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Drawing images using some words
Telling some stories that are unheard
Stealing the moment, freezing the time
Killing the beast that vultures the mind

Spilling blood, the pen is our knife
Collecting traces from this mysterious life
Connecting dots to create a line
Polishing stones to make it shine

Our words are riddles, a must to decode
Giving multiple key for them to unload
The meaning of some could make readers insane
If wrongly unlock it will conquer their brain

We are a shape-shifter just like the cloud
Painting angels and demons to enlighten the crowd
Hoping they’ll listen to our joy and our pain
Wishing they’ll get the lesson of our every rain

Mysterious Aries
There are words racing
Through all of us we must learn
to let them run free
it wasn't your fault
how could you have predicted that things would end up this way?
it was your fault
you knew it would end this way
you were the person I respected, I could
count on and rely on but the
memories are all that's left now you're gone

I didn't know your pain

I only knew the pain you caused her and
I only knew the rain that hit the
windows like the crack of your hand
and the spitting of the flames as you
burnt up every picture of your past life
it's a shame you can't burn memories
as there's so many I'd erase

it makes me wonder how you forgot the
very day I broke down at the dinner table and
ran away and confessed it all
that the devil wasn't locked deep
down in hell but instead was right here
with us
and we fed it
and I fed it
and it fed on me
and it left me no remains of the
innocence and joy I used to encumber
it makes me wonder how you can trust
yourself to rebuild these walls in a
semblance of your past life and
did I really matter at all in the end
did I really live this life
or is this just pretend
thank you so much to everyone who read, liked and commented on my last poem it means so much to me !!
 Aug 2015 Ben McDermott
If I had to guess on what I've seen
I'm not too sure that she likes me
I've played the game, I know it well
But with this girl it's hard to tell

If I could talk to just anyone
Then talking to him would be fun
He seems funny, he seems so nice
I only need to break the ice

I'm afraid of what she might say
If I give too much of myself away
If she thinks me another man
Will she like me for who I am

When conversing, he seems so closed
Almost as if he is trying to pose
Wondering what he is hiding
I conclude that it's dividing

With her style and class she is far above me
Afraid to ask if she could ever love me
A girl like her, a boy like me
I have my wants, she is my need*

With his depth and thought he's far away from me
Afraid to wonder if he could know me
A mind like his, a fool like me
My longing for him is decreed
I want my words to be beautiful.
Beautiful like yours.
I want to see ordinary things,
Find the magic in them,
And put the magic on a page, for everyone to understand.

I want to have a way with words.
I want every poem of mine
To become a masterpiece.
Just like yours.

I am not broken.

But you are.

You see the world through pain,
And pain makes the colors brighter.
It makes the value of feelings
Climb higher.

Sometimes I wonder
If I should be broken like you
If I want my words to resonate
Like yours.

Sometimes I wonder,
If it will be truly worth it
In the end.

I wonder what it will be like,
To cut myself up to pour out the beauty inside me.

Just like you.

I imagine that you
Raise the blade
Slice your feelings open
And write your masterpiece
In red.
Can only sad people write good poems? Can only broken people find inspiration in anything?
Life should be simple, if not, you're doing it wrong
Ten words on a Tuesday
 Jun 2015 Ben McDermott
There are 10 kinds of people in this world,
and binary accounts for them all.

They're happy and sad.
They're ones and zeros.
Villains and heroes.
Villains, yet not all bad.
Despite everything life decides to hurl;
Despite every brick ball of fear
Through the stained glass windows of their minds,
Through it all, they survive.
They're angry and glad.
They're happy and sad.

And in their duality, they're still smiling there
at your sharp hasty words
at your venomous hurt
that you wish so desperately they, too, shared.
Love thy enemy.

Special thanks to Kelley A Vinal for the binary inspiration. You can read her poetry here:

It's pretty solid.

Edit: Holy Daily, Batman! Wow, I'm so honored. Glad you all like it so much! :D
People say love is a game

Monopoly is more fun than this ****

and at least that comes with directions though no one bothers to read them

With love the rules change with every new player

The basics are

You should smile

Laugh at all their jokes especially if none of them are funny

do not be too “available”

do not awkward

do not be weird, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

I’m not a hopeless romantic

I’m just hopeless

People tell me to get a clue

But I’d much rather be playing clue

Yeah Miss Scarlett killed Mr. Body with the lead pipe in the hall

But hey at least she can’t break your heart

See I don’t mind losing a silly little board game

but baby I couldn’t stand to lose you

When you’re gone my hearts

when you’re with me it hurts even more

This hurt shooting through my veins and down my spine

like the rush of a thousand bingos and Yahtzee’s combined  

reminding me I’m alive

That I can feel and think and… love

I don’t want to lose that

I can’t lose that

But wins and losses are a part of life

And I’m not talking about the one I can cheat at

So I’ll just cross my fingers and roll the dice.
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