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Becka Dibble Mar 2015
[WARNING: detailed poem...]

She takes the pills to numb the pain
She smokes a joint to keep her sane
Pulls out a knife to relieve the stress
Her feelings inside she can no longer compress
Numbing sensation began to kick in
Girl looks at the knife about to begin
The sharp blade glistened in the lamp light
All her built up anxiety will leave tonight
She grips the handle in her sweaty palm
Her heart pounding loud like exploding bombs
The life she lives in fills her with pain and dread
But soon enough those feelings will be dead
She sets the edge of the blade on her skin
Her anxiety's patience wearing too thin
She applies the pressure to relieve those feelings
Tears fill her eyes and she looks to the ceiling
Her mistakes and hurt are haunting her
This is what she wants to do, she is sure
Girl drags the glistening blade across her wrist
Her hands no longer shaking, her hand makes a fist
The first was not satisfying enough
She can take a few more, she is tough
11 more lines of her torn skin
Her mind begins to scream within
Her pain temporarily gone
The ****** lines have been drawn
She watches as the blood flows
The red color increases on each row
Girl grabs a rag to slow the bleeding
This was something she had really been needing
Looking in the mirror, she begins to cry
Lasting an hour, she then lets out a sigh
This isn't how she wanted her life to be
But this habit, this addiction, had no end to see
There was no redemption in sight
She wishes she could say this was the last night
As she looks into her own eyes in the reflection
She longs her life would go a different direction
But there was too much suffering to endure
This was going to happen again, she is sure
She lies down on her bed
Letting her silent tears be shed
Closing her eyes, she falls asleep
She knows tomorrow, she'd again be weak.
Becka Dibble Mar 2015
What is a soldier?
They are courage
They are this country
They are the bravery
The stronghold
The backbone

What is courage?
It is taking a stand
It is being yourself
It is being strong
Having faith
Facing fears

What is this country?
It is the US of A
It is freedom
It is independence

What is bravery?
It is standing up
It is living your life
It is waking up each morning
Taking life when its rough
A smile

What is a stronghold?
It is security
It is a rock
It is inspiration

What is a backbone?
It is the weapon
It is the existence
It is what holds us together
The main bone
Keeps us alive

What is a soldier?
Someone we can count on
Someone who holds us up
Someone that saves our freedom
Risks their lives
Faces their fears

Are YOU a soldier?
Becka Dibble Mar 2015
The way is out
It’s dark as night
Temptation lies
Death is in sight

The tunnel extends
No room for hope
Dark consumes light
No reason to cope

Wanting to give up
It’s no longer worth it
Life is just too hard
All it does is spit

Father is abusive
Mother drinks night and day
Little child visited at night
Father figure comes to “play”

Teenage girl searches for love
The world is a cruel place
Boy she loves left her
Drugs kept in a little case

The pain is alive
Nothing seems to help
The need to give up
Scars left by a belt

The older teenage girl
Fights to stay alive
Has no reason to stay
No reason to strive

Death is now certain
No questions asked
Teenage girl cries
Her arms ****** and hacked

Swerve to the right
Miss death by an inch
Swerve to the left
Death comes, felt only a pinch

I cry for those without hope
Please stay strong
Life is a rocking boat
But giving up is wrong

Death is a coward’s way out
Let me offer a hand
My heart breaks for you
I will help you stand.
Becka Dibble Mar 2015
"Carpe Diem!"
Scream at the top of my lungs
Making this my theme
Letting it roll off the tongue

Seize the day
Make it my own
No matter what they say
Let my opinion be shown

**** out the marrow
Enjoy every minute
Dodge all the arrows
Put my whole heart in it

Don't choke on the bone
Don't lose my pure motives
Keep my mind in the zone
Be sure, not just sort of

Take the bull by the horns
Wake up in reality
Or the mind will be scorned
Go against the normality

Yell back at the world
I can make my stand
Hurricane in a whirl
Of what they have planned

Do my own thing
Swim against the tide
Let my voice sing
My opinion will not hide

I will not conform
It is overrated
It may cause a storm
But my opinion shall be stated.
“I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, I wanted to live deep and **** out all the marrow of life, To put to rout all that was not life and not when I had come to die Discover that I had not lived.” -Henry David Thoreau

— The End —