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Ben Hickman May 2018
I’m sorry to see you this way
We were having fun
I just wanted to play
But when all is said and done
Bouncing around acting like fools
Now they must fix your arm
With all their instruments and all their tools
Now I know that I can do real harm
Ben Hickman May 2018
Big words
Small words
Special words
Many words
Happy words
Sad words
Evil words
Nice words
Disgusting words

I love words
I love words
Taking a more childish approach for this one
Ben Hickman May 2018
Love is like an abandoned building
It can come crashing down at any moment

Trust is like a tripwire
One false move and its all over

Honesty is like me
Sometimes your wanted and other times your not
Ben Hickman May 2018
I believe that love
Will always win
In all circumstances
  May 2018 Ben Hickman
A knife can make their day, but end their life.
Suicide is a problem! END IT WITH ME! One life at a time. Raise awareness and repost or comment if you've been through this.
Ben Hickman May 2018
No sleep
No dreams
No thoughts
No dreams
No sleep
I love 10 word poetry!
Ben Hickman May 2018
Parents want me to get
A job this summer
This summer my parents want me to get a job. I'm having anxiety attacks just thinking about it. I've never had a job before
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