The celler door lead into the attic. If that makes sense.
To the goddess of morn
Who made bread from fire
And taught me the wreaths of coffee
To read
Into the songs of dawn.
And to the Mason who
Showed me how to hammer
Form out of chaos
And love the scent
Of the cement
On grey-green walls.

© LazharBouazzi, TUNISIA

moon bird,
fire song,
tremoring desire,

dreams of love
soft as a cloud
carrying the grey rain.


a gorgeous winter sky,
the deeps tattooed
with light,
the sea a soft
shanty waiting
for the summer


sharp breath of air,
lips like soft petals
of rose,
legs loud with longing

carrying love
like a cloud carrying
rain, crazy in love
with your heart
i'm your shiny mistress
all gold like the weak
winter sun.


i melt with desire,
black rock and
sighing sky,

i ache in your arms
a storm cloud before
the blowsy wind.


iron sea,
breaking waves
in a watery harbour
of light,

kisses and sighs,
slow dance,
loving you
like the blossoming
light, like the
sea sweeping down.
beth stclair Mar 7
a grey sky,
my lips pressed
to your lips,
unfastened hair,

in a moment
i am drawn
to you,
in love with
your legs and
your smile,

grey dissidence
of the approaching
thunder caught
up in the hills,

the roses start
to wilt in the vase,

the roses of the sky
have silent wings,
time knotted
like a handkerchief
against my skin,

i am hollow, my
legs desiring yours,
love the swift sea,
the amber forest,

blowsy silk,
the clouds,
drawn of water,

and i sink
jealous of your love
and your legs,

wanting all of
you to fall in
love with me,

lips pressed
love, my love,
the ghosts
of the storm.
  Feb 22 beth stclair
They came out of the dark wilderness..
My solitude and my peace..
Some of my thoughts will sometimes drift to them..
These shadows come and go..
A strange peace indeed..
In darkness where everything can be seen..
As if there were light but truly there wasn't..
Thats what the dark wilderness is..
A wild darkness untainted by hate or malice..
True darkness..
Its where my solitude and peace come from..
Its where they will return..
Along side me someday.   .. . . . . .. .           .. .       . .. . . . .. .
True darkness....
  Feb 9 beth stclair
On the horizon was green lit clouds..
Green lightning would dance across the sky.  
The thunder sounded different though..
It almost sounded like a million french horns in the sky..
The green lit clouds rolled in dropping glowing rain..
The rain made all the dead yellow grass green in an instant..
As the rain fell on me I felt the cool drops turn warm as they touched my body..
The air smelled of something beautiful I could not describe..
Every breath I took seeem to add years to my life..
I felt my body getting tight..
My hair started to grow longer..
The life storms rolled away leaving everything full of life..
The dead trees were now full of leaves..
Flowers with light glowing pedals colored the fields..
There were rain months fluttering toward us..
Their wings glowed with emreald shine..
Where did that storm come from?
Green lit clouds..
  Feb 9 beth stclair
Down these roads I go..
Part of my heaven I suppose..
To destination no where..
Forever on these roads to elsewhere..
Ill stop here and there..
And meet people everywhere..
Small towns for my dreams to remember..
When I sleep without surrender..
Away from the sun I drive..
And into the night I dive..
Under stars that remember me..
With music to keep me company...
Just drive.........
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