a storm that
gathers the
horizons of your
sky, burnt into the
honeycombs of
the wind full of


the sky must sigh,
the wind whisper
to the sea; “take
me home.”


i see you and my
body melts, your
love the breath of
the sea, the magical
tides of the clouds.
my poem monet in winter has been published in a weekly newsletter for avocet magazine. you can get a copy by emailing the editor charlie on [email protected] it is also possible to subscribe to their quarterly magazine
Jan 2018 · 972
crazy in love
beth stclair Jan 2018
i love you with
all of my darkness
and all of my light
like a midnight flower

hinged like a door
i battle to reach you

i know only of our love,
i'm a blue mood and
a strange sea, weeping
in winter's silver frost,

your fiery legs
leave me longing
like a jealous cloud
longs to dream of
the night and hold
it as its own,

i'm crazy about your
legs, crazy, crazy,
crazy about your love,

and i melt as you kiss me
crazy jealous of your love.
my poem monet in winter has been published in a weekly newsletter for avocet magazine. you can get a copy by emailing the editor charlie on [email protected] it is also possible to subscribe to their quarterly magazine
Dec 2017 · 1.3k
beth stclair Dec 2017

drunken in my pockets,
the day whispers to the trees that
pin to you, albatross
of a wind-swept sea loosening
feathers and heart-beats in
short, death-caught seconds.


gorgeous girl of height,
your caves are bright mysteries
your light an elephant's graveyard
of grey.


bitter note of earth,
you anchor birth
to our eye sockets, unwrap
mint and honey from the hills.


uneasy mistress,
dark daughter of sight,
sunk into all the corners of the world
you break like string,
you break and i break with you.


vignette of ivy-coloured dreams,
sunny trail, you break my heart and
glue it back, sigh and sigh like a viking raider
conjured out of porcelain
and rose-water.


warrior of distant planes,
dense harbour of a lonely city,
landscape of water, unravelled
in an instant, a velvet
ribbon tied into a bow.
beth stclair Dec 2017
the sea sang out
to the crazy stars,
dust beneath her feet,
flowers in her hair,

ivy pinned to a
black cave,
where the waves swept
past with their
engines of steel,

the clouds threw
their heads
pretty swing
boats of
the whitest paint,

pressed against  a
surreal sky, above the
dust and the flowers,
the ghosts of the
my poem spring tide has been published in Equinox Zine in its spring issue which can be purchased at website Issuu. my book, and then i returned to you, you my poet of the water is available as a nook book at barnes and noble
beth stclair Dec 2017
i longed for you
but i couldn’t find you
for shadows,

the moon shone weakly in the
december cold,
my shirt washed out
like a blowsy cloud,

everything singing
of winter ghosts,
time just an illusion,
**** frost like
a sharp indigo blade,

bleached out at the seams
like a whale bone
the threadbare night
layers of grey shadows,

my lips yearned
for your lips,
my legs for
your legs,

the roses of the
sweet night
a flowery mist,

but still i could not
find you and my
lonely heart
raged like a
raggedy storm.
beth stclair Dec 2017
the stars parade,
the moon curves into
the night broods
in a frosty sky,

footsteps follow
like the witching hour
in her emerald

kiss me, sweet boy,
let me rest
in your arms,
sing a song of
love into the
night tide,

sway with you
in a ghostly

sunken like
a blue pool
beneath the

where our
forever begins
in the unravelling
of the old moon.
Nov 2017 · 780
beth stclair Nov 2017
it is morning and
love hides in the bed
linen where
still-sleepy arms
and legs start to awake.

the scent of rose
on the pillow,
the scent of love
blossoming with
a kiss beneath the sheets,
honey limbs
roused in the sunshine.

late november and
the leaves fall,
spiralling to the
floor, browns and
golds, sinking,
earth bound
in the crisp morning

pouring through
the window,
a thin sun
stretches out,
the grey-eyed winter
waits like our
kisses, sweet as
cherry, sweet as our
yearning lips.
Nov 2017 · 1.2k
beth stclair Nov 2017
you can only
imagine my kiss,

i am a mirage,
the glossy night
blown into

i am a phantasm
in the autumn frost,

layered like
the night’s soft
a stream of
golden leaves
crisp in the quiet

i drown in the
water of the stars

i faint, a ghostly
you can
sense in
the dream-like
surrender of
our love,
arousing our
kisses like
the flowers of time.
Nov 2017 · 747
our love
beth stclair Nov 2017
carrying the sky
on lilting wings,

our love, melting
like a candle,
yearning to
be set free,

the grey dome
of the sky
promising rain,
whispering to
the cardboard
streets where
the gold leaves sink,
flavoured by the
colours of autumn,
that love is a
wondrous bird of
the skies,
is all of our morrows,
is the happiness in
our lives.
beth stclair Nov 2017

in a city of leaves
a wilderness of moon
and her shadows
climb high
in a drowsy sky
that dreams of
golden lamps
and avenues of stone.


