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Bennet Sarkis Nov 2014
Another day spent dreaming of you,
Another night spent awake.
Bennet Sarkis Nov 2014
I just can't do it, I can't face the pain.
I've lost everything and I can't find a gain.
Tell me I'm wrong,
Tell me you're right,
But I know that I can't...
I can't live a lie.

I've spent so much time trying to keep it inside,
But it's harder to hide from yourself.
I can't make this up, it's just too much to bear,
If I could I'd go back and change it
But I can't.

So tell me I'm evil, tell me I'm a mistake,
Because you're right
But only in your eyes.

I'm not saying to believe me, but please hear me out
I can't live with your standards if I can't live with myself.
Let's make this clear,
I'm not a freak or a creep,
I'm just me.
And I can't live a lie.
Bennet Sarkis Nov 2014
The look
The rush
The touch
The blush
The talk
The walk
The song
The kiss
The date
The smile
The food
The wine
The tip
The bed
The breath
The love
The ring
The yes.
The lie
The fight
The fist
The pain
The bruise
The tears
The thought
The climb
The breeze
The rush
The jump.
The hand
The save
The look
The release
The fall
Then nothing.
Bennet Sarkis Nov 2014
I'm sick of you,
Running around,
Acting like you run the world.
Telling me who I can be,
Who I can't be.
Who you want me to be.

To you, my opinion doesn't matter.
My voice goes unheard,
Drowned out by all the voices in your head,
Vainly professing how wonderful you are.

Don't look at me like that,
As if I could choose to drop everything
And start anew,
Live my life
The way you want me to.

The simple truth is that I can't,
I won't change.
I'm not going to cater to your every whim
Just because you feel entitled
To stuff me into your idea of normal.
When really, you can't lay a hand on me.

Go ahead, say what you want.
That doesn't mean I'm going to listen.

Call me what you will,
But the simple fact of the matter
Is that I am not your slave.
I am not yours to order around.
You can try as hard as you can to bend me till I break
But I'll never crack, never splinter.
I am steel, not paper.

Throw your insults at me,
Throw your sticks and stones.
Try and cut me down to your level.
And then try some more.
Because as hard as you push me
You'll never knock me over.

My core is solid steel, unchangeable.
You can melt it down and reshape it,
Sculpt it the way you want it,
But you'll never change it's substance.
So if my substance, my core, my heart, and my soul is wrong,
Then that's a right I'm willing to sacrifice.
I put
your name
on the bullet
so they knew
you were the last thing
that went through
my head.
Bennet Sarkis Oct 2014
Because of you,
An Olympic swimmer is drowning in alcohol.
Bennet Sarkis Oct 2014
I put your hand on my Heart,
When I was too afraid to speak the words.
So I let you feel my heart beating instead,
Show you how it raced when you were there.

I put your hand on my Heart,
When you laid down in the grass beside me,
Looked up at the stars with me,
And asked me if I loved you.

I put your hand on my Heart,
When you held me in your arms that first night.
You asked me if you and I could make we,
So I showed you how my heart already beat for you.

I put your hand on my Heart,
In place of the vows I could have said.
Because every feeling and emotion I needed to tell you
Was answered by the rise and fall of my chest.

I put your hand on my Heart,
When we held that little girl in our arms,
I smiled as for the first time
You put my hand on yours.

I put your hand on my Heart
Everytime you asked if we were going to make it,
Reminded you of the promise I made to you
With every fiber of my being.

I put your hand on my Heart
When you asked me if I was going to make it.
I just smiled, and held your hand in mine
As my life-force flowed ebbingly on.

I put your hand on my Heart,
Perhaps even without you knowing it.
Willed you to press your fingertips to my breast,
One final time before they sealed my coffin shut.
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