Oct 7 beth stclair

Endless white..  As far as the eye could see.  We had to travel far and wide in search of food.  My bones were as cold as the wind..  But we had to go on.. We were the strongest in the tribe and chosen for its survival..  The snow begin to fall again..  Could not see 3 ft in front of us.. This would make it more difficult to follow tracks and such.  But forward we went, together for the hunt!  

It was getting colder.. The winds were picking up again.  Then all of a sudden a warm gust of air hit us all..  For a moment we were all warm inside and out..  We continued to feel these gust of warm winds from time to time.. It got to the point where the winds stayed warm.. So warm in fact we started to remove pelts off of our backs..

We traversed over a hill and saw the most amazing thing I have ever seen.. Green... so much green! The grass was beautiful here!  And at the center stood a being, a person waring strange glowing armor! He was floating above the grass sleeping..  He was the source of all the warm air we felt..  It was as if he was emitting life itself..  The grass felt so beautiful to the touch.. The green was making love to our eyes..  My body felt as warm as ever.. All my pain was gone..  My cracked cold skin was warm and full of color..

We all fell into a slumber in the grass..  I had beautiful dreams of green.. When we all awoke the strange armored being was gone..  Just being in his presence kept us warm for weeks.. It was as if his power somehow soaked into us.. All of our wounds were healed.. We came back to the tribe with plenty of food and one hell of a story!         S.DIVERS

Just resting on a planet of snow
beth stclair Oct 5

gentle bird of the wilderness,
summer shore of rust
and gold,

the sky with her swift clouds of mist,
her blue-greys,
and her stormy wings,
beyond beautiful.

with all the strength of my
heart, i open the stormy
door of your love,
i cry and cry to find you,

a rough wind that blows with
your storm, aches and
gives way,

your ghosts the quietest
of stars.

  Sep 18 beth stclair

I flew over endless oceans..
Under endless storms..
It rained forever here..
No land at all..
But why was it raining so much..
Why did it never end..
I decide to fly over the storms..
And above the clouds the source of endless storms was there..
Thousands and thousands of them..
Turns out they flooded the planet to make a new home for themselves.
The ocean below was a nest..
I was a traveller..
I was sent here to witness the end of a world and the beginning of a new one..

it ends and begins..

Hell hurled and hissed,
And clenched her fist
Around the city.

O wind,
Dig a pool in my wrist
And in the womb of August
seed an ode to thunder.

© LazharBouazzi, September 17, 2017

The addressee is the wind of inspiration.
beth stclair Sep 18

drowning, drowning under,
these voices loud as thunder,
the dragon and the tiger,
the hermit and the miser,
twist the paths of fate.

the devil was my brother,
he took me to the river
where the waters flow forever,
beside the laughing heather,
a river full of hate.

the dragon said; "i'll burn you."
the tiger said; “i’ll maul you.”
the hermit said; “i live on my own.”
the miser said; “i won’t give you a loan.”

the devil was my brother,
he threw me in the river
where the waters flow forever,
beside the laughing heather.

drowning, drowning under,
these voices loud as thunder,
i watched the laughing heather,
while the river flowed forever
and my soul was filled with hate.

  i shouted to my brother;
“devil be damned.”
“i am damned,” he replied,
“like the river of hate
  and my sister need best understand

the hell that flows forever,
beside the laughing heather.”
“but i am your sister,” i cried.
“i am the devil,” he softly replied.

beth stclair Sep 17

"where love is a song settling in the night"

you were the softness of feathers
and the harsh cadence of grief,

you were the sky's frail mists
and its glittering pools,

in the warm indigos of summer
i welcomed you home,

the sea with its engine pistons
played loud harmonics,

it wasn't the noise but quiet
i wanted most, the way i wanted you,

star silent, drifting like a boat.

an old poem from my book
beth stclair Sep 11

the tears well
and well and i tremble
sad to lose the
most lovely man,
kind, good,
i'm so sorry to
lose you, dad,
you were always
there for me when
i needed you. "hold
your horses," you used to
say, "there's more than
one way to skin a pussycat"
and "see you later
alligator, in a while
crocodile", you made me
smile so often and i
will say you were the best
dad ever, kind, loving,
gentle. heaven take
you in her wings, take you
to the side of god, brave
and beautiful man.

my dad was an absolute sweetheart. i'm so sorry to lose him. he was aged 80 which is a very good age. he loved cricket, golf, chelsea football team and spent most of his spare time doing crossword puzzles which he absolutely loved.
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