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Bee Ethel May 2017
Crafted cleverness
full of capriciousness

a song to sing
of solemn sailing ships

a smile
a laugh
at little expense

thoughts of many
thoughts of few
and more filling food

and that

which helps
me sleep

at night.
(Sorry I haven't been about, I may do more another time)
Bee Ethel Nov 2016
The curve of a smile
from a friendly stranger
After chuckling
At a Joe Pesci impersonation
That probably wasn't even good.
Thoughtful calculating looks
Of agreed and understandable.
Black shades and red hair
mixed with such
I've never been here before vibes
for one not unfamiliar with cities.
Softly excited at ships to explore
The idea of being anyone more
Bee Ethel Sep 2016
Flashes of images
Lasting paintings
Things made of clay are
Built up outside a door
Dulled cement leads to
the theater oldishly standing
Decorated with neon lights
Carpet shows the path forward
Outside the theater...
Shooting stars pass over head
Showing the perspective
of a bright trajectory
others saw these
they once knew
the findings of past ancients
and things made of clay
Bee Ethel Jun 2016
hot hot cold cold
drips through the old old sink
sleep calls
    I cannot answer the phone,
what crack and crevice creaks...
creating an insomniac's symphony,
pouring down hard-crazy-rain,
dashes against the window's cheek,
it strives to wake the dead,
as I crumble further into the sheets,
and feign a lifelike pose
Bee Ethel Jun 2016
long necked wanderer
traveling across the savanna
munching on the tallest trees
your colors are plain
though your patterns are unique
Bee Ethel Jun 2016
dark and sifting strands
crisscross the path they follow
tussled to a grin
  Jun 2016 Bee Ethel
Stu Harley
wings of
monarch butterfly
beating together
she approached
ash pink rose
nectar of the gods
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