you told me
that you loved me,
under a sky of lizard grey,
with wild inks that sang of
all the promises of winter.


i kissed your neck, wrapped
to your love and its
tremendous sea,
a wave flowing with
the current,
drawn to the shadowy shore.


your kiss like the layers
of dark cloud,
you were jealous of me
as you pushed me to
the wall, and i
said i am yours, i
will always be yours.


night’s fiery arches,
a swift god,
the thunderous steps of
the clouds.
beth stclair Oct 2017

unwrap me tenderly,
pour your love
like water from a jug,
please me and
harness me,
bring me to life,
beneath your touch.


tonight the puddles
whisper to a wandering moon,
reflections like onyx in
dreamy pools, the
water’s soft breeze,
a stream of stars,
your love also, the song of a star.


the last heartbeat
of summer in the
honey light,

after the rain
everything feels
ink pressed to
the water.


the breeze
whispers to the
dark-eyed, its
leaves a rose
on my pillow,
beats an ashy drum.


you pull me to you,
i’m brought to life
by the sound of your voice,
caressing me with
your lips, my back
arched back, my ribs
a dream of you,
in the night and in your
beth stclair Oct 2017
star, sapphire of the water,
sapphire of love,

the moon, throws
off her jacket,
bares her flesh in the
autumn rain,

leaves melt to the
streams of gold
and amber
start to blur,

surreal landscape,
mooring rope of golden rain,
as you kiss me
i ***** into
your corners,

unwind like the
night’s sapphire
mesmerized by
the dark waters of
your touch,

mesmerized by your love.
thank you to everyone who has read this and helped the poem to do so well at this most wonderful web site :)
beth stclair Oct 2017
arch and fall like
a river of gold sun,

what breaks
and what comes to life,
the pit of my stomach
a scaffolding of
dark fear

i kiss your lips
and your love
drowns me in
moroccan silk,

my heart caves in
my legs cave in

everything is you,
everything is

a ghost wrapped in
sweet night where
the stained red maple leaves
melt near the window.
beth stclair Oct 2017
gentle bird of the wilderness,
summer shore of rust
and gold,

the sky with her swift clouds of mist,
her blue-greys,
and her stormy wings,
beyond beautiful.

with all the strength of my
heart, i open the stormy
door of your love,
i cry and cry to find you,

a rough wind that blows with
your storm, aches and
gives way,

your ghosts the quietest
of stars.
Sep 2017 · 522
the devil
beth stclair Sep 2017
drowning, drowning under,
these voices loud as thunder,
the dragon and the tiger,
the hermit and the miser,
twist the paths of fate.

the devil was my brother,
he took me to the river
where the waters flow forever,
beside the laughing heather,
a river full of hate.

the dragon said; "i'll burn you."
the tiger said; “i’ll maul you.”
the hermit said; “i live on my own.”
the miser said; “i won’t give you a loan.”

the devil was my brother,
he threw me in the river
where the waters flow forever,
beside the laughing heather.

drowning, drowning under,
these voices loud as thunder,
i watched the laughing heather,
while the river flowed forever
and my soul was filled with hate.

  i shouted to my brother;
“devil be ******.”
“i am ******,” he replied,
“like the river of hate
  and my sister need best understand

the hell that flows forever,
beside the laughing heather.”
“but i am your sister,” i cried.
“i am the devil,” he softly replied.
Sep 2017 · 518
you were
beth stclair Sep 2017
"where love is a song settling in the night"

