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blake Feb 3


give me your hand
           let me pull your hair
blake Feb 3
writing has become more and more difficult
as my feelings seem to grow stronger.

capturing it all is impossible
as my affection is a blur

every day is better with you
even if i can't write them down.
blake Feb 3
the more you use it
the smaller it gets

while you're clean,
it gets ***** while it dries you

while it takes away,
you must take away from it
to keep it clean
blake Feb 3
while although my love for you is strong,
i need you to break away.
i have been with you for so long,
but please get help - today.

you're broken, and need to be fixed.
i need you to talk to a therapist.

blake Apr 2019
i've noticed that i love too easily. maybe it's a part of my personality. maybe it's something wrong with me.

one look, and i'm swept off my feet.

he swept me off my feet.
blake Mar 2019
geese                                                                soar
    as if                                                        they
         have                                          nothing
              to wor                       ry  about
                      they                  just
                          fly              in
                            the     shape
                                of  a
blake Mar 2019
eyes are dripping like gutters after the rain
hands are shaking like an addict's
breaths are short and fast like someone who ran a race
mind is stu-stu-stuck like a br-broken record
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