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When words are not enough

When silence is a sea of peace

And my highest self is home to stay

And your kisses can only hint

At the depth of this union

I know this mantra too well

A kiss that tastes of that silent sea

And lingers for infinity

When words are not enough

I bow.

I bow.


"Look past your thoughts,

So you may drink the pure nectar of this moment..."

- Rumi

"Let go of the desire to do; flow with the desire to be."

- the youniverse
Bethany G. Blicq.
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Are they different languages

Or different words?

Every word is the name of God.

There is only one language

The language of God’s infinite names.
2019. Bethany G. Blicq
  Oct 2018 Bethany G Blicq
she's got a voice like lavender
and a hug like a rhyme
the legs of a traveller
and a mind teeming with time

she thinks like a poet
yet acts like a priest
she's has an air of fresh breath
wisecracks stuck between her teeth

she picks them out like
apples in the market
like moses on the mount might
like crops at a harvest

that's all i have for her tonight
Bethany G Blicq May 2018
Looking for love, looking at love
Looking for God, looking at God
Looking for infinity, looking at infinity

Love, God, Infinity.
I have always been looking
at You.
I Am You.
Love, God, Infinity.
These are so often renamed.
Covered up with a mask.
A false name.

You asked me a question,
Is there a name for this fear?
There are many names
Many masks
Many costumes.

With each name comes separation.
With each name comes the belief that this separation is

Names are
And names are
And only one name

Am I looking for
Or looking at?
Is there a name for this love?
Sat Nam.
Written in 2018.
by Bethany G. Blicq
Bethany G Blicq May 2018
The nature of the universe.
The universe is an equal sign.
Everything in the universe is equal –
That is the cosmic joke –
The amnesia and illusion
that we have agreed to.
We built an illusion –
We put “things” on either side
of the equal sign
created equations,
Virtual reality is made for learning,
for exploring and dis-covering and creating.
Yet, it is so often just used to experience suffering.
This is the virtual reality,
built around the equal sign.
All knowledge is illusion,
there is no knowing,
because everything is in
Am I sure? 100%? Do I believe? In anything?
There is no way to be sure. There is no 100% guarantee in life or love.
Unpredictability is one of the most beautiful aspects
of this reality.
I believe what I choose to believe,
that which love guides me to,
in the direction of harmony.
We judge each side of the equal sign
and ignore the Presence and existence of the equal sign.
even though we know that (0) nothing makes (zero) sense without it,
or with it (the universe is not limited to making sense and rationality).
Each judgement is a lie,
an illusion.
Choose your life,
do you follow love or fear?
Do you prefer reality or illusion?
How do we judge what is made up,
beyond comprehension?
Each judgement surpassed is a step toward love.

“Love said to me:

There is nothing that is not me.

Be silent.”

Written in 2017.
by Bethany G. Blicq
Bethany G Blicq May 2018
Tasting raindrops
Each one
My Beloved’s kiss
Licks of wind
Each one
My Lover’s sweet hands
You have Infinity
Tattooed on your skin
I remember
A tattoo is so temporary
Is eternity in every atom
This immortal love
Is in every particle
Lovers dancing every dance
Written in 2018
by Bethany G. Blicq
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