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Ben Hirsch Apr 2012
Someone is screaming
in a voice so familiar
it must be my own
Ben Hirsch Feb 2012
Whenever we talk I can feel the phrase
"I love you" trying to escape my lips.
God forbid it ever get out.
Ben Hirsch Jan 2012
The currents of life move us all forward.
But if we were to find ourselves on
the bank of the river of life,
would we chose to plunge back in?

Stagnancy is a crime against oneself,
and contentedness doubly so.
In a world of progress there need not be
myself, one resigned to sit idly by.

But as the water rushes by me
I can't help but feel that I,
would rather sit here on my own
then be dashed upon the rocks.
Ben Hirsch Jan 2012
A woman lays beside me, perfect in every way.
Her hair and neck pressed gently against my nose.
I inhale, capturing her essence,
feeling jolts through my spine.
And I know that her very presence is enough.
The world outside of ours need not exist.
I feel her warmth, her heartbeat,
filling the coldest parts of me.

I awake in the morning and she is gone.
Leaving no trace that she was here,
or existed
at all.
Ben Hirsch Nov 2011
stained glass
broken window
14th floor
2nd office
chair first
body second
down below
resting still
sanguine puddle
stained glass
Ben Hirsch Nov 2011
Grasping fingertips
Grabbing bottle

Reading warnings
Taking pills

Lying down
Sleeping sound

Ben Hirsch Nov 2011
Life is what you make of it
but I'm no artist nor engineer
I've made nothing of my life
and feel like I'm barely here
You are what you eat
at least that's what they say
I can't remember my last meal
and now I'm withering away
When I look inside myself
it's just a shattered heart
Impossible to put together
there's nowhere to start
Puzzle pieces in my soul
but I no longer know
If it's something to be fixed
or where the pieces go

It's just a simple rope
and a plain old chair
But for that brief moment
they let me walk on air
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