you were the softness of feathers
and the harsh cadence of grief,

you were the sky's frail mists
and its glittering pools,

in the warm indigos of summer
i welcomed you home,

the sea with its engine pistons
played loud harmonics,

it wasn't the noise but quiet
i wanted most, the way i wanted you,

star silent, drifting like a boat.
an old poem from my book
Sep 2017 · 281
in loving memory
beth stclair Sep 2017
the tears well
and well and i tremble
sad to lose the
most lovely man,
kind, good,
i'm so sorry to
lose you, dad,
you were always
there for me when
i needed you. "hold
your horses," you used to
say, "there's more than
one way to skin a pussycat"
and "see you later
alligator, in a while
crocodile", you made me
smile so often and i
will say you were the best
dad ever, kind, loving,
gentle. heaven take
you in her wings, take you
to the side of god, brave
and beautiful man.
my dad was an absolute sweetheart. i'm so sorry to lose him. he was aged 80 which is a very good age. he loved cricket, golf, chelsea football team and spent most of his spare time doing crossword puzzles which he absolutely loved.
beth stclair Sep 2017
the road to the sun
weeps to fall in the shadows,
sweet breath of the sky.
now dedicated to my father, roger, who passed away at 2pm this afternoon following a short illness. rip, dad i will always be proud to say i'm your daughter.
beth stclair Sep 2017
i ache to be beside you,
cat-like i stretch out,
i curve into your corners,
unravel your avenues like wool,

tender and surreal i carve
my name on your lips,

in the last of summer’s
indigos and fire, slumbering
in the now damp grass,
i feel your love, the shadows
and the softening golds, the
honeyed fever of your touch,

ripples of blue water,

tides of an impossible

you light me like a lamp
an electric blue-ink canvas,
tireless like the engines
of the wind that bid us melt.
you can buy my e book at barnes and noble. just google and then i returned to you, you my poet of the water
beth stclair Sep 2017

at the edge of a dark sky,
where the framed door
lies closed and the
rain’s smooth octaves
gather the last lonesome
heart-beat of the summer in
its mists that tap the door,


the grey air,
cloud-drawn, straps
its satchel to its back
its stones the silvers
of a silent moon,


its stones sombre and smoky,
the dead of night,
a crimson king
a blossoming flower,


where the night’s slated
roof listens to the rains
urgent rushings, silver
and shaded like a storm,

words of the air
sinking back like the
desolate waves that hush
the sands as they drown
their sorrows in baskets
conjured out of the breath
of the grey-eyed night.


you kiss me and i start to
swoon, i swoon like a garden
rose that climbed once to
the sky, a garden overgrown  
with the quiet of apple-coloured
leaves, the summer with its vines,
its leaves the bright rain drops,
its leaves the visions of the air.
beth stclair Aug 2017
sea, darkness and rose buds,
running to the shore,

i hear the sharp flutes of
the waves gathering the
widening summer

(see how she draws in her
breath before
the wind….)

the sky drinks deep,
makes lanes out of
the dark where we
run to stay free, the starlight
trembles, blinks and
nods with its
silver ghosts,

those silver ghosts
of a wandering sea,
of rose-wood and darkness,

as the sea melts....
beth stclair Aug 2017
"where day is.... dreams of a summer sky."


the sky floats up,
gazing out with lips
of steel, a
shiny branch
to summer’s sigh,
her iris a cats
eye, marble blue,
her pupil a dark


play with me,
draw me out of the

let me sing to
you a sea-song
where the waves
somersault and
crash to the shore,

where the wind, wild
as wild, faints to breathe
the wakening sky.


see how i write in passages,
faint-waves  of
summer’s mists where
the rain dips her pen in
the grey-ink cloud.


searching for your ghosts,
the deep whirling of the streamy sea
with its wine-red roses like
coloured glass
dance as i gather
whispers of strangeness
and sun, blossoming,
shrink-edged like an
opalescent pool, all
of it, you.


days of watery rags and rubber
tyres, red snake of
summer’s ribs, the
stones of the stormy sun,
gathering the landscape
where tonight the
moon will rise for love
you will loosen my hair
and i will kiss your throat.
Jul 2017 · 531
where day is....
beth stclair Jul 2017
"where day opening door'

black lined eyes,
purple-red lips
cheeks of rose
and broken petals,

summer sings of
green feverish leaves,
of a hot sun, of my

twisting lizard
scales not skin
iron-like, unhinged
and re-hinged, threadbare,

cardboard sun, smartly
stitched like a brown bear,
woken from a trembling
night of crimson stars,

torn up paper, song
of love, hot bird,
sparrow at an angle.
loving you
beth stclair Jul 2017
"where night is....a violet bird stretching drowsy wings"


night, strange bird of metal,
sinking like a sea whose tide
drifts out, down through the
sky, wild honey and flowerbeds
full of stars.


