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  Apr 11 beth stclair
The stars are leaving again..
Pulsars stop spinning..
Forgotten light seen again..

They were already gone..
Pulsars start spinning..
Remembered light was never gone..

Dream nebulas mix together..
Mind paint brush of the cosmos..
Colors of my soul shine together..

Portrait of distant thoughts..
Mind paint brush strokes..
Are the memories of light and your beautiful thoughts..

I'll see you again...
You were never gone..
Because you are still in my thoughts..
There you are...
When first I did see you,
My heart was a drum, beaten,
A fog horn blew out to sea.

When you looked at me,
Stark, true, across blue sky,
Sunshine piercing the clouds.

When you touched me,
Frost thawing at first light,
Misted dews on the heathers.

When you were upon me so,
Could I not but open, bloom,
Softly, wind on the petal.

When your hot eyes got me,
Set smoulder to stoked flame,
Aye, I burned for you.
beth stclair Mar 16

spring's grey moons
everything is still
the hush of the skies.


first new buds
white cloud of hawthorn
morning's broken ghosts.


strengthening sun,
iron and feathers sky,
bird like a speck.


blue edge of sky
sunlight on flashy wings
empty world.


clouds of drowning white
blowsy sweetened breeze
tall grasses sway.


last winter gust,
shadow on the earth
song of the rain.


surreal morning tide
hurrying wave
kiss for my love.


sea-spray hits a sail
anchor lowered down
ropes thrown to shore.
  Mar 12 beth stclair
The nightmare...
Running through my moonlit dream night..
Chasing and scratching..
Screaming and singing sad horrific songs..

The nightmare..
Freezing me in running stance...
Activating my sleep paralysis...
Awake and not awake..

The nightmare...
Taking shape of monsters and demons..
Devils and dragons..
Fear and despair..

The nightmare...
Creatures of light..
Hidden in darkness illusion..
So scary and terrifying..

The nightmare..
That I embraced instead of feared..
Sentinals of light..
Were trapped in an ocean of madness..

The nightmare..
Blue and red lights..
Brothers shine away the darkness illusion..
Fallen Star angels become Star Divers..

The nightmare..
Was never truly a nightmare..
Just an astral S.O.S..
A call for help disguised as ****..
Nightmares are not always nightmares..
  Mar 8 beth stclair
Echo. . . .
Morning begins in a small town..  
Purple skies, mixed in with sunset orange prisms..
Light refractions and the dream's wisdom...

Sight. . . .
Noon passes by under dream skies twilight..
Memories add life to ghost of old friends..
Sound reverberation travels and transcends..

Sway. . . .
Evening melodies through end verse of day..
I'm running back to lustless reality..
Somatosensory system overloads dream tranquility..
I'm awake............................
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