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Om Guragai Aug 2020
The flowing water assist with the reproduction of the ecosystem
Don’t resist your emotions
Let the tears fall, maybe they will aid in rejuvenating your life...:
Om Guragai Aug 2020
They say pressure makes diamond
I’ve been waiting a lifetime for mine
Om Guragai Aug 2020
I believe that I could fly
Spread my wings to the sky
No matter what the others say
I just need to try ....
Om Guragai Aug 2020
They say work hard, don't have to worry about the asking price
But my mama working two jobs, what about her sacrifice
Brother, this life is all you got.
You can make it your heaven or hell, nothing is promised in afterlife
I wrote it ages ago, imagining
Om Guragai Aug 2020
Please don't act like strangers
We are all connected
Different branches from the same tree..
Om Guragai Jul 2020
I see the atrocities in the world
Yet it never seems to stop the rain
How am I programmed by the matrix
All I see is sorrow and pain..
Om Guragai Jun 2020
The violence and the killing makes my heart cry
The systematic segregation feels like apartheid
Everyone belongs, everyone matters
Together we can get these issues justified
Freedom and equality should be our birthright
In the midst of the current situation in America, I dedicate this poem to the lives that were take due to police brutality #georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #everyonematteras #loveanspeace
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