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Om Ggai Sep 11
The ultimate price of life is to let go...
Om Ggai Sep 11
So much disparities in the pursuit of freedom
All we need is love but we still end up cheating...
Om Ggai Sep 11
Unpredictable life the ocean and it's waves
Unhealed like the traumas from childhood, Love and kindness is the only thing my heart craves
Stigmas associated with being labelled and discriminations
God gave mental health issues only to the braves...
POV of someone suffering
Om Ggai Sep 11
So happy yet I feel the highs and the lows
Life is a funny concept with all the situations it throws
Emptiness carried by loneliness my mania follows
Psychosis is the ultimate price for those
Suffering like the thorn between the rose....
POV from my side in seeing others suffers from mental health issues
Om Ggai Sep 11
Life will keep knocking you down until you learn your lessons.
Om Ggai Sep 11
Going through life's phases and it motion
Sometime superficially materialistic yet I think deeper than the ocean
Mortally cursed like Adam wont be cured by devotion
Life in itself is your heaven and hell, forget about magic potions
Om Ggai Jun 11
Chasing dream and living life are the only things I can partake
Misery and misfortunes followed by heartache
Who am I to give you advise, my friend
Death is the ultimate destiny which we can’t change
life lessons
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