beth stclair Aug 15

sea, darkness and rose buds,
running to the shore,

i hear the sharp flutes of
the waves gathering the
widening summer

(see how she draws in her
breath before
the wind….)

the sky drinks deep,
makes lanes out of
the dark where we
run to stay free, the starlight
trembles, blinks and
nods with its
silver ghosts,

those silver ghosts
of a wandering sea,
of rose-wood and darkness,

as the sea melts....

beth stclair Aug 12

"where day is.... dreams of a summer sky."


the sky floats up,
gazing out with lips
of steel, a
shiny branch
to summer’s sigh,
her iris a cats
eye, marble blue,
her pupil a dark


play with me,
draw me out of the

let me sing to
you a sea-song
where the waves
somersault and
crash to the shore,

where the wind, wild
as wild, faints to breathe
the wakening sky.


see how i write in passages,
faint-waves  of
summer’s mists where
the rain dips her pen in
the grey-ink cloud.


searching for your ghosts,
the deep whirling of the streamy sea
with its wine-red roses like
coloured glass
dance as i gather
whispers of strangeness
and sun, blossoming,
shrink-edged like an
opalescent pool, all
of it, you.


days of watery rags and rubber
tyres, red snake of
summer’s ribs, the
stones of the stormy sun,
gathering the landscape
where tonight the
moon will rise for love
you will loosen my hair
and i will kiss your throat.

Let me inhale
the scent of your breath
let my hands
seed the curves of the furrow
opening a window for sky and earth
holding me back for nothing

Written by
~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~

The moon rose up late
Tonight; her face was
Swollen, like a map
Of Africa.
LazharBouazzi, August 8, 2017

  Aug 8 beth stclair

I felt a ghostly kiss on my neck..
It felt as if a warm  raindrop splashed on my neck..
For a moment I heard a beautiful dream like hum coming from everywhere..
It was the music of everything..
The grass, the dirt, the trees, the winds, the colors, and the ghost...
I was at peace with myself..
No chaos, no worries, just simply me.
Spirals of light begin to spin..
Like mini galaxies floating in the air..
Many moths with wings made of light came out of each spiral..
All different colors..
Flowers made of light grew all around me..
A great gust of wind came in and spun around me..
Flower pedals made of light spun around me.
The scent was out of this world..
It begin to make sense for a moment..
This strange place was the center of a star..
I was the star..
My imagination was making it shine..
I was feeding this star..
I was endless!

wish upon a star..
  Aug 4 beth stclair

I picked up my old powerless staff.. I had little strength left in my old body.  Even my staff seem to age with me. It felt brittle and dry. I looked up at the beautiful night sky. I knew I had been gone for to long.  Even the stars looked down on me waiting for me to awaken.  
I still remember the chant.. I can still hear my young voice shout it out..  Time truly does heal.  I was broken and defeated.  My soul shattered and left at this lonly planet on the otherside of my galaxy.  But the cracks are filled and healed.  My light is glowing once again in the darkness. I stand in the star light with my staff over my head and whisper out the chant.  

                                     !!!!Naidraug nogard esir!!!!
I felt all the life return to me.  I felt all the warmness around me. My glowing light had turned into a blue shining light.. I was me again.. My youth returned and my power stronger than before. I was the blue mage, sky priest of the sky oceans, Blue light of the North star.. I floated above the ground with my staff spinning above me..  I called forth the Dragon in me.  Secalos, Star serpent of the blue inferno.  I flew into the skies and released my blue inferno.  I lit up the night as a false blue sun.. I flew to the stars toward the nearest sun. There I will gather my energy to defeat the destroyer that nearly destroyed me..

  Aug 4 beth stclair

It was me and the stars again!  I leave this dead planet in route toward the destroyer that nearly destroyed me.  It was good to be among the stars again. Into the expanse of darkness surrounded by star light. My wings made of sapphire blue star light.  I traverse through the darkness that connects all the light together.  They go hand and hand you know. You need darkness as you need light.   They must remain in balance..  Night to day, black to white, Light to shadow, Rebuilder to destroyer and so forth.. I was nearly defeated by this collector of chaos.   He has just arrived at my home planet where my fellow dragons are fighting as of now..  I can feel their power grow as I get closer and closer to home.   You see they are my light, my shine, my hope, and my stars.  And so it will be me and the stars again. We will shine in the night.  Even after we are gone, we will still shine on! My name is Secalos, Blue Star dragon of the cosmos, sky priest of the sky oceans.  I am coming! Fast and fierce, shining brighter than ever.. All because of one thing I did!  I remembered me!

Dragon flying through the stars. . . . .
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