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Jan 2020 · 130
holly Jan 2020
but even as an atheist,
being in his arms
felt like heaven
to me.
Jan 2020 · 660
holly Jan 2020
I lost myself at age 7.
I crawled into bed and then disappeared.
my childhood behind me—
set on fire.
all it took was one touch for it all to burn down.
no more trust.
no more love.
no more innocence.
Jun 2019 · 664
in the deafening silence.
holly Jun 2019
You were blessed with a voice,
One of power and brilliance--
Yet you still choose to sit in the silence?

You were given words upon words
& stance upon stance--
Yet I see not one sign of resistance.

Oh my dear child,
What is holding you back?

Is it fear of shame? simple diffidence?

Your speech is ammunition--
Your lips capable of deliverance more
Powerful than the rifles of wars once long fought.
Yet you still choose to sit in the silence?

Oh my dear child,
If only you knew.

In a world plagued so greatly with censorship and shame,
You’ve been blessed to speak freely as you choose.
Under this flag of red, white, and blue,
The only regulator of your speech
(or lack thereof)
Is you.

Somewhere across the pond is another--
One just as bright and capable as you.
But alas their tender head is still deemed naive
& their gifts remain invariably at rest.
Even now will you sit in the silence?

Oh my dear child,
Now do you see?

Your ability to speak up is a privilege--
One of rarity and great worth.
So cherish this blessing &
Hold it close while you can.
Because who knows?
Just one policy and it could all be stripped free.
Jun 2019 · 256
holly Jun 2019
you will find someone
whose words
form a bandage
which seamlessly
mends your wounds.
you will no longer
need to fight
in order to
recieve love.
you will lose yourself
in the eyes of your lover
but in the midst
you will find who you are.
you will lose sleep
not because you feel hurt,
but because you feel whole.
you will find your someone.
you will bask in their warmth.
& hold tight to their hands.
& I pray to god you will never let go.
maybe not today.
but someday.
Jun 2019 · 267
holly Jun 2019
I remember the moment
I knew they were watching—
the moment they became of thin air.

but who were they?
our mothers?
our sisters?
our friends?
could they be everything
wrapped up in one?

so from that moment forward
I lived in a fear
of them staring & spying—
judging every last move.

will they always be watching?
god, please say they won’t.
Jun 2019 · 310
holly Jun 2019
you became
from the 1,999,999.
so despite what it may seem—
you are a rarity,
a true force of nature.
out of 1,999,999
you were the one which
the one who overcame.
your emergence itself was a miracle—
so how could your existence now be any less?
on average, women are born with around 2 million eggs. so truly, it is a miracle to have been the one which was chosen :)
Jun 2019 · 202
holly Jun 2019
my body is sanctuary—
my body is built of stone.
my body is always with me—
why im never alone.
and while it may be
a part of me,
this place is not my home.
this structure of bone and
mysterious matter is truly nothing
but a place to house my mindless chatter.
the rest is but dust,
taking up space to prove I exist—
to show i am more than my madness.
I am a heartbeat,
a brain wave,
a breath.
I am a sister,
a daughter,
a friend.
but I live in a body that
is not my own—
this is not my home and
therefore I may roam.

— The End —