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Beryl Lao Aug 2016
...for the longest time
It's time for me to decide.
Beryl Lao Jul 2016
you're so far away
And I'm so far from being
that strong girl
You once loved.
Beryl Lao Mar 2016
I don't want to be bitter
I don't want to give you
The comfort of my understanding Either;

I don't want you to disappear
But from my mind
Please just Steer clear

Someone told me today
That the best person to love
Is someone who loves you more
To be with you - they'd pray.
Beryl Lao Feb 2016
i want to  leave so bad
this city is toxic

hear me.

save me
i'm dying

my soul is
and slowly - now too
my body
Beryl Lao Feb 2016
One night
You told me you were
Coming at 10 PM
I waited, fell asleep
And woke up at 12 MN
You weren't there.
The end.
Beryl Lao Oct 2015
When I look at the girl in the mirror
I can see she has loved someone a lot
And because of that love she cut her hair
And kept cutting it until the memory of that love had gone away.

And now she realized:
"She didn't need a man
She just needed her hair,
Her short hair, her body and her life
That's all and that's okay."
Beryl Lao Oct 2015
I wake up
With different dreams
I don't know
What triggers
This aspiration
That lingers

In my sleep
I think they crawl
They make their way up
To my heart
In sleeping I know them
In waking we part
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