Jan 7 beth stclair

In the dark seeded places
where memory is shaped
and birthed
in exquisite delicacy
the early softness
opening of love
stricken with Pablo Neruda
cuts open the sun's veins
that first tender rise
tremulous, fragile
shook the earth
for the blood rush.

© Copyright naǧí December 29, 2017

My Camellia, flowers are open, in full bloom.
beth stclair Jan 2

i love you with
all of my darkness
and all of my light
like a midnight flower

hinged like a door
i battle to reach you

i know only of our love,
i'm a blue mood and
a strange sea, weeping
in winter's silver frost,

your fiery legs
leave me longing
like a jealous cloud
longs to dream of
the night and hold
it as its own,

i'm crazy about your
legs, crazy, crazy,
crazy about your love,

and i melt as you kiss me
crazy jealous of your love.

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  Dec 2017 beth stclair
Lazhar Bouazzi

Make this want wither,
O, my rain!
Dig a brook hither
In my Vein,
And plant on either side
Of my pain -
Plant thousands of bluebells.
LazharBouazzi (December 15, 2017)

  Dec 2017 beth stclair
S Olson

Overcome by this inverted lightning, i storm
into an abbreviated tomorrow, where i flood
into the dreamscape of today, eyes raining

down and inward. i sleep forth into the world
of waking, overcome by the temperament
of this mummified mouth. clawing the dragon
now hungry for my golden intimate currency

our love hides at the ends of my fingertips.
Fire nibbles the soles of my feet through
to my own heart, crumbling me clouded

where i go blind. i am sorry, marooned
on this island, where the corals reach down
from the sky. where stalactites rip the sails
of all incoming boats, the dragon survives

in an ephemeral artery, or in some capillary
where his teeth reign over whatever empire

smothering into, he becomes my face

to she that saves me. i have learned to love,
in that love has shown me it is beyond me;

the dragon follows my fingertips to your hair,
you walk beside me. where i am given i,
but awakened, beneath a golden sky

the dragon suckles everywhere

that i am saved. by the weapon of giving,

we carry an honest love
between our outspread palms

richer in treasure is
the continental freedom of having
washed ashore together.

beth stclair Dec 2017


drunken in my pockets,
the day whispers to the trees that
pin to you, albatross
of a wind-swept sea loosening
feathers and heart-beats in
short, death-caught seconds.


gorgeous girl of height,
your caves are bright mysteries
your light an elephant's graveyard
of grey.


bitter note of earth,
you anchor birth
to our eye sockets, unwrap
mint and honey from the hills.


uneasy mistress,
dark daughter of sight,
sunk into all the corners of the world
you break like string,
you break and i break with you.


vignette of ivy-coloured dreams,
sunny trail, you break my heart and
glue it back, sigh and sigh like a viking raider
conjured out of porcelain
and rose-water.


warrior of distant planes,
dense harbour of a lonely city,
landscape of water, unravelled
in an instant, a velvet
ribbon tied into a bow.

  Dec 2017 beth stclair
Lazhar Bouazzi

Half-buried in the sand, lay some rocks in the sun ,
Whom nature had mocked in the shape of sea dogs.
Their wrinkled coats say they’d been too long in the sea.

Next to them, as sunrays kissed a dormant crab,
Traces of many bare feet started to crumble
Under the silent, liquid weight of a tide within.

Now let the amphibious Historians rejoice
In interpretation thereof a dark green hog
Comes forth from the mountain to the shore - to sun
Himself and send the frightened rocks back to the ocean.

(c) LazharBouazzi (December 7, 2017)

  Dec 2017 beth stclair
Lure Pot

Probably you are a lover or a cheater
Probably you are a truthful or a liar
Whatever you do,
your looks are
so beautiful.

I am here to love you with no conditions
If you just like me then we can be friends
Just think about me
I won't push you
You're wonderful.

Please, don't get me wrong for this song
Sweetie, don't mind me; it won't be long
You can move away
where you want
You're powerful!

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