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The eyeshadows
Of her favorite color palette
Were every bit as neoteric
As they were triturated
--broken to pieces
Inside a mailer
Without bubble wrap
Based on a true story.

BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, neoteric.
you told me your love was enchantment,
that the sky would e’r carry my tear,
like a breeze that the southerly wind sent,
that the dusk sent its shadows to cheer,

and the dusk of the dusk was bleak sunset
the moon set to drift from on high,
while spanish eyes laughed and cast out their sea net
to capture the sky.

your love was the shadows of evening
my love all the solitary isles
that dreamt like a lode star soft-beaming,
of your leg or your sparkling eye,

oh, love was your kiss, how i fluttered
like a bird that dreamt e’er of the sky,
or a window now no longer shuttered,
opened only to sigh.

you called me your ghost of the evening
i called you my sweet boy of dream
the moon’s golden note always dreaming,
a dream of a dream of a dream

my love once won all beseeching
your eye as pretty as the sea,
my hypnotic glance always seeking
your love, fervently.

the shadow lark spoke of the night clover,
the morning lark spoke of the sun
my heart yearned for yours like a lover,
hypnotised until its wildness was won,

my love was always forever
no night sky as dark as your eye,
the grey sky, or song of the heather,
my love or my sigh.
Just know when you are lost
   and have nowhere to go;
       when you whisper,
and not even the echo rings.
      you will feel my love;
  feel my skin, feel my touch.
        and hear back;
   I'm here.

The big man upstairs
Once and for all
Disabused me of the notion
That he was in fact
God himself

And just my landlord
Living on the top floor
Yelling at me
Through the wall
That my rent is overdue
BLT's new challenge- to write a poem using the Merriam- Webster word of the day, disabuse.
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