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Erin Jan 9
bewitched in one thought
you gave me tranquility
with a glimpse of you
it would be enough to stay
to walk down memory lane
Thank you for loving me,
when you don't have to
Erin Dec 2022
You say so much things
Barely made a difference
To us, more than you
Erin Dec 2022
Even in your eyes
You are doing fine without me
You know I will be gone
And my words will be nothing
Than someone you met before
I still miss you even if I have no right to be.
Erin Nov 2022
The deafening noise
From the silence I hear
Scribble, scrabble

Still nothing appears
Magic ink
Erin Nov 2022
Mesmerizing light
Kept you in a safe new home
Yet light flickers cold
I have kept you far too long
So its time to let you go
Farewell my firefly
Erin Aug 2022
It took me sometime
To match the puzzle pieces together
Until you played it like chess
Our eyes don't stay the same
Erin Jul 2022
Music is the key
To calm my
doubting head
grieving heart
and hopeless life
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