i dream of you, revealing
everything of me, i am nuts
and bolts, i am sweet and
sour, i carve my name
on your wrist where the blue
snake rests its head.


my breath is fire and flowers,
longing, a song forgotten in
the mist, crazy day, bitter and
sweet night, shadow steed of
a circular world.


kiss me, sweet love,
my skin aches for
your touch like a night
flower twisting petals
on the wind, in love
with your love.


rise like a ghost and
sweep me away, the
burning dust of my
ribs, my very last kiss.
Jul 2017 · 452
where night is...
beth stclair Jul 2017
"where night is...romeo at a window"


black rock, gold
leaf edging a page.


night drowses its
engines dark alleys
and empty cans.


the night sinks back
like a technicolor
cartoon, blue-green,
it rolls like a film, it
sings of old love
in its fiery steels.


today i am juliet
waiting for romeo
i wait forever for
one kiss while the
sky calls out
love to the dreaming


romeo, oh, romeo,
and the night's
ghostly petals
unwind their
sweetness in the
tree-lined lanes
of the moon.
Jul 2017 · 843
wildness of white
beth stclair Jul 2017

wildness of white,
uncanny strangeness,
calm sea...melting
moon of mahogany.


silver dish of the sky,
lost kingdoms,
the lonely isles of
the sky...


the moon like

see the moon rise
like a secret flower
of summer buds.


as if the sky mirrored
the reflection of the
lake, full to the brim
until each falls into
the other, sky of lake,
lake of sky, gathered.
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night is a star reflected in a cool pool"

surreal as the silver moon
dipped in the silks of
the night sky,

watery prisms of
pool, tender as ****
frost wound around
the shadowy banks,

little flutes for ripples,
giant sky of light,
pool of ovid gold,

my love for you
knows no end,
sweet boy, in all
the give and take
the last line of
the sky, the first
line of the sea.
Jun 2017 · 542
love poem....
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night is... the burying cloud"

the sea glistens, dark waves
melt along the coast, crashing
onto the beach, dreaming
of summer love and
shimmering star.

i dream of you,
taste your lips
like cherry-steel,
consertina like
a paper lantern
played with
by the breeze,

my lips give way
to your lips,
love to your love,
everything is
shiny like a silver

carry me like a
stream to the
waves of your love
and i'll melt there
forever, my love,
just for you.
Jun 2017 · 536
where night is....
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night in the shadows or the freedom of the wind"

night, dark shadows swept
under the trees that scatter
whispering that they are
soaked in the ice-breath
of the sky,

the night has fled,
her dreams the fleeing
wind, questioning the
skies where the clouds
fade to nothing, kings
of the crumbling hills,

if i tell you i love you
you'll always love me
back because it is in my
seams, seamstress that
i am of island flowers
and strange ghosts,
flower of ink where
the darkness flows away
and the stars trace their

silver maps. i hold all my
love in a quiver and like
a god i'll slay you with
just one arrow if you
ever leave me like a dust,

link my arm as we walk
so boldly through the
dark shadows of the
night, where the wind
flees and the moon
steers her way through
our passions and trials,

we cry out to the wilderness
that breathes us,
and while i cry i kiss
your neck, your eyes
your lips.
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night is...the swallows return or a hut near a lake"

in the castle of our love,
windswept fortress of
ashen grey, where the
four poster bed rests
on wooden floorboards
and the windows have
no glass,
roses wind around our
bed and their petals
blush against the oak,
and our dreams press
to our lips,
i can believe that
romance and passion
will sweep us, breathless,
to paradise, that this
glowing happiness was
a promise we'd never
betray, as your arms
fold me in the morning
of the dusk, my limbs
stretched out and your
slinky legs wrapped
around mine. red rose
of me in the ashes, red
rose of you sinking
into the night.
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night is....a stream of stars or a star-lit oak"

i seem to move with
leaves, smooth as a prayer
mat with its oranges and
tangled like the rhythms
of a blues band
in the decadence of the heat,
and yet i fade, a stream
of stars, a rain drop shivering
to the floor,
the ghosts of the stars are
all of the night sky,
the blacks of the sky
hypnotic as the dark
tide of my mind,
my love for you
is like threads from this
bare prayer-mat, worn
thin and yet caught in
the tatters, i love like
a worn out bear, i love
until i can't think of
anything except you,
attracted like a papery
moth to the moon.
Jun 2017 · 480
love poem
beth stclair Jun 2017
"where night is....sinking like
a sorrowful cloud or a bird of stone"

