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meka Oct 2021
You're made of magic and miracles
My saviour, my dreamboat
Guide me towards the light
and dance with me as the sun sets
The moon will be our first and only witness
For when we meet the sky
meka Oct 2021
Couldn't face the day
Yet another torn out page
To be forgotten
  Oct 2021 meka
You took my worth
with you when
you left.

But why
should I be mad,
when all you did was
just take back what you gave.
meka Oct 2021
This moon is too beautiful for one
I wish you were here to share this moment
but it's okay
you want to be loved
I do, too
but my drunken heart accepts her fate
she will always be left, alone with the moon
at least she cares
at least she's always there
the moon knows me more than anybody
she is loneliness
so I lay, alone on the stone
the ice steadily moving into my bones
I wish you were here to give me warmth
but it's okay
the moon will hold me in her beams as I freeze
meka Oct 2021
Language is mother of existence
The translator of souls; the binder of experience
Birthing endless stories into an infinite pool
Language is the deity in which I believe
It is the driver of our evolution
The very essence that makes us human
Through language we have many keys
Ones science believes are undiscovered
Through language we can live forever
And reside in multiple universes
  Oct 2021 meka
going home isn’t always
returning to a place.
it is returning to yourself.
meka Oct 2021
You're all I need
The whisper of the leaves in the breeze
The sun scattered along the ground
You, smiling and running gleefully
Just so happy to be alive
I try to keep up but your wonder forever exceeds me
You're all I need
To keep me from freezing over
My best friend forever
There's nothing you could ever do to hurt me except disappear
and I know one day I will have to say goodbye
But in my heart, you're eternal
Pets are really special
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