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Grab a gun step inside
I am only a Senior :D in highschool, so my poetic experience is limited. But please, critique my poems to your heart's content. I appreciate ...
J Latham
32/F/Kansas    "she's mad, but she's magic. there's no lie in her fire." - Bukowski
A Thomas Hawkins
Canada    As a child I wrote poetry. As I got older, I got too “cool” for such things. At the age of 40 I finally got ...
I am but a humble pebble that has been washed up upon this poetic beach I will stay a while but if seas get rough ...
. enjoy this shit with a passion. ~kush roll, glass full, i perfer the better things.~ lets be friends :) :) fuckmylife.//~
Brad Lambert
Missoula, MT   
Born in the fall of her father's best year, she became the spitting image of her mother.
Florida    I Will have to come back to this. Mine has been no ordinary life. I don't say that to impress. It's true, My experience is ...
Kayla Lynn
New Jersey. "Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it."
Joshua Alekzandor
Little Wing
Nobody really knows whats going on in the world. we are led to believe things that are actually lies to make everything seem like its ...

— The End —