where the roses
and the honey
of your lips
melts me like
a furnace,

i burn
dreaming of roses
and skies fallen
in me like
ink pools,

i love the
angles of your
the flow
of your hair,

moods like
painted on

love, my
bones dying
song, my
ribs like an
grave yard,
pressed to yours
drowned out
by emotions
like desolate clouds,

if i kiss you again
i'll fall down
liquid as the land
sky portrait
of blue,
against the sculptured
you know you
want me more,

as i glide, the
free girl,
how free you
make me feel
as i sink
the night.
just a short note to tell you my poem spring tide has been published recently in the spring addition of Equinox Zine which can be purchased at the website Issuu. only 50 copies available.
beth stclair May 2017
"where night is....a boy of

i've been missing
my heart
sweet boy,

as if the core
of me
was never

blue icicles
like rain drops
that once burnt
like a dying star,

stolen from you
because no
sea could hold
it back,

because it
only wanted love
and some people
just can't take
something that genuine,

and this is what i've
said, so let me now say
that i have now got it back

and my love will never
be held from you again,
my heart burns

with a poem's fire
and for you my love,
grey shore that i reach,

song of the leaves melting
in light and shadow,

and i do melt for you,
the dream of you,
your presence

the chill of my
back bone, the
thrill of my mortal

love, the swift
bird hanging like
a hammock to
the sky,

love, the only
conceivable way

play with me,
boy of steel
where summer
cries at our
molten bones

centuries of sky
sip forgotten

play with me,
lover, and i'll
love you
the way you wish
to be loved.
May 2017 · 413
beth stclair May 2017
the leaves dip
and sway,
caught in the
breezes of
a rainy

little shadows
light like stars
the sudden rain
falls and the
leaves shiver
on their stems
of silky greens
infinity of edge
on a high, high ledge,

echoes of a storm
in the violet light
shadowy branch
droplets tumbling
as if a rain drop
touched the
golds of the
winding wind.
May 2017 · 533
sea, oh, sea
beth stclair May 2017

sea, oh, sea,
sail that
blind breeze
of whispering


water of curls,
bright path
bird of more,
bright bird of
out, wings like


rhythm and
******, springing
vault, floods of
water scattering
like light on the
set of the sun.


sea-rose of poise,
**** of black
bubbles, sea
of storm and


oh, sea, river of
my blood,
drowning dark,
sound of waves
giddy, washing
the shore
as if the night
could never stay
or the clouds
could carry
the thirsty brine.
May 2017 · 419
love poem...
beth stclair May 2017
doors playing
in the background,
tides like
waves of the
summer melodies
of love
drift on
a strange sea,
dream of the
love poem
like a tide,
gentle as a
gentle as a
rushing sea.
beth stclair May 2017
where night is black opals
before the storm.

out of the flames,
pheonix bright,
our love,
tender and ageless,
*****-faced like
a jaguar of the night,
purple, blue and yellow
the bloodless fire,
and somewhere in
the hurt and the pain
the ghosts like an
old sinatra song
sing their melodies
in the sad summer hours.
i don't think i'll
ever feel so bruised
or so dark, our love
out of those blue-ghost
now dedicated to the young people who died in the terror attack in manchester. our hearts go out to their families and friends.
May 2017 · 699
love poem
beth stclair May 2017

blue jewel
of the sky,
dancing ring,

solitary keeper,

melting rose,
cool in its summer


how pretty the
crystal green
leaves, the
knotted wood
angular, waving.


summer stole our
hearts, the sea my
love, in its ebony
waves, blue straws
and indigo light.


sea, rose of green
summer, blue of
languid lake, dance
of soul, desert ache.


you conjure a spell
of your heart
wanting me
to want you.

i want you,
i say it
again and
May 2017 · 2.1k
where the river runs
beth stclair May 2017
where the river runs
is a ghost
blue as the sky

i want the beauty
of my mind
to run through
my pen

i want the sky
to cast its shadows
of the shadowy clouds
to where
darkness flows
and the moon,
the arching moon,
grows cold,

love could not be
more beautiful
when i am,
flower of the wind
sea of dark sky
ghost of a river
that runs.
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
love poem
beth stclair Apr 2017
'where night is....
closer than a distant star'

windows of the mind
doors and creatures
gleaming like

in your kiss
all the emotion
i need,

like the newest leaf
the soft green
of delight,

the summer
sun stolen
from our eyes,

forests of shadow
and sunlight
time unbroken

still forest
where no twig
breaks and i
hear only the
sound of laughter

path to my love
following the path
unburdoned from

where love aches
to be feee

and a bird sweeps
to the skies of the night.
Apr 2017 · 782
city night
beth stclair Apr 2017
'where night is....
an iron bench painted green.'

