Bethany G Blicq Apr 20

Through him
I discovered all my Love.
To Love unconditionally
is to Love all there is to Love
just the same as I Love him.
and knowing that I am Love
and that my heart is meant to be shared.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
 Apr 18 Bethany

It was the decay of long-ago spoken words that had hardened around her heart.
It was the blood of past loves that turned the whites of her eyes to crimson.
She dragged herself through the day wearing loneliness on her feet.
Shielded by solitude,
Clothed in dust.

Dried up tears grew as stale
As conversations she continually had with herself
She found her reflection in the most sombre of things:
Empty antique stores
Humdrum of steady rain,
A child's prayers that fell
On empty ears.

At night she went to bed
With eyelids made heavy by prescription pills and avoided eye-contact
Love was a shadow,
An echo heard only through intrusive thought.
A pitiful stare which consumed her dreams
And had her soul
Endlessly on its knees.

Just thoughts. Doesn't quite flow like I want it to.
 Apr 18 Bethany

When you find yourself
Confronting the terrible
Beauty of this world

How another human being
Can feel you so deeply

And that ache in your chest
When the ocean parts before them
They step down upon the sea and
Walk on water

As your heart breaks apart
Mountains crumble
Every stone dropped or petal thrown
Smoothed over and weather worn
You grow in places
You thought had long been
Abandoned and left to return to their
Wild nature
A desert garden blooms

Some poetry is written in silence
As gently as when the sun rises
You wake up for the first time
To realize you’ve been living
In a dream

Your eyes open
When that kind of tenderness

Speak to me quietly

It is a soft whisper
That awful splendor of love

my thanks to everyone for their reviews, congrats and kind words xx
Bethany G Blicq Apr 12

I am Love.
Not chasing Love;
being Love.
To make another feel Loved,
and for them to feel their own Love
is the goal.
To be made to feel like
an afterthought,
like an option only chosen
when all others fall through,
that is something I wish upon nobody.
Not a single person.
You are not an afterthought.
You are Love.

Written in 2017.
Bethany G. Blicq
 Apr 9 Bethany
Jean Lin 

You bought an one way ticket
        when you were young
You thought it'd be a good trip
You thought you'd never be homesick

Everything out there is fresh
Everything out there is sparkling
Even the moon looks bigger

All is fine
Until one day

You find the food back home was made for your stomach
the water back home tasted sweeter
the air back home suited your lung perfectly
And you starts to realize
       the moon back home were actually brighter

So you buy an one way ticket again
       to come home

There is a saying that goes: "The foreign moon looks rounder than the one does at home," in Taiwan. It''s a perfect demonstration of some kind of complex that lots of our people have, that we are,as a whole country, lack of confidence of ourselves. What caused this complex is actually complex so I won't explain it here. Sorry for the repetition.XD
 Apr 9 Bethany

You may have heard what I said last night-
Words spiraling 'round my throat like trails of smoke,
Burning with remorse
Although I failed to mention
Only you see me the way I want to be seen
And love me for the reasons I want to be loved
And like a dream,
It’s lucidity fades
As the day draws to an end
And dusk comes to sing the sun to sleep.

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