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The black night sighs...
High moon sings silver aura songs..
Lunar inferno overdrive..

Below the trees..
Cool starlit breeze..
Like beautiful silver dreams..
There were segments of you through this world mirror parallel..

Increase the mystery of your smile as your tears leave behind light trails.

I can't find you anywhere..

Even though I can make the anywhere...

This control let me give in..

And it also let me reverse all of my sins..

And through all the magical haze..

You are still lost in my dream maze..
Knitting your muffler
As childhood...
Your black dress smells of me
I can't see the white jasmine flower without you...
"You are a jasmine flower yourself"
"My jasmine flower..."
Oh, my sweet little friend !
Play with me
In the glimpse of childhood memory
Wanting your shoes
Crying to the sun...
Cut my black hair
Turning to a balloon for you
Reaching to the city of you...

شال گردنت را می بافم
...مثل بچگی
پیراهن سیاهت بوی مرا می دهد
نمی توانم گُلِ یاسِ سفید را بی تو ببینم
"تو خودت گُلِ یاسی"
..."تو گُلِ یاسِ منی"
!دوستِ کوچک و شیرینِ من
به یاد بچگی
با من بازی کن
کفش های تو را می خواهم
تا آفتاب گریه کنم
موهای سیاهم را بِبُر
بادبادکی برای تو می شوم
...به شهر تو می رسم
if i say to you magada what does that mean?

it means you’re our true queen.

if i say magada three times what does that mean?

it means we have to give you our love.

so who do you think your speaking to?

the queen of china 🇨🇳

no, it means you’re speaking to the queens’s child ( la ta la ah la ma)

the german mafia tried to take my sword ⚔️ i decided i’d had enough

i took all 6 heads of the men who
wanted my life who came to my door.

i demanded all the swords ⚔️ of the famine, they were my favourite swords ⚔️ china sent me my swords

emaculate was my favourite  🗡

kim’s favourite warriors are repunzal, earthquake, farner, bolo, drew and daz.
let me advise you that larch lodge 2 the somerset in newton heath belongs to fwoah and dream. ian built house in 300 ad and never sold it so its ours. current occupier paul dollis to move and take all his posessions so house can be restored.
inheritance tax in britain is no longer allowed.

stamp duty is also not charged. a lot of families wanted their parents to have their houses next time  more than having to sell the houses to meet the bill. it is better to keep houses in the family and rent them out or restore them as they be needed next time. the figure for last year was 3000 who regretfully had to sell.

it is also illegal to feed wheat bread to ducks it must be rye bread. unfortunaly wheat makes people (and ducks 🦆  )  depressed. i refuse depressed ducks in britain.
legislation going through as fwoah and dream have said ai and fwoah (boleyn in england ) is fed up with depressed teenagers.
it said on the magna carta she of title shall rule i am fwoah, i am england, i am france.
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