opal light

love burning,
narrow roads,
roadhouse blues,

flame of moon
city garden
cider roses
petals falling like
little red tides,
curling edges,
spells of flowers,

magic in the swinging
pub signs and the
avenues, the
cobbled streets
running forever,
little vacant space,
love in arms
thrown together,
clicking stilhettos
chips with wooden forks,

here the moon
runs with the clouds
carries in an empty
basket the fruit
of the day eaten
up, wild and high,

our love, where night
is a tide of black ink,
resting after a heavy
day, our love, sad
tonight, beseiged
by strong armies, almost
forsaken and
yet somehow survived,
a delicate kiss on
the landscape,
content at last,
reduced down
to street blues
a wish to wander,
the laughter of a pub.
Apr 2017 · 1.3k
i'm crazy in love
beth stclair Apr 2017
i'm crazy in love,
like a jealous, stormy cloud,
in love with your love.
Apr 2017 · 816
lily of passion
beth stclair Apr 2017
lily of passion,
bloom of the
dreaming pond,

blue lights,
dark golds,
in ponds of velvet
green the fire
of hidden deeps,

summer's light
wrapping the opal-like
water into flame,

blossom of cool rose,

tide of dream,
flower of the water,

love, with its
magical spell
of summer.
Apr 2017 · 1.0k
ghosts and iron
beth stclair Apr 2017
sea, strange
ghost of
ghostly iron,

blue star of

love in your
song of ghosts,
in your ghostly

clouds darker
than the sea's
stark iron, their
ghosts the sweet
breathed mist,
their ghosts
the ghostly iron,

the sea, crashing
wild and iron-like,
the tide's ghost
also iron,

wind, wild and
high like a cindery
bird, caught in
the irons of the day,
metal star of the breezes.

sense of shelter,
ghost of grey
little sky of
iron, heart-beat
like a ghost,
heart-beat singing
of love.
Apr 2017 · 621
love poem
beth stclair Apr 2017

the stars wait
for you, wrap
the sky into their
silver sea.


red roses of
summer, a ghost
parade of blowsy


you, swept
along like
a stream,
pretty blue
sky echoes
of the sea.


kiss for my love,
i follow the path
to my love,
he waits and the
stars blow like
a fierce wind.


the stars, red roses,
you, kisses, blue
air split like a seed,

i follow the path to my love,
i follow the path

crazy star blossoming
as i long for him....
Apr 2017 · 864
love poem
beth stclair Apr 2017

and sounds,
the shady-lane

the yellow
of the skies
icy arctics,
the pink
feathers of
the soil.


surreal as the
shifting day,
turquoise and
angular, bright
sky drowned
in the cold, brisk
air, language
of love and air,
base note of love.


love, impressions of
light and dark,
soft brush stroke
of sea-blue, air
the colour of


witching night,
darkling clouds
pressed to the sky,

love, settling like
a mist.


sweet lips
sky of our
drawn close
like the
pillowy clouds.
Apr 2017 · 866
sweet day
beth stclair Apr 2017
sweet day,
birds kissing
the air in
rapid flight.

we wait, stones
of the morning

for the white
sky to
settle its clouds

ghosts of the
faint breeze
tremble the leaves.

it is still cold,

april peels its
skin like a snake.

forsythia lounges
with beech and
(shiny with waxy
painting its
impressions on
the fainting world.

the trees stutter
weird and heavy
glowing in the
Apr 2017 · 481
spring tide
beth stclair Apr 2017
blossoms of ink,

the sighs of
spring's new
leaves looped
around the

the land filling
with the gold
arch of the sun,
white flowers
on the branches,
the ground
strewn with ivy
and green moss,

mute sun rests
in the sky,
the light pretty
joys painted in
the mind, pale
whispers of
shiny white,

gorgeous sea,
sings to
the soft flowers,
the waves start
to blossom,
blossom like
the boyish wind,

or drive on forever
like singing
been reading some sandburg today absolutely love his poetry
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