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Don't leave
I thought this was it
You are my only
Or as you always stated
But, when you smile
I have a vision
That nobody
Can take my place
That it's us only
But, when it's over
She's standing there
And i remember
It was never a lifetime.
Sometimes, I live in vain
Because, so many people tell me "no."
But, some never really tell me why
Maybe someday ,  people will understand that your dream is your own
That nobody can curse you
Only your mind can
Maybe someday people will tell you they love you
Instead, of telling  your neighbor in a countless affair
Maybe, it'll come to us that we aren't ruining our lives by caring but wasting our time on  people who never did.
But,  someday maybe someone will care.
I've seen the worst
Maybe, if he love me
His hands wouldn't disgrace me
I've got alot in my head
Some turn into nightmares
And some turn into dreams
Through these eyes
I've never once told myself
To close my eyes
Because, even when it hurts to stare at
It makes you stronger
Looking at the depths of things
And through these eyes
I have not once
Told myself to close my eyes
Because, even if it burns it still is worth crying.
But, Always
She walk in tired from a day at work
So tired, just losing her mind
She went in the bedroom , saw her husband with a gun to his head and she screamed and said
" No, don't do this! I love you and this isn't the road you should take I want you with me! Remember death do us part don't do this!"
And he said , " Come join me."
Tick, Tick, Tick
The clock ticks, the wife sits at the far end of the wall and she's nervous
The husband watches his wife in dismay with his gun to his brain
"Baby, please what about the children, what about love?"
" What about it? Come on baby join me."
She's sick to her stomach grabs a knife and puts it to her stomach and says , " Baby ok I'm coming with you! What about the kids we should never leave them?!!"
"Baby, come on you have til I get to 5."
The wife plunges the knife into her stomach but, she didn't hear a gunshot.
"Baby, why?! You said you love me , you said til death do us part!"
He smiled dropped the gun and said, " It doesn't mean we both have to go."
Black Crown
With Black Dress
Tattoos Of Western Rattle Snakes
Down Her Back
But, She's Bold
Mind Solely
Written By Herself
She's Golden
Don't Trust My Dark Minded Queen
She's Beautiful
You Get Pulled Into The Stream
Of Vain, Vain, Vain
She's Pure ****** Attractive
Got The Looks  Go Crazy
The Eyes You Probably  Seen In Nightmare
Don't Trust My Minded Queen.
Your hands pull me
Closer, and I know right then this is the moment
That we've been waiting for
I'll be your canvas
You express your feelings and you'll be the paint brush painting on me
Countless hours with nails inside my spine
With your imprint on me
Owning me
And for a second I am free
You just release me
Talking bodies
Wrapped up into the arms and legs
Touching me
I love you
I love this
While you are close to me
Talking bodies.
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