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bees May 2019
with a smile like yours
anywhere is a
bees May 2017
She's like a heroine
The moment you think you're out
She'll be pulling you back in
I wish she understood my silence, the source of my awkwardness, as I entered the unknown.
bees May 2017
Autumn wind whispers your name
As the color of the leaves changes to flame
Earthly green to feverish red
I wish we could be more than friends
Before autumn ends
Her eyes are beautiful with a hint of sadness, so dark and dreamy
bees Jan 2017
I have been thinking about you since we have met
Intimidated by your beauty at that time
I was blushing red
A victim of your charming smile
How embarrassing really

Your beauty, in this world, is comparable to the brightness of the Sun, at night to the brightness of the Moon
In mythology, you are like the Phoenix, an eternal beauty, one and only

I have not seen you nor dreamt of you, but you are always in my mind

They say the men who accumulated great fortunes and success were motivated by the influence of a woman
I am motivated by the influence of you

When the time comes and if that time comes, I will properly introduce myself
Then, maybe I could stroke your beautiful long black hair with my calloused hands

Cchi siti d'acqua idda E ju siti d'amuri
*What she thirsts for water I thirst for love
5am thoughts.
bees Nov 2015
Her name rhymes with tsunami
Tsunami that makes my heart beat fast
Like a tsunami she's a disturbance
Tsunami will make you forget the past.
Like tsunamis that comes and go, this feeling won't stay and last.

— The End —