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once again you open the door
i have never thought there’ll come a time
that i’ll feel your warmth more
let me lie in your arms tonight
with the hope that we’ll never apart
when my head droops low
on your chest it feels right
‘tis a feeling of shelter and infinite rest
to hold you in my arms again
is the forth feeling
from the heavens above

to be able to look deep
into your eyes once more
brightens mines like before

and in your eyes,
it is where i keep t
his love of ours safe.

have i told you?
that your warm glances
draws my soul
and how the ground
beneath sinks me as a whole

before you,
before us
life for me had
no temptations,
no charm

love is when i love you

and it is true that this time i’d hold on
and never let you go ‘til i’m gone
I take off my hands, and I give them to you, but you don’t want them,
so I take them back

I offer my mouth instead, but you said you don’t want them
because it blathers on

I cut my ears for you
you said to take them back, but I buried it in your heart
and I heard my loneliness

I learned that
you are not reciprocating my love back, for too long I’ve been trying hard
Let me shout it from the rooftops into the baby blue sky
and may the sound of rain dance on the concrete

Let the eavesdropping wind tell the rivers
and the rivers run to whisper it to the seas

Let the sun arrive at dawn and the lilies bloom
with the sun beaming
may the petals wilt and become limp with the knowledge

Let it be known that …

I love you .

— The End —